When a descendant of the Teutonic Order – a cheerful, clumsy and stubborn lady who’s burdened with the German post-war guilt culture – finds photos of UFOs with swastikas on a hidden Nazi train, she sets out to reveal a hidden Nazi refuge in Antarctica to the world, but that is not the only thing she encounters.

ACT 1: Present time, Poland. From the first few pages, Max Gerlich, a predatory journalist, is introduced.

A flashback takes us to Poland, 1945. A Nazi train from the air. The train is secretly hidden in a mountain while under attack.

Present time. Lili Braunsteiner – cheerful, clumsy - is an archaeologist of WWII treasures. She sadly suffers from Germany's post-war guilt culture.

Her father, the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, summons Lili to the HQ. Along the way, she meets Max and they manage to upset each other's psychological balance. Max tells Lili that a dreaming person does not know that a nightmare is real until he wakes up. The Grand Master introduces Lili to a former SS soldier, currently 100 years old. Just before he dies, he tells about train.

During Lili’s search, she meets treasure hunter Heinrich, a member of a Neo-Nazi.

Secretly watched by Max and Heinrich, Lily finds the Nazi train by means of drones. There is a large store of gold bars, gemstones, diamonds and art. In an archive, Lili finds photos of UFOs with a swastika symbol on it. She also finds evidence of New Swabia, a hidden retreat of the Nazis in Antarctica.

Lili talks to her father, the Grand Master, and he seems to be very vulnerable about Lili’s past. He passes on the details of Laura Raven, deputy of a secret Nasa base camp in Antarctica.

ACT 2: Lili flies to Antarctica with Heinrich. In the meanwhile, Max takes another flight and follows her. Through a sequence of adventurous events, Lili finds the Nasa base camp. She finds out that everybody is nuts at the base camp. They have all seen ‘something’. Laura brings Lili and Heinrich to a secret gate. Once she goes inside, Lily meets and extraterrestrial: the Grey. The Grey shows an amazing underground world. The Grey brings Lili to sleep. Later it becomes clear that this is the lowest point.

When Lily wakes up, there’s not only Heinrich but also Max. Max wants a second change with Lili and the situation with Heinrich becomes tensed. The Nazis show up and Heinrich shows his true nature as a neo-Nazi. The Nazis bring everybody to New Swabia, the hidden retreat of the Nazis. There’s a lot of tension and awkwardness between the Nazis and Lili. She bluffs her fear away. The Nazis demand the secret photos, but Lili reveals that they are attached to a drone that will take off automatically in two days with a news agency as its final destination. They make an agreement.

ACT 3: The Nazis bring Lili home into a big UFO. Back home, the situation turns into a conflict. A chase ends up at Tempelhof Airport in the middle of the drone exhibition. Lili steals a one-man drone and flies out to the city center, followed by a dozen Nazis and hundreds of small drones. The chase become a war zone around the city. In the end, Lili wins and all Nazis, including Heinrich dies.

When Lili cleans up her father’s office she finds an old postcard. After she reads it, she falls into a trance and she suddenly remembers that the Grey has impregnated her. She’s fighting her insanity. Most of the significant external conflicts converge here.

9 months later. When the baby is born, it’s a new antichrist. Sadly, Lily dies. At the funeral, a common friend talks to Max and she tells him about the postcard. It is addressed to the Grand Master, Lili’s father. It was sent long ago by Laura’s mom. The thing is, she’s called Lili Raven. The question remains: Is protagonist Lili Braunsteiner also a product of genetic engineering and was her father an accomplice? Is this all part of a conspiracy to accomplish the Fourth Reich?


Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Emily Blunt
Alicia von Rittberg
Anna Maria Mühe
In the Vein Of:
Tomb Raider
Iron Sky
Alien Hunter
Author Bio:
Born: 24 November 1967 Dutch (the Netherlands) teacher Social Studies Sociologist