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MovieBytes Interview:
Screenwriter Robert Wooldridge

An interview with screenwriter Robert Wooldridge regarding the Breaking Walls Writing Competition.

Q: What's the title of the script you entered in this contest, and what's it about?

A: A HITCH IN THE PLAN is a thriller about a detective that enlists the help of a movie buff to help him solve the crime of a killer who is replicating Hitchcock films.

Q: What made you enter this particular contest? Have you entered any other contests with this script? If so, how did you do?

A: Since this script has a particular mystery/thriller audience I tend to look for contests that cater to this genre. I've entered other contests but this is the first one where it placed.

Q: Were you satisfied with the administration of the contest? Did they meet their deadlines? Did you receive all the awards that were promised?

A: It was a very professional contest. They were quick with the announcement and the prizes.

Q: How long did it take you to write the script? Did you write an outline beforehand? How many drafts did you write?

A: I originally wrote the script in about two months after having it in my head for about five years. I worked with Linda Seger in polishing the first draft. She was quite the mentor. This winning draft was done under the guide of Pilar Alessandra.

Q: What kind of software did you use to write the script, if any? What other kinds of writing software do you use?

A: I have always used Final Draft.

Q: Do you write every day? How many hours per day?

A: It always takes a good couple hours a day, not all of it writing, to formulate, plan, research...

Q: Do you ever get writer's block? If so, how do you deal with that?

A: I relocate my laptop and my self to a new venue.

Q: What's your background? Have you written any other screenplays or television scripts?

A: I've completed about six scripts total. One of my scripts, NATE OF AMERICA, won a gold for best drama in the World Series of Screenwriting.

Q: Do you live in Los Angeles? If not, do you have any plans to move there?

A: No plans to relocate just yet.

Q: What's next? Are you working on a new script?

A: I've been working on another thriller that, now, is being ripped from the headlines.

Posted Tuesday, August 5, 2014