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Rabbi Reuven Sokol IDF

Not your normal timid orthodox rabbi, but an IDF Commando. Teaching kids Bar/Bat Mitzvah and handling rabbi duties along with taking care of business when the Neo-Nazis and other problems happen. Based on true events.

Written by: Robert Sokol    

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Format: TV Pilot
Budget: Low
Starring Roles For: A Cliff Robertson type
A Jamie Gertz type
Posted: 07/11/2019
Updated: 07/26/2019
Author Bio:
I spent 10 years in Israel and served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and was recruited by the Mossad (Israeli CIA). I am a Rabbi, master auto technician (both in Israel and the US), have worked for local and state police as an automotive expert, and am currently consulting with the FBI. I am proficient with weaponry, martial arts and can argue the Talmud with the best. I have written articles for the Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Times (weekly column) and Kansas City Star newspapers.

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