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Messages posted since 08/26/2014

Topic: Query Question

Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 08/10/07 01:22 PM

Hi, all:

I'm coming out of lurkdom, so I'd better begin by introducing myself. I'm originally from a farm in Scotland, moved to Gulfport, MS, (for love), survived the loss of our home due to hurricane Katrina, and have now immigrated to Victoria, BC. Phew.

I'm currently working on my fourth screenplay, the first two are entered in a few contests - just in the last two weeks, the third is being tweaked. I consider myself a complete newbie. I've read so many books on the subject, but the general consensus is to "start writing," so here I am, ready to join the happy throng.

My question (at last)- how many query letters do you all send out at once? Do you target a select few recipients, or send en masse?

I've read the other postings on query letters, and they've been very helpful.



Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/10/07 06:40 PM

Hi Elaine,


I think a good polily is to start off slowly so that you can send specifically targeted letters. Do your research and try to read up on the people you're sending them to so that you can customize each letter. The other reason to start slowly (and then go crazy a bit later) is to build a very specific system for keeping track of you queries, responses, follow up system etc. It's easy to lose control of the process if you hurry.

Best of luck,


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/10/07 06:40 PM

Oops, sorry for the poor editing. My children are home!

Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 08/10/07 06:58 PM

Thanks, Heather.

I've been filling a spreadsheet with potential recipients.

Author: d santiago Posted: 08/11/07 07:44 PM

Welcome Elaine!

First, research the companies that have produced similar genres to yours. And for all companies, remember not all of them take unsolicited queries. And if they do, some will take email queries making it a whole lot cheaper. Some will sugggest phoning but that can get pretty exepensive and possbily the run around.

Second, peruse the trade mags or to see what is being bought. You'll get a sense of what's hot in the market and who's buying.

Lastly, keep writing. There's no set response time for them or even any response. Don't bother with a SASE, 95% won't bother with it.

I also agree with Heather. Find a system to keep track. Keep a copy of sent queries and any responses. It's just for your own protection.

Good luck,


Author: d santiago Posted: 08/11/07 07:46 PM

Forget to add, send as many queries out as you want. But like I said, just keep writing.


Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 08/11/07 08:00 PM

Thanks, Don. I appreciate your advice.

Author: Anthony Amenta Posted: 08/13/07 03:37 PM

A producer has requested one of my short scripts and wants to know houw much I would ask for selling the rights.

I welcome replies from writers who have sold short scripts.

A. A. Amenta

Author: Bob Casey Posted: 08/18/07 09:38 PM

I went to and got a real estate agent from Wisconsin. You getting a kickback there d santiago? Just kidding!!

Author: d santiago Posted: 08/23/07 06:09 PM



Sorry about that. I mistyped and it should read:

There is a fee though to join. There might be others that are free.