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Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition



Hollywood, CA 90046
(310) 801-5366 (voice)

Web: Click here

Contact: Mark Andrushko, President and CEO
MovieBytes Interview: Mark Andrushko

Report Card

Overall: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars (4.0/5.0)
Professionalism: 4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars (4.3/5.0)
Feedback: 1.5 stars1.5 stars (1.5/5.0)
Signficance: 3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars (3.5/5.0)
Report Cards: 319    
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Scriptapalooza was founded in 1998 with the goal of helping as many writers as possible through the competition. We have over 90 production companies, agents and managers reading all the entered scripts. (A complete list of participants is on Scriptapalooza's website.)

We actively push the Semifinalists, Finalists, Runners-Up and Winners for a full year with the intention of creating opportunities for the writers. We are a hands on competition because we feel it is important to continue supporting the top scripts beyond the cash and prizes.

We are proud to present the competition with Write Brothers, a company that not only provides the necessary tools for writing but is an advocate and true supporter of emerging writers.

We are endorsed by Robert McKee, author of STORY.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Expired. Previous Deadline: 04/21/2014

Notification: August 15, 2014


This competition is open to any writer,18 or older without produced feature film credits. Entering the competition constitutes permission to use the winners' names and likenesses for publicity and promotions with no additional compensation. We reserve the right to publicize and promote any and all progress, development and success of the entered scripts.
  1. Any script from any genre will be considered.
  2. Multiple entries are accepted, provided a signed entry form and appropriate entry fee is attached to each submission.
  3. Multiple authorship is acceptable. If the screenplay wins an award, that award will be divided among the writers, by the writers.
  4. Screenplays must be the original work of the author.
  5. Scriptapalooza recommends registering your scripts with the WGA or copyrighting your material with the Library of Congress.
  6. No substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages for script entries will be accepted under any circumstances.
  7. Entry must be accompanied by the following:
    a. completed official entry form (photocopies are acceptable)
    b. the appropriate entry fee
    c. completed original feature screenplay


First Place Winner

  • $10,000 Cash
  • Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza’s Network
  • Writer’s Studio from Write Brothers (Outline 4D, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro)
  • 1 year of International Screenwriters’ Association Connect Membership
  • Scriptapalooza Professional Screenplay Coverage
  • Admission to Robert McKee Story Seminar in New York or Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Screenwriting Directory from The Writers Store
  • 6 month online subscription from Backstage
  • Phone consultation about your script with Amy Wagner of Abrams Artists Agency
  • Phone consultation about your script with Andrew Kersey of Kersey Management

Second Place Winner

  • Kindle Fire HD Tablet
  • Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza’s Network
  • Writer’s Studio from Write Brothers (Outline 4D, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro)
  • 1 year of International Screenwriters’ Association Connect Membership
  • Scriptapalooza Professional Screenplay Coverage
  • Hollywood Screenwriting Directory from The Writers Store
  • 6 month online subscription from Backstage
  • Phone consultation about your script with Amy Wagner of Abrams Artists Agency
  • Phone consultation about your script with Andrew Kersey of Kersey Management

Third Place Winner

  • Kindle Fire HD Tablet
  • Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza’s Network
  • Writer’s Studio from Write Brothers (Outline 4D, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro)
  • 1 year of International Screenwriters’ Association Connect Membership
  • Scriptapalooza Professional Screenplay Coverage
  • Hollywood Screenwriting Directory from The Writers Store
  • 6 month online subscription from Backstage
  • Phone consultation about your script with Amy Wagner of Abrams Artists Agency
  • Phone consultation about your script with Andrew Kersey of Kersey Management

10 Runners-Up

  • Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza’s Network
  • Writer’s Studio from Write Brothers (Outline 4D, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro)
  • Hollywood Screenwriting Directory from The Writers Store
  • 1 year of International Screenwriters’ Association Connect Membership

