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MovieBytes Interview:
Screenwriter Cassandra Taylor

An interview with screenwriter Cassandra Taylor regarding the Spec Scriptacular Writing Competition.

Q: What's the title of the script you entered in this contest, and what's it about?

A: The title is called The Wire: Dangerous Liasions. In a nutshell, cause and effect is the main theme. For example, you have a big time drug dealer who wants to go legit. One day, he panicks and orders a hit on someone, but what he doesn't know, is that the person he got to do the hit, is the cousin of the person who is out to take down this bigtime drug dealer by any means necessary. So all kinds of things come to bear as people make their moves and countermoves against each other.

Q: What made you enter this particular contest? Have you entered any other contests with this script? If so, how did you do?

A: I'm going to enter any contest that is reputable and affordable. This one was no different.

So far, the response to this script has been great. It's already won a first place in another contest, 2nd place in this one, and gained my entrance into a prestigious fellowship for screenwriters earlier this year.

Q: Were you satisfied with the adminstration of the contest? Did they meet their deadlines? Did you receive all the awards that were promised?

A: I have no complaints whatsoever.

Q: Were you given any feedback on your script? If so, did you find the feedback helpful?

A: I didn't purchase the feedback option.

Q: Has your success in this contest helped you market your script? Were you contacted by any agents, managers or producers?

A: I have not been contacted by anyone unfortunately, but I remain optimistic.

Q: What's your background? Have you written any other screenplays or television scripts?

A: I've written several one-hour drama specs, and in fact, I just finished a Nip/Tuck which in my opinion, is better than my The Wire. I'm also co-writing a dark comedy indie feature spec, and working on the outline for a military thriller.

My background? I'm a veteran from Ohio. I have a B.A. from Cleveland State University in English, Creative Writing, and a M.A. from Bowling Green State University in American Culture Studies, Film/TV Studies.

Q: Do you live in Los Angeles? If not, do you have any plans to move there?

A: I live in Los Angeles.

Q: What's next? Are you working on a new script?

A: I just started the outline for a Grey's Anatomy spec and for a military thriller feature spec.

Posted Wednesday, September 21, 2005