One More Sleep

A grumpy manager wakes at the North Pole to discover that Christmas Eve will keep repeating until he finds his Christmas spirit, inadvertently falling in love with a pixie during his stay.

"One More Sleep" is a “Grinch” meets “Groundhog Day” story about Barry, an anti-Christmas, grumpy manager, and his journey of self-discovery that Christmas means different things to different people. After Barry threatens to sack his staff for not working on Christmas Eve, Barry gets an ultimatum from his boss – find three specific references before Christmas or lose his job. But before Barry can act on his ultimatum, he wakes up at the North Pole, where Santa and the fantastical creatures there tell him that Christmas Eve will repeat until he finds his Christmas spirit. Only then can he save his job. Barry’s state of denial, and efforts in sourcing his references are severely hampered when he is told by a dwarf that the North Pole has no ‘electricks’ or the ‘Interwebs’. Not to be defeated, Barry undertakes all Christmas activities he can think of – building an (ugly) snowman, decorating a Christmas tree, (tuneless) singing of Christmas carols, playing baseball with the Polar bears, and even playing chess with the (expert) Abominable Snowman. They all fail spectacularly. Frustratingly, Barry repeatedly awakes at the North Pole, on December 24. Running out of ideas, Barry builds a toy for his pet cat but unbeknownst to him, a rogue helper, half-elf half-goblin Stam, has devious plans to become the next Chief Helper, to Barry’s detriment. Stam steals Barry’s possessions to frame the other helpers and then sabotages toys to frame Barry. Santa’s entire Christmas delivery schedule is now in serious jeopardy. Barry’s loyal and optimistic pixie guide, Nimmy, discover Stam’s plot and try to expose him, but with Santa on a present run, Santa’s Helpers believe Stam, and lock Barry in his room. As Barry and Nimmy try to get a message to Santa, Stam captures them, and sends them in a sleigh over the mountain cliff without flying reindeer. Barry risks his life to save Nimmy, just as Santa returns to chaos and discovers the truth about Stam. Santa then tells Barry that the only way to get the Christmas delivery back on schedule is with his help. If Barry helps, he’ll lose his job; if he doesn’t, children around the world won’t get their presents on Christmas day. Barry then hosts a very special Christmas day event at the North Pole. He discovers Nimmy has used her own Christmas miracle for the first time in her life, to become human - she has fallen in love with Barry. She returns to Barry's home where they get engaged. Through the dedication and camaraderie of Santa's helpers and the creatures of the North Pole, Barry learns what Christmas means to him.

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In the Vein Of:
The Grinch
Groundhog Day
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Born to European parents in Australia, and through my global travels, I have always had exposure to many cultures, characters and situations. This all adds up to many enriching experiences and story ideas. Through my past and current vocations as a project manager, amateur theatre actor, youth counsellor, school teacher and sports coach, I observe and engage with many different people. I began writing for fun as a tween. My natural passion for storytelling has expanded to a full time hobby.

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Capital Fund (First Place, WINNER "family" genre) [2017]
Page Turner - First 15 (Semifinalist) [2021]