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The Feed

A fired veteran television director must take a job at an Internet video company called ClickFeed, which is run by millennials and produces content such as "I Didn't Masturbate All Week. Here's What Happened." Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Gustave Cadet & Jacob Chattman     [Contact Author]
Format: TV Pilot
Starring Roles For: William Jackson Harper
Hannah Simone
John C. Reilly
In the Vein Of: Community
The Good Place
Posted: 05/21/2018
Updated: 09/04/2018
Author Bio: Gustave Cadet was born a second-generation Haitian in the ‘80s, a racially charged period for Boston, Massachusetts. He was raised in a single parent home, a one-bedroom apartment in a rough part of town, in a backdrop of danger and chaos. His creative imagination was sparked by a desire to let his mind escape from his surroundings. He began to consume media in any format that he could get his hands on, and it was Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” that inspired him to become a screenwriter. Gustave put forth all of his efforts to attain an education, majoring in media production in college. Through the Internet, he eventually met his long-term writing partner and friend, Jacob Chattman.

Since then, Gustave has honed his talents and committed himself to entering competitions, writing and reading scripts, and participating in the craft in general. Conveying story in his chosen format has afforded Gustave multiple opportunities and achievements in his career such as working as a video producer for BuzzFeed and Participant Media. He urges himself forward in the face of hardship to continue his work in achieving his goals.

Jacob Chattman is a native of Cave Creek, Arizona, a small town that experienced a population boom, which became part of an everchanging landscape that made up his formative years. While growing up in this area, he worked with a mime teacher, Nicholas Johnson, from the time he was eight until his high school graduation. Throughout high school, Jacob also kept up a MySpace blog, somewhere he could practice his prose and reach others and built a small following. At a later point, he joined a band and indeed began to explore the art of writing through different mediums and for different purposes. He found he had a passion for narrative work and comedy.

His passion for screenwriting took off when he met writing partner Gustave Cadet, and the two began visualizing their ideas, producing volumes of work prolifically, and working on many scripts and projects. Part of his love for writing is sharing the craft with others, and Jacob also serves as a head mentor for a charity called Young Storytellers, which is supported by CAA, Disney, WME, HBO, Warner Bros and others.

Contest Results: Creative World (First Place, Original Television Sitcom) [2018]