Trip to Vegas

LOGLINE-:A trip to vegas for five high school graduates turns into a wild,hilarious adventure when one of them steals a cooler full of smuggled diamonds from two dimwit thugs. PITCH-:American Pie meets The Hangover Party.

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TV Movie
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Aloha My name is Junior Mudimba I'm a Zimbabwean screenwriter aged 19. So I'm an unqualified ,not so smart and I might be the package you not looking for but Hey! everything is changing so why don't you change with me and I am good at imagination not too good though jus average good like 34.5%. What makes me good is I'm young ,hungry, energetic, immature and I have that thing which keeps me going on and on when I get on a laptop.Sometimes I even laugh by myself which is kind of creepy i need to stop cause people are now saying I'm cray cray.

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Amazing Logline (Third Place, Thank you) [2020]