All 30 Finalists

  • Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza’s Network
  • Receive Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Writer’s Dreamkit from Write Brothers
  • 1 year of International Screenwriters’ Association Connect Membership

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News: Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition

Scriptapalooza Announces Quarterfinalists

9/11 Kevin by Stephen Garvey and George Bradshaw
@Work by Jos G. Baquero
A Broken Hallelujah by Christopher Kahn
A Death in Berlin by David Jaher
A Heritage of Honor by Cleo C. Bresett, Jr.
A Little Randy by Diana Miriam Caldwell
A Love Hate Relationship by Cheryl Ann Malaise
A Man of Few Words by Daryn Castle
A New Tomorrow by Kevin Moore and Shawn Harris
A Phish Out of Water by Danny V. Wright
A-Life by Philip Pierce and Mark F. Schwartz
Ain't No Sunshine by Charles Gherardi
All My Ex's are in Texas by Gail High
Alpha Girls by Andrea Meyer and Kerry Eielson
American Fugitive by Alfred Thomas Catalfo and Louis Morneau
And Now For My Next Trick by Michael Elsey
Anna Perna by Larry Williams
Anna the Artist by Rebekah L. Fraser
Anne of Austria by Wendy J. Gayner
Aquilus by Thomas Wolke
As Is by Douglas Wood
Autumn Soul by Ben C. Fordham
Avash by Dawn Hart Allen
Awaiting Identification by Robert J. Fox and Louis Kerman
Banshee by Kate Kavanagh
Bedlam by Randy Kohl
Before It's Too Late by Karen Wolfe
Behind the Wire by Andrea Sand
Behold the Man by Michael Paszt
Better Mouse Trap by Scott Cunningham
Better Than You by Jonathan Latt
Bidding War by Michael Santner
Bird God of the Amazon by Alec Carlin
Black & Wyatt by Doug Molitor
BlacKarma by Eric Weiss
Blessings by Michele Proyect
Blood Brother by Dan Reheuser and Obie Scott Wade
Blood of Angels by Scott Dacko
Blue Girl Dancing by Franklyn Ajaye
Blurry by Nessa Hawkins
Bob's Your Uncle by Joel and Lisa Canfield
Bone Eater by Mark Stouffer
Boru by Cathryn M. Jordan
Boston Corbett, A Doubting Thomas by Helen M. Weeden
Bounty by Shequeta Smith
BRO (Bull Riders Only) by Melinda May
Broken Heartland by Greg Daubenspeck
Brothers of Eagles - The Awakening by Edward Orem
Brothers of the Infinite Highway by Joe Donato
Butterfly by Charles Memminger
By Accident by Todd Smaretsky
Cable Car by Michael Evan Beckman
Caller ID by Kevin Edmonson
Candle Dance by Charlie Birdsell
Cast a Cold Eye by Sherelle Powell and Daniel W. Miers
Cast of Shadows by Michael Wolfgang Weaver
Castle of the Flickers by Jill Robinson
Catholic Guilt by A. William Quirk
Celebrity Clause by David Silberman
Chalkies by Zane Lamprey
Challenger by Nicole Perlman
Charlie and Billy Ed Johnson by Ashley L. Clark
Chasing Rainbows by Nathan Cline
Child of the Sky by Tom Storey
Childhood Never Ends by N. Kay Richards
Christmas Journey by Jeffrey M. Meyer
Cicatrix by Frank Zadlo
City of Nets by Debbie Bolsky
Cleansing Suburbia by Kerry Leichtman
Close Quarters by Deb Botha Ryan
Cloud Nine by Vicki Howie
CloudCover by Melissa Gelernter
Cogelo con Take it easy by Arnold Acevedo and Eric Nieves
Cold Call by Paula Smith
Coming Clean by Mark J. Layne
