Kings of Cabra

Just before St. Patrick's Day, aging Dads challenge a younger football team to a 30-day sober challenge in the Cabra neighborhood of Dublin, Ireland.

Kings of Cabra is a male bonding script , written along the lines of “ The Full Monty”, & “ Dodgeball” with heartwarming misfit cast.

Kings of Cabra is a Mis-adventurous, comedy romp, set in the Cabra neighborhood of Dublin, Ireland. Gregory Devlin, an aging Dad, and captain of the King’s of Cabra football team play the Westies, a younger predominantly black team every Saturday. After several pints of the black stuff, Gregory challenges The Westies to a 30-day sober challenge ending just before St. Patrick’s Day. Who will be able to stay sober for 30 days? It’s Celtic craic time.

Friendships deepen in games of sabotage between The King’s team with team mates Finnegan, Cian and Duff. The Westies team with Cullen Hode, and Bard all struggle with their inner vices.? Gregory’s teenage son Brandan, and he formed a deep bond in Brandan’s attempt to help his Dad stay sober. It’s a relationship he wishes he had with his own Dad Gallagher a regular at their favorite pub, Head on the Door.

With only days left in the challenge, Gallagher has a massive heart attack. The funeral ends in an unexpected marriage proposal from Finnegan, followed by a wedding, and a souvenir that will last a lifetime.

Kings of Cabra was inspired by our friend Robbie O’Brien who is from the Cabra neighborhood and married one of my childhood friends from Manchester England.??I believe the quirky, & diverse cast would appeal to a wide international audience. It’s male bonding at it’s finest.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Christopher O'Dowd
Collin Farrell
In the Vein Of:
Waking Ned Divine
The Full Monty
Author Bio:
I was born in Nebraska, but grew up all over the country. My greatest super power, is my imagination. In my 20's I lived in Hollywood at the Fleur Dis Lis off of Hollywood Blvd. I spent my days off watching back to back movies for hours in the theaters. I love to write original characters that are quirky and out of the norm. My characters are based on my love of travel and celebrate diversity.

I attended College in London England and Los Angeles.

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