A college student changes his past and finds that the new and original timelines have overlapped one another, creating duplicate entities unseen by their counterpart… and one may be out to get him.

Nick LaShane, a promising college journalist major, has been in love with his best friend, the beautiful and smart Chrissy Tramber, since high school—only his nerves and fear of losing her have always seemed to stop him from revealing his true feelings. That, and Chrissy’s not-so-perfect-but-handsome-and-athletic boyfriend Victor, who beat Nick to the punch years earlier anyway when his confidence asked Chrissy to the prom and landed her in his arms for the start of a stable and unbreakable relationship Nick has been objectively subjected to every time they kiss and flirt in front of him. Not far from the cusp of their graduation, Victor has made another bold move by asking Chrissy to marry him—receiving an answer from her that’s all-too-predictable and easy. An answer that has finally sent Nick over the edge with his buried emotions. Pleading to Chrissy to reconsider on the account that Victor isn’t the right choice, Nick finally musters a desperate revelation of feelings that despite flooring Chrissy in shock, only makes his darkest fears come true when she is unmoved and unaltered in her decision to remain by the chauvinistic jock’s side. Promoting a determination that is loving her or not seeing her at all, Nick walks away from their longstanding friendship in a bout of shattered pain and failure that leaves him with a strange, mysteriously unexplainable ability to mentally will and send himself back through time, where he finds himself back in high school. And once he grasps his situation and potential chance, he decides to not allow history to repeat itself by jumping at the opportunity to ask a younger and open Chrissy to the prom with a presentation that wins her heart over and lands her lips onto his lips for the first time outside of a dream. Now beaming with proudly victorious conviction, Nick manages to return himself back to his present college status of time, where another surprise awaits him—Chrissy, his loving and supportive girlfriend with no recollection of a past with Victor by her side. A past that no longer seems to exist other than as a bad memory to Nick and Nick alone. Now Nick is blessed with a new past, the new car he always wanted but could never muster the courage to buy, and a new beneficial outlook on life that he dares not question the mechanics behind. Only something doesn’t seem quite right. Something is off in this newly crafted world Nick has molded. One moment Chrissy is the adorable, loving girlfriend wrapping her arms around him, and the next she seems to act like the oblivious old friend from the old broken past he thought he destroyed. Friends and colleagues seem confused about the layouts of events between his two histories, unable to recall details from one or the other. And then one morning Nick sees Chrissy—both of her. Two nearly-identical physical versions in the same room—one that boasts the personality of his current love-struck girlfriend and one that remains unflattered as if nothing ever happened between them. And neither seems to be aware of the other’s existence. Escaping his dorm like he was trying to escape a horrible nightmare, Nick is then presented with the truth of a terrifying new reality—that there are duplicates of nearly everyone, everywhere, walking around— all oblivious to their counterpart’s presence. A presence only Nick seems to be solely aware of and interactive with, like some kind of twisted mediator. Only through his logical deductions does Nick comprise a theory that something terrible happened on his way back to the present from changing the past—some kind of rupture that overlapped and collapsed both the original and newly-created timelines; a glitch that only seems to make him feel more crazy by the second as he attempts to balance his sanity between the duplicate entities. And now one familiar in particular seems to be watching him… stalking him… threatening him in the fashion of an individual who perhaps was cheated out of an opportunity for a prom date back in high school. A dark, jealous sports star who will stop at nothing to get what he’s wanted—and who has no knowledge of the other life where he did. Not knowing how to solve his enigma or who to trust, Nick does the only thing his heart can think of by revealing the story behind the mess to a skeptical original best friend Chrissy, who can only perceive Nick’s inability to prove any of it as a complex emotional breakdown due to her recent rejection of his love. But neither that, nor a sharp, crafty detective assigned to the case behind his paranoid accusations toward Victor will stop Nick from doing everything in his power to protect both himself and the girl he loves as he tries to discover a way to fix the rupture and set things straight in this flashy, complex edgy thriller banking on an innovative and strikingly original idea that blends elements of sci-fi, love, mystery and paranoia.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
In the Vein Of:
The Butterfly Effect