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Scriptapalooza Announces Quarterfinalists

Scriptapalooza has announced their quarterfinalists for 2010:

11/9 - 9/11 by Hany Eissa & Lisa Roscoe
40 Years Younger by Helyn Dunn
94 Maidens by Rhonda Fink-Whitman
A Cask of Brandy for Whitey Bulger by Kevin Munley & Chris Connal
A Chicago Funeral by Mary LaMont
A Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Oscar Speace & Paul Hernandez
A Family Affair by Kari M. Walters
A Family X-Mas by Warren Eig & Robert J. Litz
A History Of Fools by Eric Podell
A Hurricane of Hunger by Stephen Nottingham
A Murder in Sweden by William Peter Grasso
A Novel Approach to Suicide by Brien Kelly
A Wish To Switch by Danielle Dillard
Adam and Eve 2040 by Mark E. Leib
Aeronauts by Stephanie Rosenfeld
After Life by Robert Hayhurst
All Out of Saints by Mugs Cahill & Justine Schmidt
Almost Amanda by Robert Cholette
Anatomy of a Suicide by Kait Hubbell
And Alligators Too by Rick Denny
And Then the Walls Caved In by Martin Sherida & Nick Stanley
Angels for Aces by Janice Karsh
Anything But Beautiful by Gillian Gabourie
Artificial Sweetener by Rich Bove
As Old As You Feel by Lorraine Mauvais
Baby E by Margaret Sweeney-Ballou & Lance Ballou
Badasstra by Aaron Steinberg
Baker’s Dozen by Bruce Notman
Bakersfield by Ed Dravo
Behind the Fat Lady by Mark Scullard
Best Friends Forever by Shanti Reinhardt
Best Intentions by Kathryn Maughan
Best Woman by Lisa Marks
Bhanging it by Rehana Mirza
Bigfoot and the Devil by Brian Starr & Jillian Starr
Billiard Boys by Johnny Markowitz
Billion $ Hamlet by Jim Starr
Billy, Aliens, and the Chowder Factory by Dina Lee
Birthday Magic by George Spicer
Black Betty by John Alberts
Black Friday by Greg Ernstrom
Black Picket Fence by Jennifer Bianchi
Bleeding Kansas by Cathryn Morris
Blogged by Jocelyn Osier
Blue Clear Sky by Demmon James Loftis
Book Man by Ted Botha
Borrowed People by Lena Kim
Brakken Cove by Christopher L. Miller
Bread Route by Amanda Ronconi & Jeff Wiens
Breadwinners by Laura McGhee
Buffalo Girl by Lily Whitehawk
Bull Run Back by Scott Libbey
Burgers and Blood by Joseph Gause
But, You're Dead! by Anne-Marie Marais
By The Sword by Chris Sapp & Philip A. McClimon
Caesar in the Cage by Heikki Kajastie
Caliguland by Randy Kaplan & Scott Bernstein
Call Center Kids by Walker Dollahon & Mark Johnson
Calm Before The Storm by Ryan Mullaney
Can’t Miss by David Schrader
Canine-in-Chief by Dave Kuhlmann Taylor
Caribou Lake by Shane Delaney
Celebrity Snuff by Wes Laurie
Chariots by Bridget Keller-Raber
Chasing The Rock by Eric Townes
Christmas Forever by Craig Sabin
Chronicles of Paradise by Angel Sanchez Casero
Clean Air/Dirty Money by James Pyle
Cleanup in Area 51 by Korry Walter
Coffee Spoons by Kay Tuxford
Colin Martin at Carrington School for Boys by Maxine Mason
Come in from the Cold War by Bob Garden
Comfortable by Colby "Colb" Tyner
Commander In Love by Hans Montelius
Cravers by John M. Murphey
Crenshaw by Brian Webster
Cull by Paul Renhard & Dave Gilbank
Curse of the Queen's Eye by Susan M. McEvoy & Denise A. Brossman
Danen Kendit and the Forbidden Caves by Chris Welborn
Dangerous Waters by Matthew Altman & David Matalon
Dark Pools by Carole Ryavec
Dating Hollywood by Joanna Bowzer
Dead Fish in Still Water by Paul Martel
Dead Sexy by Nathan Larkin-Connolly
Dead Star Bounce by Jonathan Eilberg
Death Rot by Dominic Wieneke
Deep, Dark by Humberto Guida
