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Screenplay Contest
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Script Pipeline First Look Project

Final Deadline: 09/20/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Stage 32 Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 09/26/2018
WSPro Discount: No

If you've entered any screenwriting contests, please submit a report card and/or comment evaluating your experience.

Other Worlds Austin SciFi Screenwriting Contest

Final Deadline: 09/30/2018
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Women in Film & Television Vancouver

Final Deadline: 10/01/2018
WSPro Discount: No

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Middlebury Script Lab

Final Deadline: 10/01/2018
WSPro Discount: $20.00

ScreenCraft Pilot Launch

Final Deadline: 10/03/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 10/04/2018
WSPro Discount: $20.00 Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 10/09/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Acclaim TV Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 10/10/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Contest New!

Final Deadline: 10/10/2018
WSPro Discount: $15.00

Diverse Voices presented by WeScreenplay

Final Deadline: 10/15/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 10/20/2018
WSPro Discount: $5.00

ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Script Contest

Final Deadline: 10/25/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Scriptapalooza TV Writing Competition

Final Deadline: 10/29/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Richmond International Film Festival (Screenplays & Films)

Final Deadline: 10/30/2018
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Stage 32 Search for New Blood Contest

Final Deadline: 10/31/2018
WSPro Discount: No

StoryPros International Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 10/31/2018
WSPro Discount: $10.00

TVWriter.Com People's Pilot

Final Deadline: 11/01/2018
WSPro Discount: $10.00

San Francisco Indie Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 11/01/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Cinequest Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 11/02/2018
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Film Independent Screenwriting Lab

Final Deadline: 11/05/2018
WSPro Discount: No

CineStory TV/Digital Retreat & Fellowship

Final Deadline: 11/05/2018
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Athena Iris Lab

Final Deadline: 11/07/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 11/07/2018
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Launch Pad Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 11/08/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Destiny City Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 11/09/2018
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 11/15/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays

Final Deadline: 11/15/2018
WSPro Discount: No

Willamette Writers FiLMLaBtv

Final Deadline: 11/16/2018
WSPro Discount: No

North American Film Awards

Final Deadline: 11/17/2018
WSPro Discount: No

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Scriptapalooza Names Contest Winners

Updated: 09/18/2018

Angela & Darren Croucher have been named their $10,000 Grand Prize Winner of the Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition for their script, 1000 Beautiful Watts.

Fresh Voices

WinningScripts PRO Spotlight Script:
A burned out middle-age accountant and a young daredevil woman form an improbable alliance on a dangerous rescue-mission to Mexico. First Place, Screenplay Festival, 2017.
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Finish Line Script Competition Names Quarterfinalists

The Finish Line Script Competition has announced their 2018 quarterfinalists, a mixed list of television pilots and screenplays. [Updated: 09/18/2018]

Scriptapalooza Names Fellowship Winner

Lyn Pinezich has been named the Scriptapalooza Fellowship winner for her script Julie and Romeo, and will attend a Robert McKee STORY Seminar (hotel and airfare included). [Updated: 09/15/2018]

2018 PAGE Awards Finalists Announced

The judges have now announced the Finalists in the 2018 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards competition, representing the Top 10 scripts in each of the contest's ten genre categories. [Updated: 09/15/2018]

Stage32 Announces National Lampoon Search for Comedy Gold Finalists

Stage32 and National Lampoon have announced the Finalists for their "Search for Comedy Gold" Screenwriting Competition. [Updated: 09/15/2018]

ScreenCraft Names Spring Film Fund Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for ScreenCraft's 2018 Spring Film Fund. [Updated: 09/14/2018]

ScreenCraft Names Short Script Quarterfinalists

ScreenCraft has named the quarterfinalists for their 2018 Short Screenplay Competition. [Updated: 09/14/2018]

Filmmatic Names Screenplay Award Winners and Finalists

Greg Mania has been named the overall winner of the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards for his script Mania, an edgy and brazen TV Comedy Pilot. [Updated: 09/07/2018]

