Diana & Allan

A hurricane explodes in Allan's "neat-and-tidy-middle-aged-confirmed-bachelor-Greenwich-Village" life, when his irresistible (and behaviorally-challenged) long-distance girlfriend comes to stay in his studio apartment for his birthday weekend, and immediately reveals her spur-of-the-moment decision to relocate to NYC. Would it be OK if she stays with him till she finds her own place?

Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
Karin Collison has worked professionally, from the age of 8, in all the media as an award-winning actress, singer, and dancer in the US, UK, Europe, and Malaysia. She explored other careers for a few years, but her job as the first Artistic Director of Speaking of Stories (during which she was commissioned by the US Embassy to mount Readers Theater in Kuala Lumpur as a post-911 outreach) brought her back to the performing arts. She is now a full-time bi-coastal actress primarily living in LA (with a pied à terre in NYC).

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