Coming to a Theatre Near You by Michael W. Ayers
Contrary! by Brian W. Robinson
Cool Hunter by Luci Temple
Counter Effect by Pierre M. Drolet
Counter-Clockwise by Christopher C. Canole
Crunch & Desperate in "Red Sky Morning" by Wayne Robbins
Crystal Peaks by Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina
Damaged Goods by Carole E. Barrowman
Damascus Road by Keith Harris
Dangers of Life by Junior D. Powell
Dating Wisdom by Janae Bakken
Dead Plains Drifter by Ross Morfeld
Deadly Reflections by Vicky L. Neal
Death Valley by Hans Granqvist
Defending Eden by Stan Adams
Defrosting Sarah by Dan Becks
Delaney by Kenneth Cavander
Delta Pi by Sandra Cook Jerome
Detour by Christopher Boone
Detour by Kerwin Yarde
Dig Two Graves by G.G. Elias and Nina Giovannitti
Dirt by Parrish Griggs
Dirty Girls by Richard Severy
Dissecting Romance by Brad Harrod
Do As I Say by CJ Follini
Do Geese See God? by Jose Nogueras
Dodge by Mike Saenz
Dog and Pony Show by Alexia Glock
Don Juan by Patrick Andrew O'Connor
Doppelganger by Ann Villet-Lagomarsino
Dr. Zeno's Pigs by Ron Taylor
Driving Through Jesus by Carol Kennedy
Echo by Joe Henderson
Eke'bolos by Stephen C. Settle
Elephantitus by Harrison Witt
Emily's Window by Dayle Ann Hunt
Enjoy The Ride by Wendy Menara
Enoch's Fallen by Lorenz Acosta
Escape From Pleasanton Middle School by Kenny Byerly
Eve of Miracles by Mike Schwartz
Everybody Dies by Robert Bermudez and Theodore De La Torre-Bueno
Everyman by James Park
Extra Innings by John Dieffenbach
Ezili's Necklace by Jacqueline Frazier
Facing the Bear by Steve Warren
Father 8 by Dean J. Augustin
Fear Girl by Jens McNaughton
Fertile Ground by Joyce Kakkis and S. Morgan
Fielder's Choice by Cricket Abbott
Fierce Dreams by Herb Blitzstein
Finding Jesus by Robert and Lydia Faulkner
Finding the Grind by Seth J. Carr
First Man by Sandra Cook Jerome
Fissure Rock by John Blair
Five Deaths by Patrick Crawford
Fix by Kosta Nikas
Flashes by Adam McClary
Four Fabulous Friends by Catherine Dutko
Frayed Ends by Matt Reuscher
Free Range by Sean Hoade
Freethinkers by Gino Jones
Frozen Planet by Timothy Guy and George Morgan
Future Tense by Larry Williams
Garden of Eden by Madeleine De Jean
Gecko Tails by John MacInnes
Gentle Mobster by Dave Green
Getting Ahead in Sparkling by Karen Vincent and Jimmy Johnson
Ghost Town by Michael Gibson
Ghostcatcher by Lorelei Armstrong
Gideon's Revenge by David Poulshock
Gifted by Sean P. Dickson
Gifts of Grace by Danny Brewington
Glorious Empire by Steve Bryson
Go Get Her by Ardis Coffman and Teresa Coffman
Goblin Squeeze by Brennen Arkins
God's Garden by Lori King
Going The Distance by Robert A. Hervey
Good Friday by Kate D. Godar
Grant by J. Martin Benchoff
Grant by Larry Sommers
Grotesquerie by Philip Chidel
Guest Recovery by Andy Roberts
Habibi by Elaine M. Tuennerman
Hamelin by Ross Eliott Tatelman
Harley by Christopher Momenee
Harry & Me by Martin Simpson
Headspook by George R. Olson
Heartless by Brett Smith and Henderson Smith
Hearts Afire by Eric Gober
Heather's Return by Geri Colozzi Wiitala
Heaven Express by Joyce Kakkis and S. Morgan
Hell Bait by Mario Passera
