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Emergency - Innocence Lost!

Unaware of the magnitude of forces and deadly consequences of her stand, a dedicated nurse fights against her hospital’s closure and a sinister plot to exterminate patients.

Written by: Patricia Poulos     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Nicole Kidman
Meryl Streep
Alec Baldwin
In the Vein Of: inspired by true events

Posted: 08/22/2015
Updated: 03/17/2018
Author Bio: 'Protector of the little people'. She was - 'fighting to save the nation' of Australia! Her motto..."Buy Australian!" Her aim... "Save Australian jobs and Farmers!" These were the propulsion and catalysts of plans put in place to destroy her.

Having left school at the age of 14 years and without formal qualifications, the following number of Firsts were achieved: First Triage - St. George Hospital - Sydney (1972)

First Woman CEO and Managing Director of a Stainless Steel manufacturing organization. (1973) First Woman to receive a Government Engineering Research & Development Grant - 7 consecutive years (1974 -1981). First Woman to sign a joint-venture (15 year multi-billion dollar) contract with the Peoples’ Republic of China - relinquished on realization that it would lead to the destruction of jobs and deterioration of the well-being of Australians.

First Woman appointed by the Muirhead Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody to visit police cells at Cronulla and Miranda Police Stations.(1984 - 1987)

First Woman to stand against banks and politicians for the well-being of Farmers from 1984.

First Woman to hold a Rally for the Nation - 16 August 1987 to convince politicians to re-examine their economic policies.

First Woman to create a Political Party (Centre Unity Party) (1987) and standing as an Independent until 2013.

First Woman to publish a magazine series (’Profiler’... the Magazine that tells it as it is!’) (1999 - 2007).

First non-lawyer to be granted permission to open a Law Firm (Nicholas Poulos Lawyers) (2007)

Author - 4 non-fiction self-published books - Amazon ‘Best Seller’ - ebooks:

“My Reply” (God & Religion) (1990)

‘The Executioner’ (Economics & Politics) (1992)

‘Elders’ and ‘The Real Story’ (Political & Corporate Crime & Corruption). (1994) “The greatest corporate crime in Australia’s History.” Roger Scott - Finance Editor - Sunday Telegraph

‘Payback’... and The Devil called!” (trilogy) (2007) This is the story of a 'woman' - 'a Heroine'! " ... naked on top of a mountain with a gale blowing Heroine!" as described by American actor Nicholas Hammond of 'Spiderman' fame now screen- writer as he began writing the script for the 'Elders' movie! She was 'fighting to save the nation' of Australia! "Buy Australian!" was her motto ... "Save Australian jobs!" was her aim. Patricia Poulos was a wife, mother, and creator/Managing Director and CEO of one of Australia's largest Stainless Steel corporations. She was twice nominated 'Bulletin/Qantas Australian Business Woman of the Year' and she was fighting for the farmers and the nation against the implementation of a Formula for Destruction which would result in the nation's economic, social, and financial ruin. "Bomb" threats! ...'Death' threats! and, " ... we've got your kids!" ... was the order of most days. Then ... "Let me put it this way," threatened the Senator, "if you don't join us then you, are the enemy, and we destroy, the enemy!" 'The Commonwealth Bank of Australia across one of its documents wrote ...Beginning of the end!!!'

Poet: The Saint - (Kathleen - My Mum) (2018) Little Girl Lost - (Diana Princess of Wales) (2006) Changing Landscapes - (Tribute to a friend) (2005)

Screenwriter: Five Feature Scripts and one Short. (2013 - Current) Awards: (Australian and International) Marquis 'World's Who's Who' * – Acknowledged 2018 Editorial Ofice (Spain) Awards for Quality & Export (1975 - 2018) Christian Film Festival * – Best Script 2017 Christian Film Festival * – Best Writer 2017 Christian Film Festival * – Fan Favorite 2017 Austin Revolution Film Festival * – Semi-Finalist 2017 Poetry Festival * – Best of MOTIVATIONAL/INSPIRATIONAL Poetry 2017 Wildsound YouTube * – Poetry Reading 2017 Moviebytes * – Top 10 Fantasy 2017 Moviebytes * – Top 10 Horror 2017 Moviebytes * – Top 10 Fantasy 2017 Raegan&RJ to Mars (DVD) * – Producer 2017 Cinquest Feature Screenplay * – Quarter-Finalist 2016 Moviebytes * – Top Ten Winning Scripts - Supernatural 2016 Moviebytes * – Top Ten Winning Scripts - Fantasy 2016 Moviebytes * – Top Ten Winning Scripts - Fantasy 2016 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival * – Winner - Best Screenplay Feature (4th) 2015 Women's Film & Script Showcase * – Official Selection 2015 True Stories (Fade In) * – Official Selection 2015 AOF International Film Festival * – Finalist 2015 AOF International Film Festival * – Best Dialogue Feature - 2nd Place 2014 13th Beverly Hills International Film Festival * – Best Dialogue Feature - 2nd Place 2013 Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition * - Finalist 2013 Writers and Filmmakers * – Finalist 2013 WriteMovies * – Finalist 2013 Federation For World Peace * – Ambassador for Peace 2011 6th International Feminist Book Fair * – Speaker 1994 New South Wales Police Department * – Certificate of Appreciation 1990 Debrett's Peerage Handbook * – Acknowledged 1986 Bulletin/Qantas Australian Business Woman of The Year * – runner-up 1986 Bulletin/Qantas Australian Business Woman of the Year * – runner-up 1985


