Chemical Attraction

When a high-functioning heroin-addict with buyer’s remorse steals a deadly chemical weapon that she developed, a disgraced CIA operative, obsessed with tracking down his wife’s killer, must retrieve the weapon—and the formula from the chemist’s tortured mind--before it is sold to death merchants.

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Since I left the legal profession, there's one less lawyer in that hole at the bottom the ocean to worry about.

I recently co-wrote a low budget L.A.-based drama feature that follows the life of a man obsessed with selling his Mark Rothko original painting he believes to be worth millions.

Currently, I am writing a global warming action comedy feature about a down and out lawyer who stumbles upon a conspiracy that may involve his new girlfriend.

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Contest Results:
New York Screenplay (First Place) [2018]
Richmond Fest (Finalist) [2019]
Inroads Fellowship (Finalist) [2019]
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