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Nothing in Common

When an unhappy couple with nothing in common win a bus trip to Niagara Falls in 1952 their romantic future changes when they encounter Marilyn Monroe filming on location. (Finalist, Cinequest under earlier title, "Wedding in Niagara Falls.") Feature screenplay developed from short play "Niagara 1952" successfully performed in Cambridge, England by The Blue Sky Theatre Company.


Doopelganger Heist

A bank manager,recovering from a near-fatal automobile accident, becomes convinced that his exact double from an alternate universe is planning to rob his bank. No CGI; few locations.


Holding Cell

When an arrogant investment banker. driving to a board meeting for a multi-million dollar bonus, is picked up on a DUI he is taken to a rundown holding facility where he must spend a frustrating and increasingly dangerous night night with an assortment of characters who share a connection. limited location; 80% in one location. Quarter Finalist Page international Awards.