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MovieBytes Interview:
Screenwriter Dorine Rivers

An interview with screenwriter Dorine Rivers regarding the Ohio Independent Writing Competition.

Q: What's the title of the script you entered in this contest, and what's it about?

A: My thriller, What the Postman Knows, is about a Montana postman who must protect a mother and her two children from being murdered when he inadvertently blows their cover in the Witness Protection Program.

Q: What made you enter this particular contest? Have you entered any other contests with this script? If so, how did you do?

A: I chose this particular contest because of the word "Independent." I felt if I placed well in the competition, perhaps independent producers would ask for the script and the movie would get made. I have had some interest already; I feel confident this one will see the silver screen.

Q: Were you satisfied with the adminstration of the contest? Did they meet their deadlines? Did you receive all the awards that were promised?

A: Yes, the contest was run very professionally. Deadlines were met. I am still unclear as to what the awards consists of and how and when they will be received.

Q: Were you given any feedback on your script? If so, did you find the feedback helpful?

A: No feedback.

Q: Has your success in this contest helped you market your script? Were you contacted by any agents, managers or producers?

A: I think it always helps to be able to write "Winner of the Such-and-Such Contest, no matter how large or small the competition. I have not been contacted by any agents, managers or producers, but I have called them and have submitted my screenplay.

Q: What's your background? Have you written any other screenplays or television scripts?

A: I have written four screenplays, and am in the process of writing my fifth, with plans to produce this current project. My screenplays have won numerous awards, and I plan on continuing to write; each one gets better than the one before.

Q: Do you live in Los Angeles? If not, do you have any plans to move there?

A: No, I do not. I have no plans to move there, but will commute as frequently as needed.

Q: What's next? Are you working on a new script?

A: Yes. It's a true story about 12 young men who get into drugs as teenagers, and one by one, they die of drug-related deaths until just a sole survivor is left. Will he die, too? This is an emotionally-packed project.

Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2006