Memory of Snow

The past is a place from which secrets rise without warning.

Memory of Snow – inspired by a true story. A four year old boy in England knows way more than he should about a kidnap and murder in Canada ten years before he was born, and his family must do whatever it takes to bring him peace. The Grant family are looking forward to spending their first Christmas in their renovated farmhouse on the edge of the Lake District in England. Alex, a neurosurgeon, must travel to Montreal to deliver an academic paper to a conference on spinal surgery. There have been several family conversations about arrangements for the trip. Theo, their four-year-old son, has heard some of these conversations and they seem to have triggered some puzzling, even frightening memories in him. He starts telling his parents about a place in Canada where he used to live before ‘the bad men’ took him away. At first Caroline, his mother and a practising child psychologist, puts it down to childhood imagination. But it quickly turns into a concern for her as Theo reveals more details in a story that is told in language unusual for a boy of his age and background. After dropping Alex off at the station on his way to the airport, Caroline returns home and decides to see if she can verify any part of Theo’s story. She is shocked to discover almost immediately that at least some of what he has been telling them appears to be the truth. She and Alex have several long distance conversations about their growing concerns. Alex decides to travel on to Vancouver where he has a cousin, Linda, he can stay with. Linda, who is in the RCMP, has her interest piqued by Alex’s story. Alex and Linda’s journalist husband, Greg, decide to travel to the town of Revelstoke, where events are supposed to have taken place, and try to find the house in question. It isn’t difficult and they also get some interesting information from a neighbour who remembers the disappearance of an eleven-year-old girl from the house several years earlier. Then in another telephone conversation with Caroline Alex learns that Theo claims not only to have been murdered, but that he knows who did it and where his other body is buried. He also independently confirmed that he was a girl in the previous life, information that had surprised Alex earlier and which he had not spoken to Caroline about. Now Caroline is on an increasingly slippery downhill slope with all this. She feels she is losing Theo as he becomes increasingly agitated and disturbed by his memories. Because of the information, and its apparent veracity, provided by Alex, the police decide to reactivate the investigation. Caroline and Theo fly to Canada to not only help the investigation, but also to try to help Theo come to terms with his far memories. Theo leads the police to the house on Protection Island used by the kidnappers and locates the grave in a clearing behind the property. An arrest is made, but the only surviving perpetrator of the crime escapes and makes his getaway on a stolen boat. He is rapidly recaptured. The family whose daughter was kidnapped and murdered ask to meet with Theo and in an emotionally charged scene the dead girl’s mother, Pamela Marchant, becomes convinced that Theo is her reincarnated daughter, Aline. The Grants return home to their snow-covered farmhouse and Theo rapidly shows signs of returning to himself.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
In the Vein Of:
inspired by true events

Author Bio:
I have been a professional historian and archaeologist since 1972. I have thirty-eight children's books to my name and have been published by Macmillan, Nelson and Wayland Press. I have also contributed articles to the yachting press and to the Financial Times in London, UK. My screenwriting career highlight was winning the October 2010 WriteMovies competition with my screenplay 'Cry of the Dreamer'. I am an Ancient History and Archaeology graduate from Birmingham, UK and have postgraduate teaching qualifications in primary years education and in English as a foreign language.

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