After the Domination War in the new world, vampires and humans are forced to evolve to coexist. Love, desire, and vengeance collide amidst a fight to prevent global extinction.

Ichor Vail, an alternative to a dying Earth, is discovered by Vampires with the use of magic. These Vampires believed themselves alone in this new dimension. However, Humans found their gateway, a vail between realms, before it closed. Humans managed a great number to cross over. A war for domination over this new world ensued. Many on both sides perished. Now, in a world so similar to the old one, the conflict remains a constant worry. Vampires and Humans live under an unsteady truce. This peace is held together by a Vampire Police Force and the efforts of bounty hunters tracking down violators of the law.

All hell breaks loose when a vampire spirals out of control and kills a close friend of a relentless bounty hunter. Seeking vengeance, he will use anything and anyone to catch the killer, even his own daughter. An unexpected love blossoms, connecting the two races. A vampire and human find a love which could save them both, or doom the entire world. The Vampire Headquarters and human Kings and Queens plot to preserve their own skins as dark forces mount against them. Time becomes a luxury no one can afford. One vampire, the last full-blood of her kind, stands as the new world’s only hope.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Amanda Seyfried
Natalie Krill
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
In the Vein Of:
True Blood
Lost Girl
The L Word
Author Bio:
Alyxandrya Prynce, a resident of Raeford, North Carolina, is best known for being a book starter and a ghostwriter. She has ghostwritten over eleven books, including (but not limited to) genres of drama, horror, action, comedy, romance, and erotica. Alyxandrya is currently finishing her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English, minoring in Fiction Writing and Screenwriting. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, Sigma Alpha Pi and Sigma Tau Delta (Honor Society).

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Contest Results:
Script and Storyboard (Honorable Mention, Nominated; 3rd.) [2020]