Defenders of the Faith by Brandon Marlon
Delphi - Dawn of the Ashen Light by Richard N. Martin
Ding Dong Ditch by Erin Donovan
Dirty by Chris Craig
Dirty Crooked City by Luke Spears
Disc Jockey by Christopher Flaherty
Doctor's Orders by Charles E. Brown
Dogged by Natasha Williams
Dogs by Tom McCown
Double 7 by Spencer Prokop & John Wright
Dragon Bones by Mark H. Zhu
Dreamweavers by Kyrai Antares & Kevin Thompson
Dude Defeats Death by Jess Buckelew
Dumb Luck by Alice McAfee
Dying is Easy by John Swafford
Escape From Petworld by Rachel Wimberly
Ezmerelda by Rich Silverman
Fallen Sky by Joshua Siegel
Fatted Calf Blues by Steven Mayoff
Feeding The Monster by Asabi lee & Paul Hart-Wilden
Feint by John Henry Hinkel & Walker Jernigan
Feral by Joe Voisin
Frank Dover (son of Ben) by Thomas Garner
Freedom for Florinda by J Reuben Silverbird
Fresh Kills by Geraldine Romano
From The Other Side of the Tracks by Alexis Marie Johnson
Funny Bone by Jan Stanton
Game Over by Dan Hoger
Garbology by Donnie Dale
Garincha by Michael Ennis
Gemini by Cate Caldwell and Matt Pearson
Gems by Al Benson & Neal MacMillan
Ghostwriter by David Beinstein
Ghoul by Brad Saenz
Gideon by Randall Hahn
Gloryway by Jonas Collins
Gob Parents by Conni Massing
Golden Boy by Brantley Black
Golem by Robert Brickman
Gravekeeper's Confession by William F. Johnson
Green Lightning by Josh Buono
Hades by Tim Pickett
Hallo Panda by Ben and Chris Blaine
Halloween Up Your Ass by R. Chett Hoffman & Will Phillips
Heart Stopper by David Tish
Hell's Angels by Craig Berger
Hired Gunn by Viktor von Drakk
Hitman Of The Year by Christopher White & Dante Bostic
Holding Cell by Alan Barkley
Holly’s Christmas Carol by Lew Osteen
Honor Thy Father by Steve Warren
House of Cards by Chris Barbanti
Humours of Tulla by Jennifer McDevitt
I Belong to Scotland by Presley Parish
I Won't Dance by Robert Rue
I'll Trade You by Deana Feldman
Ichabod's Revenge by Stuart Crafton
Idiot Proof by Richard Davis
ill-gotten by Sophia Trone
Illusive Reprisal by James Lee Butler & Layne Cornwall
In Every Degree by Kathleen Seeley
In Search of Nirvana by Peter Golden
In The Company of Ants by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
In-Law Suite by John Samony & Chris DiPompeo
Into The Light by Mark Christopher Aguilar
Iron Butterflies by Kathleen Summo
It Takes A Village People by Beverly Neufeld
Its What We Do by Alan H. Brown
Joe by Toby Scales
Judgment at Ophir Gulch by Dan A. Joel
Juice by Andrew James Carter
Just Desserts by Steve Borsanyi
Just One! by Arthur Kanegis
Killing Marilyn by Alec Banks
Knock 3 Times by Jeff Goldstein
Knot of Time by Pamela R. Smith
Ladies and Gentlemen, John Wilkes Booth by Dan Barton
Ladyguards by Alex Shaida
Last Night in Rozzie by Ryan McDonough
Last Saturday Night by Brad Robinson
Leonard by Margaret Riseley
Letting Go by Rachel Rebecca Roy
Life After by Darek Kowal
Lily by Marcelo Bendotti
Little Johnny by Nash Daryanani
Long Black Veils by Clay Carlile
Lost Boy by Dan DaCunha
Lost In Paradise by Gene Desrochers
Love on Air by DN Luu
Loving Nyja by Jason Elliott
Maggie might... by David Sanchez
Magpie by Gary Tyrer
Making a Killing by Dan Lewandowski
Martin Bergen by Jason May
Martin Eden by Jim Farina
Mask of the Innocent by Teresa Bruce
Maybe Next Time by SC Boyd
Megiddo by Phillip William Chiappe
Mercenary by Galen Tong
Miles Away by Matthew Weiner
Mingora by Federico Ariu & Imran Khan
MiniGolf by Stacy Scott