Her Stinking Closet by Boim Hwang
Herod by Lauri Donahue
Hidden by Richard A. Hamilton
Hiding Larry by Tony Elliott
High Hopes by Anthony Zaccaro
High Treason by Kent J. Probst and Shannon Brame
Him and Me by Maggie Burns
Home Sweet What? by Cathleen Campbell
Homeland (in) Security by Marc Elrich
Honor Among Thieves by Bill Balas
Hostages by Troy Phillips
Hotel Cairo by Emre Ozpirincci
In My Time of Dying by Luke J. Cannon
In Pursuit of a Nightmare by Amanda C. Parham
In the Hands of Fate by Charissa Gracyk and Gillian Perdeau
In the Mouth of the Lion by Amy Flannery
In The Shawdow of Evel by Ted Mendenhall
Independance Day vs The Gods Must Be Crazy by Jerome A. Mayenge
Inklings by Timothy McDevitt
InLove, Indifferent, Insane by Christian Heinze
Italian Hero by Brian Averill
Jack and Jill by Cory Oliver and Clark McCutchen
Jack Hates Sushi by Cesario Tio
Jack in the Box by Heidi Lebauer
Jane-by-the-Sea by Carolyn Murray
Joey Pork Chops by Glenn Takakjian
Journeyman by Brandon Drake
Julia's Dream by Robert A. Perrotta
Jungle Rap by Michael Gibson
Just Around the Corner by Mike Adamick
Just My Imagination by Marc Balay
Kate Loves Spiffy by Terry Linehan
Key to the City by Jeffrey M. Meyer
King of Manhattan by Aaron Mendelsohn
La Llorona by Susan Vill
Ladies of the Canyon by Douglas Wood
Lantern Jack by Patrick Malone
Larva by Eric Robert Russell
Legacy by Paul Wolansky and Mark Jonathan Harris
Legacy of Evil by Derek Ivan Pierce
Letting Go of the Rope by Jamison Spittler
Life Weight by Vey Garofalo and Laura Connors
Little Blue Box by David Valdes Greenwood
Living Will by L. Benjamin Denny
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places by Jesse Dean and Avery Earnest
Lost in His Prime by Kipp Koenig
Lost In the Woods by Sandy A. Edson
Love and Chainsaws by Troy Schmidt
Love Highway by Brad Holmes
Luna Sea by Daniel S. Evans
Lunch Box Hero by Jay Longshore
MacArthur Park by Catherine Dutko
Malinalli by Nancy Boulicault
Marjorie and Helen by B.J. Burton
Marti by Sheila Jenca
Meridian Drift by Patrick Shearn
Merphee's Law by Thonas B. Angileri
Mind's Eye by Alison Pritchard
Modern Day Warriors by John Henderson
Moonlight by Carl Boehm
Mr. First Date by Lisa Kirazian
Mr. Sherman, P.O. BOX by Steve Spencer
Musha by Mark Le Pine
Nail Polish by Jane Ainbinder
Napali Warriors by Tim Dineen and Natalia Ippolito
Napoleon by Maari Park
Nathan's Valley by Barbara Palmer
Naughty But Nice by Maria Veltre and Jack Sekowski
Nick of Time by Dylan Murray
No Good To Me Dead by R. J. Lofgren
No Strings Attached by Richard Averill and Brian Averill
Not Fade Away by Tom Sheppard
Notch 22 by Jason Ancona
Off Season Rental by Rob Kuhns
Office: The Musical by Joseph Burton
Once a Grifter... by Dan Rutledge and Jack Lugar
Opiate Instinct by Dan Harkins
Ouija by Shane Van Dyke
Out of the Past by Joseph Trent Nutter
Painter's Issue by Cory Saget
Painting Her by Drew Foerster
Paris in The Spring by Diana Miriam Caldwell
Pawn Takes King by Kevin Frech
Peter and the Spaceman by Tim DeRoche
Piano In the Dark by Damilola Olorunnisola
Piranha Sippert by Thomas Kocz
