The Cost of Freedom

A unit is wrongly disavowed by the Army for a mission gone awry. One man will take on the system to fight for those no longer here to fight for themselves.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Ryan Gosling
Sebastian Stan
A 40's Gene Hackman
In the Vein Of:
A Few Good Men
Walking Tall
Author Bio:
Dallas Gibson was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1982, but moved to the Texas Panhandle at a young age. He was raised in the tiny Texas town of Darrouzett, a stone's throw from Oklahoma. After graduating high school in Follett, Texas he remained in the Panhandle region until 2011 when he moved to the DFW area, where he resided until 2019. In the summer of 2019, along with his wife, and fellow screenwriter Crow and their two children, Dallas moved to the Tampa Florida area.

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Contest Results:
Austin Revolution (Finalist) [2017]
L.A. Live Film Fest (Honorable Mention) [2020]
Southern California (Semifinalist) [2017]