Mother's Milk by Isabel Bustos
Moving Violations by Victor Davich
Mozart's Masterpiece by Carol Treacy
Mulberry Elementary by Elliot LeBoeuf
Murder In The Lakelands by Patrick Leo Nash
My Funky Fresh Senior Retreat, 1990 by Lesley Maness
My Heart is Your Witness by Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora
My Mom's Big Fat Lesbian Wedding by Michael Cramer
My Son The Passenger by Craig Rostron
My Weekend With Betsy by Matt Brandt
My Wife's Next Husband by Richard Littler
Mystery Schooner by Melody Gillette
Naked Brothers by Ceidrik Heward
Naked Lady Blues by Jim and Suzanne Cordingley
Natural Sunlight by Christopher Weismantel
Nimbus by Joe Borriello
Nimrod by Tino Lucente
Noisore' by Nicholas Julius
Oblivious by Leslie Fish
Octopus Inc. by Don Sandeen
Of Bread And Honey by George Erdstein
Off the Record by Maryam Siddiqi
Open House by Donald A. Forcer
Outed First by Rick Bauer
Peace Weaver by Katheryn Shamrell
Pharos by Karl Mather
Phobophobia by Meg Marinello
Pipeland by Karl Mather
Pollen and the Ring of Harmony by Francis T. Perry Williams
Prikeston 9 by Asher Garfinkel
Probable Cause by Shane McCabe
Proclamation 2526 by Richard Nagle
Professional Parent Aggravators by Kit Monahan & Duba Leibell
Puppy Love by Tony Boland
Put Me Under by Tim Keller
Rasputin by Andrew Lloyd
Rated R by Mike Leon
Recovering Catholic by Christopher Smith
Red Aunts by Andrew Hosak
Red Forest by Aaron Marshall
Redemption by Jeff Ryback
Redemption Road by Michael Hall
Reign of Madness by Gregory Blair
Rentacops by Ishai Ravid
Rest Stop by Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Restoration by Don Stroud & Winter Mead
Retrograde by Alexander Julian III
Rigor Mortis River by Lou Portugal
Ripple by Joseph Giomboni
Robert & Brent by Topher McFarlane
Roman's Empire by Harley Rayner
Romancing the Data Structure by Mark Perlick
Rough Country by Peter Phinny & Lee Ann Gun
Ruled Accidental by June Escalante
Runaway Photographer by Dina Lee
Save the Date by Staci Armao
Save the Pieces by Jason Mcculloch
Scavenger Hunt by Duane L. Gross
Search Party Massacre by Matthew Scott Weiner
SeaWitch by W. Colin McKay
Second Born by David Jagernauth
Secrets by Luke Goltz
Secrets, Lies and Lovers by Wm. W. Munk
Seen and Not Seen by Robert Bowden
Senior Moments by Michael E. Smith
Serial Killers by Russell Winston Edwards
Sex With My Ex by Sage Wells
Shattered by Helene Champaloux
Shoot The Man Down by Frank Hayslip
Showguys by Matt Ferner
Siegfried and the Curse of the Nibelungen by Chris Norlin
Sissy by Lori Gottula
Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland
Smoke by Jeff Sussman & Mihir Patel
Soft Shoe Finale by David Lieberman & Aimee Lamb
Soldier by Mike Maples
South Padre by Ceasar James
Staff Development by Jon Bernstein
Stages by Leslie Corcoran & Mark Makin
Steel Orchid by Richard Shannnon
Strawberry Creek by Robert Jeremy Lopez
Strip Club Cathedral by Lawrence Fingerle
Sugar by Phil Moore & Tony Egan
Sunday Hearts Club by Frank Thomas
Super Scout by Jeremy Schied, Dan Cholowsky & Jim Coffman
Sworn Virgin by Ash Quadir
Taken In The Darkest Hours by Rich Lane
Taylor Made Murder by Keith Blay
Test Drive by Mark Violi
The 3 AM Club by Ariel Ehrlich
The Absence of Vonnegut by Brian Forrest
The Absent Masses by Steph Marini
The Art of Death by Jade Syed-Bokhari
The Battery by Jeremy Allan Gardner
The Beekeeper by Sean J.S. Jourdan
The Bequest by Jeff Kopas
The Blue Horses by Bruce Bassoff
