Killer Shorts Names 2024 Semifinalists

Updated: 02/26/2024

Killer Shorts Horror Short Screenplay Competition has announced their 2024 Semifinalists, representing approximately the top 5% of all submissions.

Upcoming Contest Deadlines
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Screenplay Contest
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Final Deadlines

(Displaying final deadlines only. Click here to display preliminary deadlines, as well.)

Raindance Script Competition
Extended: 03/04/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Scriptation Showcase Teleplay Category
Final: 03/10/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Premium Screenplay
Late: 03/12/2024
WSPro Discount: No

NHMC Series Scriptwriters Program
Final: 03/18/2024
WSPro Discount: No

The Crime List
Final: 03/19/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Emerging Screenwriters Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition
Final: 03/21/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Emerging Screenwriters Comedy Competition
Final: 03/21/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Emerging Screenwriters Drama Screenplay Competition
Final: 03/21/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Hollywood Genre Action Screenplay Contest New!
Final: 03/24/2024
WSPro Discount: No

trackingb.com Original TV Pilot Contest
Really Late: 03/27/2024
WSPro Discount: No

The Writers Lab US
Final: 03/28/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Golden Script Competition
Extended: 03/28/2024
WSPro Discount: 10%

Roadmap Writers Top Tier Competition
Late: 03/29/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Film Invasion Los Angeles
Final Deadline: 03/31/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship
Extended/Final: 03/31/2024
WSPro Discount: 25%

Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition
Final: 03/31/2024
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Horror Hotel International Film Festival
Final: 04/01/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Faith in Film: International Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition
Final: 04/05/2024
WSPro Discount: 20%

New Media Film Festival Script Competition
Final: 04/06/2024
WSPro Discount: 20%

Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival
Final: 04/06/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Scriptapalooza Features & Shorts Competition
WSPro Discount: No

Scriptapalooza Fellowship
Final: 04/08/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Save the Cat! Screenplay Challenge
Extended: 04/14/2024
WSPro Discount: 15%

2024 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
Last Minute: 04/15/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Humanitas New Voices
Final: 04/15/2024
WSPro Discount: No

100 Screenplays
Final: 04/15/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Shore Scripts Script Development Fund
Final: 04/19/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

True Story Showcase
Final: 04/22/2024
WSPro Discount: No

ScreenCraft Comedy Screenwriting Competition
Final: 04/30/2024
WSPro Discount: No

StoryPros Awards Contest
Late: 04/30/2024
WSPro Discount: $10.00

Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
Late: 05/01/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Art of Brooklyn Film Festival
Extended Deadline: 05/01/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Shore Scripts Short Film Fund
Final: 05/02/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest
Extended: 05/04/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

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