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Back in the Box Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 12/10/2016
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Script Pipeline Great Movie Idea Competition

Final Deadline: 12/10/2016
WSPro Discount: No

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Script Pipeline Great TV Show Idea Contest

Final Deadline: 12/10/2016
WSPro Discount: No

ScriptFest Screenplay Contest New!

Final Deadline: 12/15/2016
WSPro Discount: No

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Women's Film & Script Showcase New!

Final Deadline: 12/15/2016
WSPro Discount: No

Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival New!

Final Deadline: 12/16/2016
WSPro Discount: No

Stage 32 2nd Annual Happy Writers TV Writing Contest

Final Deadline: 12/19/2016
WSPro Discount: No

Auckland International Film Festival New!

Final Deadline: 12/20/2016
WSPro Discount: No

Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 12/23/2016
WSPro Discount: $5.00

The Poe Contest New!

Final Deadline: 12/30/2016
WSPro Discount: No

ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 12/30/2016
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Acclaim TV Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 12/30/2016
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Acclaim Film

Final Deadline: 12/30/2016
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Pitch-2-Script Faith & Family Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 12/31/2016
WSPro Discount: No

ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Final Deadline: 01/10/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Military Script Showcase New!

Final Deadline: 01/15/2017
WSPro Discount: No

WriteMovies International Winter Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 01/15/2017
WSPro Discount: No

2nd Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Comedy Contest

Final Deadline: 01/25/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle Competition

Final Deadline: 01/26/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Utah Film Awards

Final Deadline: 01/31/2017
WSPro Discount: No

Screenwriting Goldmine Awards

Final Deadline: 01/31/2017
WSPro Discount: No

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Interview with ScreenCraft Horror Contest Winner Craig Peters

Updated: 11/29/2016

Craig Peters studied theatre at Stanford and UC Riverside, then moved to Los Angeles and slowly made the transition from acting to writing. His horror screenplay The 49th Day was selected for the prestigious "BloodList", an annual list highlighting the top 13 most well-liked, unproduced horror scripts of the year. The 49th Day was also named the 2016 winner of the ScreenCraft Horror Screenwriting Competition.

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StoryPros International Names Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the 10th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest. [Updated: 12/03/2016]

WILDSound Names November Contest Winners

[Updated: 12/01/2016]

Bohemia Group Originals Options Two Scriptapalooza Winners

Bohemia Group Originals, a management company, recently optioned two Scriptapalooza winners, the 2016 winning script, a historical drama, Battle, by Aaron Brophy as well runner-up, The Clock Maker, a fun action packed script by Dan Schmidt. [Updated: 12/01/2016]

Shore Scripts Names Contest Winners

Shore Scripts has named their 2016 Feature, TV Pilot & Short script category winners. [Updated: 11/30/2016]

StoryPros International Names Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced for the 10th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest. Semifinalists SEMIFINALISTS will be announced Friday, December 2nd. [Updated: 11/26/2016]

WeTV Names Contest Winners

Buscón, by Jeffrey Storms has been named the 1-Hour Drama Category Grand Prize winner of the WeTV Television Writing Contest, while 48 States of Granddad, by Paul Jury, has been named the 1/2-Hour Comedy Grand Prize Winner. [Updated: 11/14/2016]

Shore Scripts Names Contest Finalists

Five finalists have been announced in the Feature, TV, and Short Script categories of the 2016 Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition. Winners will be announced by November 30th. [Updated: 11/10/2016]

Scriptapalooza TV Producer Requests

[Updated: 11/10/2016]

ScreenCraft Names Short Screenplay Contest Winner

A Beautiful Day by Fredrik Colting has emerged as the winner of the 2016 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest. The script is a simply rendered and devastating story about a trader's final phone conversation with a close friend as his office in the World Trade Center comes down around him on September 11th, 2001. [Updated: 11/09/2016]

ScreenCraft Names Sci-Fi Contest Winners

Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser has been selected as the winner of the 2016 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Competition. The script is described as a cinematic, thoroughly entertaining sci-fi/action hybrid in the tradition of Predator and Big Trouble In Little China that boasts an impressively unique mythology, a strong emotional core, and inventive set pieces. [Updated: 11/05/2016]

Shore Scripts Names Semifinalists

Shore Scripts has named their 2016 semfinalists. [Updated: 11/05/2016]

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2016 First Look Project: screenplays, pilots, short films accepted. Deadline November 15th.


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Robin Hood And The Moor Physican With Treasure Map

Ep(isode) 1 - Sir Robin Du Loxley regoins his Merry Men As Robin Hood. Ep-2 The Moorish Physican With Alexandria Chaldaea Library Treasure Map. Ep-2 Salvaging Treasure Ship By Sea Monkeys or Bushman Pygmies. £p-3 Great Battle For The Treasures or The Ancient Flithy Scrolls as Witchcraft papers? Ep-4 Maid Marian and Queen Mead from Far North Brokers Peace.
Author: Anna Varughese

A Sacrifice To The God Of The Blues

An impressionable young man struggles to make sense of the alternating good and bad advice he receives from a much older friend as they travel through the heart of Mexican drug territory on a cursed trip to a remote Pacific coast beach [Ranked 10th in the Drama short script category of's "Top 10 Contest Winning Scripts"].
Author: Jonathan LaPoma
Genre: Drama

Diplomatic Ammunity!

A struggling Hollywood screenwriter recruits his former best friends to help him write a script about a series of pranks they pulled in high school, and they discover why their friendship fell apart (ADAPTATION meets IDIOCRACY).
Author: Jonathan LaPoma
Genre: Drama,Comedy

Mother Seacole

British soldiers are transported from Jamaica to fight in the Crimean War. A Scottish-Jamaican lady provides home comforts and medical assistance to “her boys” at her own peril and becomes a British heroine.
Author: Patrick Harrison
Genre: Action-Adventure,Historical,Biography

The Odyssey Of John Buchanan

An epic Scottish saga of war, love, servitude, and the promise of freedom in colonial Pennsylvania
Author: Patrick Harrison
Genre: Action-Adventure,Historical,Romance

Cirque D' Etoiles

*** Russian astronaut, thrown out of the space program, hijacks a space taxi going to the International Space Station. An intergalactic, time warp, adventure to the future.
Author: janet caulfield
Genre: Thriller,Action-Adventure,Sci-Fi

Clay's Swalloe Test

How was Clay saved? Becky might have the answer.
Author: David A. Seader
Genre: Drama

(new) Squid Jiggers

A young island woman spends three years struggling with the loss of her arm until her ex, responsible for her impairment, is released from prison; then she fights for her life.
Author: judi Blaze
Genre: Drama,Romantic Comedy,Thriller

Curious Buddies

*** A veteran FBI Agent hires and develops a surprising bond with a young internet entrepreneur when he seeks his expertise in a week long rescue of a six year old girl taken hostage in a fall out shelter by a ruthless psychopath. New-Rewrite-It's LETHAL WEAPON, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, with a side of TAKEN.It's a whirlwind, week long rescue, set in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco.
Author: Janet Caulfield
Genre: Drama,Thriller,Action-Adventure

The Christmas Cave

Thirteen year old Jack and his sister Amanda go in search of a mythical cavern their grandmother went looking for fifty years earlier... when her brother Bill was lost, never to be seen again.
Author: David Beshears
Genre: Family

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