ScreenCraft Names Horror Semifinalists

ScreenCraft has announced the semifinalists for their 2018 Horror Screenplay Competition. [Updated: 09/07/2018]

Scriptapalooza Announces TV Contest Winners

Scriptapalooza has named their TV Pilot, Sitcom, 1-Hour, and Reality TV Contest Winners. [Updated: 09/06/2018]

CWA Names Contest Winners

El Camino de Milagros by Drew Mackinstosh has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Creative World Awards. [Updated: 09/04/2018]

Writers and Filmmakers Announces Winning Script

Winning filmmaker Boris Schaarschmidt has selected Ryan Powell's Just a Hit of Garlic as the winning script in the lastest installment of the Writers and Filmmakers Competition. [Updated: 09/03/2018]

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Endangered Species

In 2456, John Casey's cryo-pod is found floating in space. He is re-animated by Captain Sam Ross and the crew of the salvage vessel Renaissance, but he awakes to find a very different future to what he was expecting. With only a vague recollection of his past, he tries to piece together the answers that will determine his future and help him find the love of his life.
Author: Mark Flood
Genre: Action-Adventure,Sci-Fi,Romance

The Time-trap

When the most dangerous man in America gets his hands on a time machine, Special Agent Sam Miller of the FBI must go back through time after him. However the complexities of time travel mean that although he can jump through the past; he can never jump forward. So his journey through time becomes an odyssey into his own past with a chance to change the future.
Author: Mark Flood
Genre: Action-Adventure,Sci-Fi


An explosion rocks the corporate world when a blonde bombshell in stainless steel collides with the nation's most powerful man sending him into oblivion.
Author: Patricia Poulos
Genre: Drama,Thriller

And The Devil Called!

The Devil's only hope of saving Hell is to capture God's chosen-one - for only she, can re-ignite its flames.
Author: Patricia Poulos
Genre: Fantasy,Horror,Supernatural

Doors Of Miracles

To thank God will bring another disaster yet - this time a young woman is filled with warmth and Light and transcended into the Universe to return with supernatural powers, miracles and - God speaks.
Author: Patricia Poulos
Genre: Fantasy,Family,Supernatural

The Heart Of A Tiger

The Heart of a Tiger is the searing true story about the incredible courage, resilience and strength of a woman who survived one of the worst atrocities inflicted upon mankind, the Cambodian Genocide—in which over a four-year-period over two million Cambodians were murdered and dumped in mass grave sites. It is also the story of three generations of women, struggling against the boundaries placed upon them, each ultimately emerging triumphant to achieve their dreams.
Author: S R Kuy
Genre: Drama,Historical,Biography

Curious Buddies

*** It's not your mother's buddy movie. It’s a combo meal. It’s a little bit of Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, The Social Network with a side of Taken. Experienced FBI Agent hires and befriends a young internet entrepreneur to help rescue a six year old girl taken hostage in a fall out shelter by a ruthless psychopath.
Author: Janet Caulfield
Genre: Drama,Thriller,Action-Adventure

Noctume's Rainbow

Kids and their dogs, find the rainbow bridge in a snowstorm. They teleport, fly, zoom through tunnels, and levitate, around this heaven-like universe.They have a lot of fun, but get a few surprises along the way, from messages, and musical communication with angels and a run in with a demon. They meet up with their recently departed Grandfather, and his dog, who helps them return home.
Author: janet caulfield
Genre: Fantasy,Supernatural,Animation

Cirque D' Etoiles

*** Russian astronaut, thrown out of the space program, hijacks a space taxi going to the International Space Station. An intergalactic, time warp, adventure to the future.
Author: janet caulfield
Genre: Thriller,Action-Adventure,Sci-Fi

The Unemployment Line

A disgruntled Manager at the Unemployment office is having a really bad day. First there's the dirty Geese, then the slobs in the parking lot...and to top it off? One of his employee's is feeding them! It's a comedy expressso. A bold blend of "The Office and Seinfield with a shot of "How I met Your Mother."
Author: janet caulfield
Genre: Comedy

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