Pledging by Matthew James Carlson
Plenty of Money by T.C. Fulbright
Poor Richard by Cory Shedden
Prediction by Dianna Ippolito
Prester John in the New World by Ishai Ravid
Princess Reborn by Lee Tidball
Proving Ground by Leigh McGuire and Kelly Tait
Public Affairs by Jerry E. Sullivan
Publicity by David Davis and Noah Wagner
Quiet Out Loud by Robert Collins
Racing the Ghost by Will Moran
Redeemed by Delle Chatman
Redumption by Robert Gelber
Reincarnate by Carl Melchior
Reprisals of Action by Robert Hyde
Rescuing Napoleon by Luther B. Davis
Revolution's Daughter by Nancy Bilyeau
Righteous by Lee Watters
Rock, Paper, Scissors by Tim Wells
Rosa and Mee by Ben Goldstein
Run for Your Life by Yvette Canoura and Jeannette Prater
Sacred Trust by Danny Brewington
Sane by Robin Brown
Satellite Mansions by Nick Hooker
Save Lincoln! by Robert A. Hervey
Save the Galaxy by Chrystal Wright
Scamstress by Garey Riester and Zane Ryder
Searching For Job by Shannon Storey and Corbett Guest
Seeds of Noah by Michael Cheung
Seventh Inning Stretch by John Lazar
Seyon by Jessica Anya Blau
Shakespeare and Me by Jenna Milly
Shambhala by Maria Anita Pieroni
Sherwood by Jonathan Riikonen
Shooting Stars by Kip Saginor
Short Line by George Morgan
Shutterbug by Donald Bull
Skye Blue by Daniel Conrad
Slappy Goes To Hollywood by Christopher Pentzell
Slow city by Laurel Almerinda and Jonathan Herman
Snagging Roger Ebert by Andrew Maycock
Snakecharmer by Jennifer Bonner
Solitary by Greg Derochie and Charles Scalfani
Sophie and the Dogwalker by Jonathan Flinker
Sophomore by Christopher Boone
Soul Rebel by A. Raymond Aytes
Soul Searchers by Walter Maksym
Spikes by Michael J. Gaffey
Spirits of Nature by Alanna Fox Starks
Spoiled, Rotten Brats by Saena Yi
Spy Catcher by Matthew J. Guinn
Spy High by Sean Carlin and Brooks McLaren
Squatch by Jan Kasl and Brad Riddell
Squeezing Adam by Prince Gomolvilas
Standoff by Robert Curtis
Starboard Bow by Craig McCallister
Steeplechase by Crystal M. Adair
Stoney End by Betty K. Bynum
Strike Zone by Rich Peterson
Sucker Punch by Chris Lopata
Sultana by David Louis Dreier
Suspect by Emily Michaels
Switching Parties by Bowen Greenwood
Tango USA by George Kaczender
Tasting Paper by David A. Mandel
Tears of the Ghetto by Donte' Atwan
Telegraph Hill by Ryan Mottesheard
Telepatrol by Jack Messitt
Tesla by Christopher Bradley
Texas West by John Pipkin
The Age of Grace by Angelo Lapietra
The Amazing Adventues of Microchip Mike by Jeffrey Hirschberg
The American Patriot by Tracy M. King-Sanchez
The Beautiful People by Brian Jones
The Black Flag by Rodney Lee Rogers
The Blood Spatter Expert by Timothy Dowd
The Bottoms by Mark Sparks
The City of Paris by Robert Thurber
The Collector's Corner by Kyle Heidenreich
The Color of Fall by Logan Steiner
The Companions by Joyce Ann Howard
The Cook, The Queen and The Pumpkin Prince by Michael Wohl
The Cottage by Joseph Ress
The Cube by Elezsa Waters Thomas
The Dead by Kathy Fielder
The Doubt Dragon by Jaime Buddle
The Ed Dennehy Story by Robert Gately
The Editor by Mary Mascari
The End of Grace by Nick Katsapetses
The Enterprise by David Bertoni