The Burning Plain by Luis De Vega
The Colors of Love by Catherine M. Cummings
The Crimson Jungle by Kent Long
The Crystal Muse by Jeff Cross
The Curious One by Bill Whalen
The D Train by Richard McNallyt
The Day the Daniels Left by Lydia Fantozzi
The Devil and Agent Webster by Craig Berger
The Encore by Hal David Cramer
The Enemies Among Us by John E. Pitron
The Fabulous Forties by Don Erlandson
The Field Goal by Christine Pettit
The Golem of Prague by David Welch
The Hard Yards by Patrick Lewis
The Harrowing by Peter Gamble & Matt Yang King
The Highway Cross by Cheryl Schmidt
The House Sitter by Lesley Robinson
The Ice Cream Solution by Christopher Mensel & Carl Rossi
The Last Hurdle by Mark Green
The Lazarus Group by David Sakmyster
The Lizard King by Preston Caldwell
The Lone Star Navy by James C. Peters
The Mirror of Mars by Mike Dirkers
The New Girl by Steven Williams
The Nigerian Letter by Patrick Alexander-Lane
The Ninth Wonder by Stephen White
The Odds On Hoyle by Jeff Turboff
The Odysseus Project by Hank Woon & Josh Salwitz
The Pastor's Second Wife by Kari Aamot
The Payoff by Shawn Boxe and Rick Majzun
The Perfect Song by Eddie Laners III
The Perfect Sunrise by Kim Canedy
The Phoenix by R. Jonas Collins
The Physicist by Teresa Lo
The Porcupine and the Garbage Princess by Sarah Bernstein Newman
The Pornovsky Brothers by David Bertoni & Richard Halpern
The Prayer by Tristan Carrasco
The Price of Liberty by Al Benson
The Pumpkin Princess by Johanna Teresa Hochmuth
The Quality of Life by Pamela J. Richardson
The Reunion by Alan Truax
The Rigger by Terry Hague
The Road Home by Victor Fitzpatrick
The Seven Wonders of A. Henry Cohen by Alex Greenfield
The Shadows of Reinhard by J. Genesis Young
The Signal by Rob DeNivo
The Siren’s Song by Dennis Donahue
The Source by Nisso Cohen
The Twelve Steps to Heaven by Michelle Michael
The West Was Grey by Richard J. Millard
The White Devil of Shanghai by Anton Diether
This Little Piggy by Brian Boesl
Time of Arrival by Brad Buckner
To Catch a Fish by Adrian Gawdiak
To Heaven and Back by Kevin Mulhern
Tollgate by Eileen Gay
Tom We Bom by Tuomas Talvitie
Trading Up by Walker McKnight
Transhumanity by Borge van Gurp
Transmission by Lori Bonfitto & Andrew Maliszewski
Tuesdays to Dresden by Jared D. Vineyard
Tulips in a Garden by Jennifer Griffith Dunbar
Turf by Len & Ali Lippman
Type O by Alon Bar & Nancy Sexton
Ultra by Ryan LaSalle
Under The Oak by Kim M. Makwarth
Under the Rising Sun by Michael McCoy
Undertow by Steven Labeille
Unpredictable by Don Taylor
Unseen by Kristi Barnett
Used to Love Her by Raef Eric Lawson
V-Squad by Pamela Marcantel & Thomas Marcantel
Venus by Ann Clark & Jeffrey Hilton
Virtual Life by David Hitchcock
Virtuality by Don R. Thomson
Walk Your Talk by Tom Sevener
We The People by Mary Maier
What I Did On My Last Day Alive by Christopher Keenan
Wheat Kings by Jeremy Olstyn
When Life Throws You Curves by William Morgan
Where The Dreams Live by Biljana Slavkovic
Whittingham & McGillicuddy by Chris Best & Rich Silverman
Wild Blue by Josh Hope
Wild Boys by Alexander Hendrie
WingDad by Ted Sperling & John Choi
Wolf's Bane by Wendell Nielson
Worry Ghosts by Tim Dankanich
You Have An Audience by Stephen J De Jager & Aaron Richards
You're Ruining My Life! by Renee Crotty
Young Mortals by Michael Mahoney
Zomedy by Michael B. Clark

Updated: 07/23/2010
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