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MovieBytes Interview:
Screenwriter Michael Ugulini

An interview with screenwriter Michael Ugulini regarding the American Gem Writing Competition.

Q: What's the title of the script you entered in this contest, and what's it about?

A: The title of the script is PARCHED and it's the story of a farmer who defends his dying field during a prolonged drought.

Q: What made you enter this particular contest? Have you entered any other contests with this script? If so, how did you do?

A: I felt the AMERICAN GEM Competition would be the type of contest that would accept writings from a broad spectrum of writers and that they would respect writers and their work.

Q: Were you satisfied with the adminstration of the contest? Did they meet their deadlines? Did you receive all the awards that were promised?

A: Yes...the contest was administered well and the cash prize was received promptly as well as the other prizes they awarded.

Q: Were you given any feedback on your script? If so, did you find the feedback helpful?

A: I was not given feedback on the script but I was given the opportunity to have it produced in conjunction with AMERICAN GEM if need be.

Q: Has your success in this contest helped you market your script? Were you contacted by any agents, managers or producers?

A: I have found a producer for the script. I found a producer before the contest results were announced...but winning the AMERICAN GEM contest has helped me promote my other works.

Q: What's your background? Have you written any other screenplays or television scripts?

A: I live in Toronto and write by night and on weekends. I've have one feature screenplay intact... (3 others I threw in the garbage). I've written four short screenplays and two one-act plays. I'm currently working on a new script.

Q: Do you live in Los Angeles? If not, do you have any plans to move there?

A: I live in plans to move to Los Angeles. Lots of filmmaking and theatre in Toronto.

Q: What's next? Are you working on a new script?

A: I'm working on a new screenplay and a new one-act play.

Posted Thursday, January 25, 2007