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A series of asteroids pierce hit the earth. Billions are instantly incinerated right where they stand. “Gone” will follow the lives of seven survivors as they cope with the realization that the world as they know it is over. Yes, the lights are still on, skyscrapers still stand, and the sun still sets, but thinking you are the last souls on earth can be a tough pill to swallow. Strange and supernatural events begin to shape a bizarre new world, starting with the youngest survivor, Shane Lively. He isn’t like other 9 year olds. He’s calm and at times his aloof demeanor is complex. He knows things, when they will happen and why. Who is this clairvoyant child? Is he the key to what happened and to the future?

Written by: Graham Ludlow & Karin Howard     [Contact Author]
Format: TV Pilot
Posted: 02/02/2017
Updated: 07/07/2018
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