Born in Sydney Australia, her parents were William (Bill) and Kathleen (Kate) Nicholas. She is the eldest of seven children and which prepared her, in spite of any other achievements, for a life in the protection of her family and those she considered unable (for whatever reason) to fight for themselves. In her early teens, her goal was to serve God. This she believed would be achieved by becoming a Nun. Doing all she could to become worthy of this calling. As she had been given the gift of voice, she was accepted at the Conservatorium of Music where she studied under Raymond Beatty, coached by the Director Leo Demante. She worked in a legal office. At 20 years of age, she accepted that God did not want her and so opted for marrying John, a tall dark handsome Greek who walked into her life one day and who proposed on the same day. Despite her protestations at this immediate affection, they married six weeks later and had two children. John was a welder who wanted to commence his own business. Her goals now changed she focused on caring for her children and making his desires a reality. She would work at two jobs to pay their bills whilst John tinkered in an industry of which he had little knowledge. Her intentions for him, became her achievements due to his lack of English and education. The doors opened for her to learn all there was to know about stainless steel and the manufacture of stainless steel products. Zeus Industries ("Zeus") was created. Her night-job was working at St. George Hospital where, although initially engaged as the Clerk of Cas (Casualty - A&E) She soon became the face of Casualty and the first Triage; assessing all injuries as to their severity. John worked during the day and she looked after the children and researched all she required to establish the company. On weekends she worked in the local fish-shop whilst John cared for the children. (It is ironic that the equipment used in this shop would provide her with the operational knowledge of the products she would manufacture). She expanded Zeus from the garage of their home, to a small rented factory, then four factories and an administration block and the employment of over 130 workers. She traveled to all states of Australia and to Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Hong Kong and Singapore appointing distributors for her products. Zeus Industries became the largest manufacturing company of its kind in Australia and the only exporter. She held a tight reign. Her employees were treated as an extended family and she rewarded them with pay increases far above those of other workers in their field causing the Metal Trades Industry Association to reprimand her for "paying your workers too much". The quality and exports of her company saw many International Awards (Export, Quality, Business Acumen) by the Editorial Ofice (Spain) from 1984 and which continued. In 1984 she visited China and by 1985 had successfully negotiated a multi-billion dollar 15 year contract with the Peoples' Republic of China. In 1985 and 1986 she was nominated for Bulletin/Qantas Business Woman of the Year. However, due to her political stand she was downgraded to 'runner-up' (a title to which she would become accustomed). In 1986, prior to actually commencing manufacture in China, she realized that to continue would have a devastating affect; not only on her employees, but on the nation. Her perception was, should these products find their way into Australia it would wipe out manufacturing in the nation, especially the smaller factories which manufactured the Zeus component parts. She abandoned her contract. This outraged politicians who had entered into their own contracts based on hers. In 1986 on realizing government policies adverse to the wellbeing of the nation were being implemented, she ran a series of newspaper advertisements against these policies and on 16 August 1986 held a Rally to warn the people of the impending disasters. She listed these policies as: encouragement of youth at school to register for unemployment benefits; these benefits exceeding the scheduled apprenticeship payments; government competing with private enterprise in business; floating the currency; deregulation of the banks; removal of tariff protection. However attendance at the Rally was poor. The media almost exceeded the number of attendees. She was beamed across the nation by all television and radio channels. Unknown to her at the time, steps were in place to fraudulently acquire Zeus. However, she had a Charge over the Zeus assets and their attempts failed. But the damage was done. She was the first Australian woman to form a political party (Centre Unity Party), and in 1987 stood a number of candidates for the Senate and combined 24 independent parties to provide a force. However, forces resulted in her abandoning registration of the party. Having received a book challenging peoples' belief in God describing him as a Tyrant, she wrote her first book "My Reply" (1990) in response, in an attempt to dispel these myths. It brought displeasure from some churches. In 1992 she wrote her second book 'The Executioner' which set out the formula in place to displace Australians from their jobs and homes. Her attempts to save the nation had failed. This book brought the wrath of the politicians. In 1994 being subjected to a car accident, she was unable to walk for some time. Despite this and unsure as to who and how they had collectively achieved their goal of stripping her of her assets, she wrote what she pieced-together in her book, 'Elders' and The Real Story. This exposé had corrupt politicians, judges, police and corporate raiders scurrying for cover. Having fraudulently acquired her home and in continuance in her fight to save the nation, she researched wrote and published the "Profiler" magazine which was distributed by Gordon & Gotch and Kerry Packer's Network Services Company. But the pressure was on and neither paid for the magazines 'sold' with none being returned unsold. Despite this, she complied with their demands for 'more'. She continued to stand for parliament as the longest standing female 'independent'. In 2014 due to another car 'accident', and the fact that she felt that there is nothing more she can do to save the nation from the now embedded devastation of jobless, homeless and poverty-stricken created by the government's policies of 1982 she has opted for a life of script-writing, humbly calling herself a 'screenwriter' with a number of nominations. In 2007 she wrote the biographical book "Payback"... and The Devil called" which some regarded as a Trilogy of her previous books and her extraordinary experiences which culminated in 'The Devil' calling and which formed the basis of her script 'And The Devil called!

Contest Results: Wildsound (First Place, Best Drama Logline 2017) [2017]
Christian Screenplay (First Place, Best Script, Writer, Fan Fav.) [2017]
Action On Film (Finalist) [2015]
FilmMakers/Feature (Finalist) [2015]
Los Angeles Independent (Finalist, (Winner 4th) November 2015) [2015]
Cinequest (Quarterfinalist, Doors of Miracles) [2016]
WSC Feature (Finalist) [2013]
Writers and Filmmakers (Finalist) [2013]
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (Finalist) [2013]
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist) [2013]
WriteMovies (Finalist) [2013]