Seven Generations: S1E1 Colony Collapse

The next generation has a better idea on how to run the family farm: Grandma always said eat your vegetables. The food revolution has begun. The Circle of Life.

COLONY COLLAPSE. Grandma dies of a tobacco related lung disease. Her grand kids lost their dad to cancer 10 years ago. Grandson Hector, 6th generation and set to inherit Phoenix Farm. Hector does his chores while his sister Cassandra horse-power plows the front yard. She wants to grow marigolds to put between the tomatoes so Gramps will quit using the chemicals. Her goal: reduce their carbon footprint by planting, harvesting and transporting food crops to market without burning any fossil fuels, and … getting off tobacco. An anarchist vegan self-medicating on yoga and Tibetan chants, she won’t feed the chickens because she doesn’t eat them. Grandma narrates from the “other side,” while Grandpa is out stealing real estate signs off rural properties hoping to slow down suburban sprawl. Mom is a wreck and only holding it together long enough to get her mother’s grave dug. Helen, a beekeeper and Hector’s fiancé, will help this broken family build a better future after they survive the next bout of really bad weather. Just another day on the farm.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
17 year old girl
20s male
70s Male
In the Vein Of:
Places in the Heart

Author Bio:
HESTER SCHELL, M.F.A. is an award-winning director, veteran acting teacher, author, producer, casting director, scripty and retired college professor/recovering academic. She writes political action/social good and environmental stewardship stories with roles for people of color, middle-aged women and seniors. She is the author of the critically acclaimed volume, CASTING REVEALED: A Guide for Film Directors, now in its 2nd edition. Her column at Script Magazine focuses on acting and casting.

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