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People around the city are being abducted by what appear to be alien beings driving super fast cars. When illegal street racer Steve Chance, discovers a connection to his beloved, missing sister, he hits the throttle and abducts the beautiful niece of the Death Driver's leader, leading to a high-speed showdown.

Written by: Paul Owens    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 12/03/2016
Updated: 05/12/2018
Author Bio:
Professional Summary Skills Personal Information Work History Education Additional Information PAUL OWENS | (H) +61 08 8277 6119 | (C) 0403 895 527 | Extensive experience in feature screenplay writing Exceptional oral and written communication skills Superior reading comprehension and proofreading abilities Outstanding proficiency in Microsoft Office applications such as Final draft and Word Strong organization and time management skills High ability to multitask and function as a team player Very Creative Strong visualisation skills Strong story telling skills Strong command of written and verbal language Self-motivated Powerful negotiator Extremely organised Extensive reading of Screenplay books e.

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