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20 years after a student dies on a New York campus after 9/11. The ghost resurrects to mentor two students, finding the answers, and helping the campus. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: David A. Seader     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: a young sean penn type
a young Kate Winslett
In the Vein Of: A Beautiful Mind
Garden State
Posted: 12/14/2017
Updated: 01/29/2018
Author Bio: David A. Seader 22341 Dolorosa St. Woodland Hills, CA 91367 442-286-2459 email: mediaranger@gmail.com website: davidaseadergenv.com Rep: Sherry Robb therobbcompany@gmail.com 818-384-0848

“The Dead Walking” Los Angeles Film & Script (Feature Screenplay/Honorable Mention),American International Film Festival (Feature Screenplay) Logline: They began their journey when they entered the University, but they weren't expecting the murdered Alumni's ghost to be their guidance. “The Dead Walking” is a surrealistic screenplay like Donnie Darko, but based on 21st Century Colleges, and the journey they all began, in the post 9/11 world. “A Secret Never To Be Told” Logline: Living in Oblivion and Dawson’s Creek as if done by John Hughes. A high school student decides to make a film and falls in love with his leading lady.

“Forever The Devil” Canada International Film Festival (Feature Screenplay/Honorable mention), Write Brothers Screenplay Competition (Feature Screenplay) Logline: In one moment your entire life can change. After a drug deal gone bad, Christopher leaves everyone and everything he knows and starts a new life at a San Francisco art school.

Keepers/Grunge Kids Canada International Film Festival (Feature Screenplay), 2011 International Beverly Hills Film Festival (Feature Screenplay) "Keepers" is a coming of age film about a kid who grows up through industrious America, college, and through life in the 90's.

“A Knight Without A Face” Logline: In this action/adventure a Yale recruit takes over for a CIA agent who quits the CIA, and goes on a journey to save a couple of old friends who he went to Yale Law with, and a bunch of his political friends, by using a cypher he created with Plato's "Allegory of The Cave," so he can stop an evil terrorist plot against the political, and legal systems of the United States of America

“Redemption House” Logline: Logline – "Hostel"/"Saw" in Southeast LA. A young girl runs down to Southeast LA to find her missing brother, only to find a cult specializing in redemption through horrific tortures, and death.

“Across The Country” Logline: After getting involved in a drug transaction that went horribly wrong, a young man leaves his hometown in Omaha to attend school in San Francisco and find direction in his life.

“A Filmaker’s Dream” Logline: You dream of San Fran, and life. So does he.

“Sunnygirl” A little boy, a little adventure, how will it all end? In "Manchester Bay?"