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Resurrection Time Conspiracy

After young geniuses create time travel, they find that their employer is using it to send assassins back in time to kill Jesus. They must hijack the time machine, transport to the past, kill the assassins, and save Jesus while maintaining the integrity of the time line and combating the unexpected.

Written by: Jim Carroll     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Posted: 12/21/2016
Updated: 12/21/2016
Author Bio: Jim Carroll has had four published books. “Cover of Darkness”, which is an end-time thriller, was published by Huntington House and became their best-selling novel in 1990.

In 1992, Huntington House published Jim’s novel, “Angel Vision.” “Angel Vision” is about a group of people trapped in the spiritual realm.

Jim’s third book, “Hollywood Dating Blunders”, was published by Skyward Publishing in 2001. It is a “How to have a healthy approach to dating” book. Jim’s fourth book written mostly by his wife, Elizabeth Carroll, “Marriage Boot Camp takes on the top 10 Marriage Killers;, was published by Penguin Publishing in 2015. It is a “How to have a healthy approach marriage” book. Jim used his experience teaching Sunday school in a singles department over a five year span to come up with the principles in the book.

Film Making Career In 2006, Jim Carroll produced and directed the movie, "Evil Behind You." The movie was released on DVD and is currently available in all major retail outlets. You can find information on this movie at Evil Behind You. Because "Evil Behind You" was a low budget movie and the majority of the cast and crew were college students, it is lacking in many areas. But for the amount of money spent, Jim claims it's a masterpiece.