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ScreenCraft Horror Screenwriting Competition

ScreenCraft Horror


Our Hollywood judges love good horror movies – and they’re looking for the next fresh voices in horror screenwriting.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Expired. Previous Deadline: 10/31/2023

Notification: Dec 14th: Quarterfinalists; Jan 25th: Semifinalists; Feb 15th: Finalists; Mar 1st: Winners.


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ScreenCraft Horror

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ScreenCraft Horror Screenwriting Competition

Contest News

ScreenCraft Announces Horror Script Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalts have been announced for the 2014 ScreenCraft Horror Script Contest.

3 Days On Condor Island by William L. Bradley
7th Son by William Maurer
Abolition of the Senses by Carlos Burgaleta
Ace by Andrew Ferrell & Shane McAvoy
Afraid by Jeff Etheridge
Alice by Anne Summers
All In The Golden Afternoon by Greg Leitman
American Hunger by Victor de Oliveira
Ancient Enemy by Mark Lukens
And I Dwelt In The Land Of Nod by Parker Briscoe
Animal by Hunter Burke and Nick Lavin
Antecedent by Jared Kelly
Applejack by Tom Radovich
A Thousand Times Goodnight by Sandra Corkins-Schmidt
Barista by Kristin Kirby
Bats by Ken Larish
Bayonets by Douglas Henry
Belladova by William Miller
Below by C.M. Robinson
Beneath by George L. Lopez
Black House by Thom Lonardo
Blackburn Burrow by J.H. Levy
Black Friday by Dan Hoger (Story by Danny Saratino)
Blackout by J.P. Ouellette
Blood Drive by Kevin Ascolillo II
Bloodflowers by Frank Edward Kelly
Bloodthirsty by John Funk
Blumhouse by Evelyn Liebowitz
Boogie Men in the Bronx by Andrew Kevin Finnerty & Andrew Thomas Tosiello
Bramble Hill by Dominick Bagnato
Bridezilla by Joe LaMattina & Lisa LaMattina
Bucket of Blood by Jake Miller
Burrowed by Lonnie S. Nadler
Camp Mercy by Ryan Trigg
Children of the Dead by Jeff Bassetti
Christmas of the Dead by Andrew Parietti
Cold Chill by Tony Elwood and Michael Prevette
Come To Me by Margaret Riseley
Crimson Road by Anthony Filangeri
Crows Calling by Jon Hueber
Crows End by Wey Loh
Curse The Ground by Gabby Gruen
Dan by Tim and Steve Garrity
Dana’s Inferno by Andrew Weisman Fumento
Dance of the Blessed Spirits by Matt Pacini
Dead End by Billy Fox
Dead Head by Michael Souder
Deadlock by Jennifer Bosworth
Deadlock by Jonathan Barger
Deadman’s Song by Phillip Rogers
Derek by Jordan Minter
Descent of the Gods by Brian Godawa
Devilshines by Joseph J. Greenberg
DMV by Ken Giavara
Doc by Lori Bowen
Doctor Frankenstein and Mister Hyde by Jason Jenkins
Dogs of War by Timothy O’Rawe and Cathleen O’Rawe
Dunk by Susan Quarles
Echoes of Mercy by Tommy Trull
Edgar Allan Poe’s The Oval Portrait by Stephen M. Hunt
Edge of a Dream by Dennis Shutty
Esprit de Corpse by Charles Westfall
Eternal by Steve A. Finly
Exquisite Corpses by Rebecca M. Rudell and Mark S. Strassel
Extraction by Jon Paul Burkhart
Fetish by Austin Bosley
Fiend by Jeff York
Forgive Us Our Trespasses by Derek Bevil
Founding Fathers by Giles Daoust
Frost on the Pumpkin by Philip C. Sedgwick
Generation Z by Timothy O’Rawe and Cathleen O’Rawe
Hag by Marcus W. Leighton
Hex’t by Jeff Hand
Hunter Lake by J. Holtham
Immaculate Deception by Bryan Holm
In A Crooked Little House by Garon Cockrell
Insatiable by Michael D. Morra
Iron Dogs by Neil Chase
It’s Only Safe At Night by John Shea
Jesse by William Sikorski Jr. & William Sikorski III
Kazen by Rod Cohen & Beckie Jas
Kill Me Before I Wake by Reid Taylor
Kill One Another by Brent Bokovoy
La Llorona by Daniel Leonetti
Leave No Trace by Derek Rethwisch
Let There Be Night by Mike Kochansky
Living Nightmare by Jay Sharron
Lockdown by Jeremy McCann
Mad House by Tommy Bryant
Malediction by Leslie R. Henderson
Medallion 56 by James Flores
Memory Adrift by Chris E.S. Johnson
Nether Edge by Richard Swindells
Night Work by John T. Maye
Open House by Thomas Della Bella
Play Voodoo For Me by Stuart Wright
Precarious by Penelope Thomas
Protege by Julie Hoverson