The Exorciser by Chip James
The Fabulous Five by David Canady
The Fact Checker by Scott Martin
The Fall of the American Supermarket by Matthew Burns
The Final Frontier by James Duff
The Fountain of Youth by Michael Glenn
The Ghost by Dominic Hughes
The Griffin by Jeffrey Robert Hawley
The Groomless Bride by Laurie Kornfeld
The Heart of God is Breaking in the Sky by Andre Miftaraj
The Holidays by Seth Robinson and Tyler Bevis
The House of Louie by David Poulshock
The Inheritance by Adam Paul and J.P. Bernardo
The Interrogation Of Jacqueline Monroe by Michael Lipscomb
The Irish Funny Papers by David Occhino
The Jockey by Jed Zion
The Kaaterskill Pirates by Andrew Kinback
The Kiss by John Benton
The Language of Love by Dennis J. Greza
The Life and Times of Henry McDowd by Alexander James Messer
The Little Brothers' Club by Michael Bucklin
The Long Shadow by Nancy Babine
The Magic Bullet by James Grissom
The Mark by Shaene M. Steinauer
The Millionaires' Club by Don Keith
The Moon Under Her Feet by Clysta Kinstler
The Mule by April Wright
The Perfect Guy by Tamir Halaban and Dave Fribush
The Plant by Lisa Holton
The Rain in Spain by Robert Andrus
The Reckoning by John McLain
The Rig by Glenn Farrington
The Rogues' Gallery by Brian Watanabe
The Saxon Curse by Louis Felder
The Scrolls of Esther by Geoffrey Botkin
The Secret of Lummi Island by Jane C. Turville
The Skeptic by Dennis Lewis
The Solitude of Self by Jim Buess
The Spirit of Saint Louie by Greg Lockwood
The Sun In Your Eyes by Kirk Lindsey
The Unconjoined by David Lavine
The Underbed Goblin by Royce Scott Buckingham
The Whippoorwills by Betty Ellington Smith
The Wolf's Lair by Michael Penhallow
The Yellow Kids by Mitch Hart
Thick Like Water by Robert P. Convertino and Ben Marley
Third Eye by Daniel DeNapoli
Throwing Hard by Brad Crutchfield
Tight by Per Mhlow and Anders Rasmusson
Toil and Trouble by Dan Saraceni
Tollidy Fortsenbraugh by Tyler Moselle
Tombstone on a Harley by Clark McCutchen
Tramp by Alison Star Locke
True Love by Desi Alberto Escabi and Joseph Paul Longo
True Masculine by James Foster, Jr.
Tuesday's Flu by Brian and Stephen Parri
Twice Born by Gary Levy
Two Kinds of Color by Deborah Kaluzny
Umbulali by Linda Konrad
Under His Wings by Cliff Carlisle
Unlawful Combatants by Shohn L. Turner
Unleashed by Alison Gaylin and Mike Gaylin
Untouchable by Garey Riester and Zane Ryder
Utterly Alien by Brian Henry
Vapor by Oliver Jolliffe
Vicious Cycle by Omid Arabian and Amir Ohebsion
Virgil's Odyssey by Brian Klingborg
Voices by Susan Klos
Voracious by Jerry Drucker
We Are Family by Shana Feste
We Regret to Misinform You by David Keith Miller
We The People by Alexia Glock
What Happens After by Monica Hafer
Who's Driving Doug by Michael Carnick
Who's Got Game? by Kay Kudukis
Wildcard by Dainius Remeza
Wings of Grey by Don E. Snyder
With Heart by Trish Milnamow and Mary Milnamow
Witness Unprotected by Stephen Kilduff
WW II-K by Mark E. McCann
Yard Sale by Pamela Des Barres and Iva L. Turner
You Wanted the Best by David Rakowiecki

Updated: 07/31/2004
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