Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition
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Pitch via Phone, Skype or email to Pros from APA, Circle of Confusion and Infinity Mangement! Pitch your feature or TV show and get feedback and a potential foot in the door for just $25.

Screenplay Contest Categories

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All Contests

Every screenplay contest in the MovieBytes® database, sorted by deadline.

Upcoming Contests

Contests with deadlines coming up within the next 12 months.

Readers Choice

The best overall screenplay contests, as rated by MovieBytes readers.

Most Significant

The most signficant screenplay contests, as rated by MovieBytes readers.

Best Feedback

Contests that offer the best feedback, according to MovieBytes readers.

Studio and TV Network Contests

Contests sponsored by major studios or TV Networks.

Regional Contests

Contests for regional authors, or restricted to regional settings.

Workshop Contests

Contests offered as part of a workshop or script reading program.

Student Contests

Screenplay contests for students only, or featuring a special category for students.

TV Contests

Contests that accept TV sitcoms, hour-long dramas, Movies of the Week, reality programs, or other TV scripts.

Festival Contests

Screenplay contests held in conjunction with film festivals.


Screenplay or TV writing contests sponsored by production companies, literary agencies, or management companies.

International Contests

Screenplay or TV writing contests based in countries other than the U.S., or that offer a special category for international scripts.

Free Contests

Screenwriting contests that don't charge an entry fee. There are more than you might think!

Monthly Contests

Screenwriting contests with new deadlines every month.

Short Screenplay

Contests that accept short screenplays.


Contests sponsored by Screenwriting Consultants.


Contests that encourage minority authors or protagonists.


Contests that promise to produce the winning script.


Contests that accept screenplays adapted from another source.

Christian Contests

Contests that encourage Christian values or themes.

Logline Contests

Contests that evaluate loglines only.

Screenplay Contest Genres


Contests that feature a special category for comedy scripts.


Contests that feature a special category for horror scripts.


Contests that feature a special category for Action/Adventure scripts.


Contests that feature a special category for dramatic scripts.


Contests that feature a special category for family scripts.


Contests that feature a special category for sci-fi or fantasy scripts.