Purple Armadillo by James G. Page
Recalculating Euphoria by Don Bapst
Recluse by Tim X Gordon
Red Christmas by Craig Anderson
Red Christmas by Chris Delaney
Red Envelope by David J. Sakmyster
Red Thorn by Stephanie Alban
Residual Image by Emma Austin and Ryan Bielak and Kelley Choi
Return of the Salesman by Clay Fusco
Revenant by Robert E. Hinkle & Jerron Spencer
Roadkill by Kevin M. Glover & Shant Yegparian
Rumspringa by Casey Nielsen & Michael C. Bowman
Run by Robert Forsyth
Rust by Michael E. Bierman
Sadie Hawkins by Shayna Weber Band
Saint Militia Ken Cirabisi and Theodore Kamarinopoulos
Saving Lexie Lee Kennedy by Michael D. Morra
Shane Road by Tory Christopher & Tony Hannagan
Shelter by Justin Harris
Sick Dog by Patrick Sullivan
Sid Vicious Shot Me by Trevor Hollen & Joe Telich
Sizzle by Roger C. Hull
Skeleton Falls by John Kestner
Skin & Teeth by Corbin Billings
Slasher Squad by Stuart Campbell & Nathan Stone
Slaughterbox by Hugh Phoenix Cross
Sleep Study by D. MaGee Fallon & Danny Miller
Something Within by Billy Grubbs and Brad Thorne
Soul Dark by Elmer L. Reedy
Soul Feeders by Miles Kimball
Spider Gates by Miles Kimball
Spirits by Brent Hartinger
Stealing The Devil by Ronnie Khalil
Stillwater by Jeremy D. Christensen
Stolen Seed by Kim Standring Jacobs
Sympathy for the Devil by John Cruz Alarid
Tantalus by Mark E. Davidson
Tatt by Rob Ingalls
Teens Abducted by Bad Aliens by Curt Burdick & Scott Burdick
The Age of Turmoil by Ryan Brannan Doyle
The Between Place by Marcus W. Leighton
The Book of Magic by Sheldon Woodbury
The Bottleneck by Colin Scully
The Boys Who Cried Wolf by Kevin P. Taft
The Bunker by Oliver Edlin
The Burning Touch by Erich Boettcher
The Care and Feeding of Professor Vampire by James C. Harberson III and Frazer C. Rice
The Charnel House by Paul Robert Herman
The Chill Seekers by Tim Reynolds
The Collector by Anne Sagel
The Covenant by Barry Morgan
The Crimson Confession by Raymond A. Just
The Cursed Flesh by Anders Nelson
The Damned by Rick Sande
The Dark Manor by Isabella Bronté
The Devil’s Backbone by Kevin Quaid
The Devil’s Footprints by Eric Jeske
The Ending by Nat Palazzo
The Eye of the Beholder by Chris Donovan
The Family Upstairs by Daniel Sunley
The Field of Fire by Jeremy Cordy
The 49th Day by Craig Peters
The Fright Lovers by Joseph Trent Nutter
The Ghost Machine by Tal Gantz
The Good Neighbor by Terrence Atkins
The Gotham Hotel by Sean M. Wathen
The Grey by Jeff Bassetti
The Harvester by Nick Morris
The Hollywood Fly by R.P. Degnore
The House on Dixon Street by Eric Eppinger
The Inheritance by Matt Hogue & Philippa Stethem
The Inherited by Jaime Cruz
The Lonely by Matthew Corry
The Lucky Dead by Jared Beck
The Malevolent by C.J. Wells
The Masseur by Zach Carter
The Moving by Lori M. Queirolo
Theo Baptiste by Josh Burnell
The Other Side by Kimberly Britt
The PTA Bloodbath by Elliot Campos
The Pulpit Collector by Peter D. Fraser
The School by Storm Ashwood and Tessa Little
The Secret Language Of Demons by Daniel Murphy
The Secrets of Jeremiah Valley by Landis Aponte
The Survivor by Matthew Layden
The Timely Death of Rudolph Bloc by Thomas W. Gatus
The Trench by Zac Sutherland
The Tunnels by Wayne C. Rogers
The Umbrella by Adam Ward
The Undoing by James Hickox
The Unjust by Hugh Newton
The Wolves by David Kempski
The Wretched End of Reve Clay by David Garrett
They Came by Jason D. Brawn
The Yellow Wallpaper by Kevin Brotman
Tik-Tik by Justin Bamforth
Trent Lively’s Paranormal Detective Agency by Paul Silberberg
Trident by Matt Lavender
Trouble Fire by Matthew Howe
Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder by Rick Tobin
Under Angels by Jace Daniel
Unquiet by Carroll Brown
Untitled Horror Movie by Mindi White
Usher by Gregory Cohen
Vicarious by Jason Williams
Wolf in the Wood by Nick Shepherd & Toni Wynne
Woman in the Woods by Barry W. Levy
XX/YZ by Jess & Cindy Parra
Yakuza Death Trip by Billy Fox
Your Mom Sucks by Melanie McDonald

Updated: 07/02/2014

ScreenCraft Horror Screenwriting Competition

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