Living in Oblivion

A 17-year-old Vietnamese girl has visions of Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats coming to rescue her from the soul-crushing experience of High School. After a large inheritance, she buys a nursing home, filling it with aging music hipsters. Everyone wants to live in Oblivion.

Living in Oblivion is a Romantic Comedy, Coming of Age script  written along the lines of “Pretty in Pink” & “Some Kind of Wonderful” with a highly diverse case. It would also be a great TV series with bands from the past as guest stars.

When Swan Nguyen a tall awkward 17-year-old student inherits 18 million dollars from her Aunt in Vietnam she buys a run-down nursing home she works at, and turns it into a LA. hotspot for Art, culture, and music, and fashion. Aging residents with diverse musical differences must learn how to get along in the shared spaces, especially the music appreciation room. Swan has visions of Brain Setzer outside of the doorway in the hall everyday as she daydreams in the soul crushing experience of high school. Swan teams up with Siddharth Kumar, a photography student who is brilliant at math to help her learn how to run the business. Siddharth has a secret crush on Swan and Swan secretly has feelings for him too. Friendships and relationships deepen as they all become like family. Swan is discovered as a model when Siddharth sends her photos to an agency. Age is just a number.

I believe the diverse, quirky, characters with heart would appeal to people of all ages.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Mai Duong Kieu
Siddharth Nigam
In the Vein Of:
Pretty in Pink
Some Kind of Wonderful
Author Bio:
I was born in Nebraska, but grew up all over the country. My greatest super power, is my imagination. In my 20's I lived in Hollywood at the Fleur Dis Lis off of Hollywood Blvd. I spent my days off watching back to back movies for hours in the theaters. I love to write original characters that are quirky and out of the norm. My characters are based on my love of travel and celebrate diversity.

I attended College in London England and Los Angeles.

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