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ScreenCraft Horror Screenwriting Competition

ScreenCraft Horror


Our Hollywood judges love good horror movies – and they’re looking for the next fresh voices in horror screenwriting.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Expired. Previous Deadline: 10/31/2023

Notification: Dec 14th: Quarterfinalists; Jan 25th: Semifinalists; Feb 15th: Finalists; Mar 1st: Winners.


Please see website for rules.


Please see website for awards.

ScreenCraft Horror

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ScreenCraft Horror Screenwriting Competition

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names Horror Contest Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced for the 2018 Screencraft Horror Competition:

700 Feet Jason Goldberg
A Precise Understanding of Darkness R. Shanea Williams
A Special Place Michael Frost
Abominable Adam Sweeney
Addictive T.L. Tribble
Alpha Nathan Alan Bunker
American Folklore: A Midwife’s Tale Erik Miguel Gervais
Amorphous Gavin Carter
And Then There Were Three Peter Bohjalian
Anora Eric Williford
Archfiend Alex Ayres
Arctic Garrett Vander Leun
Atonement Anand Fozard-McCall
Awake Andrew Palmer
AWOL Patrick Allan
Babes in the Woods Billy Thompson
Black Death Zombie Geoffrey Uhl
Black Friday Jon Green
Black Friday Andy Greskoviak
Black Goose Janet Hetherington
Black Harbor Samuel Peirce
Blackspot Mark Pomes
BLOOD$$ Nancy J. Schiller
Bloodstained Peter Daskaloff
Bootyface Kevin Briggs
Burner Mukilan Thangamani
Buzz Kill Kyle McDonald
BYTEn David Gibbons
Cain and Abel D.C. Lozar
Carmilla Screenplay Joshua Russell
Charlene Dan Schneidkraut
Chola Casandra Wasaff & Phillip Mell
Civilized Jackie Perez
Colomi Sam Yano
Consumered Robert Klinger
Controlled Craig Cambria
Convergence Paul Sheridan
Crawlspace Jordan Miller
Crescendo Valerian Zamel
Crossbow Creek Andrew Pinon
Crucifix Gorge Joshua Essenburg
Crushing Black Wes  Crandall
Cryptodome Nathanael Vass
Curse of the Sampires P.K. Silverson
Curse The Ground Gabby Gruen
Cut Stanley Swindling
Dark Beauty James Watts
Dark Canvas Oliver Waite
Dark Shift Andrew Lillion & David Schumann
Dark Winter Ryan Welsh & Justin Giddings
Darklands Paul Sheridan
Darling Kevin  Bauer
Dead Strays Neil Chase
Deadville Jeffrey Boggio
Death Ritual Kirk Doering
Death’s Love Chris Audsley
Decibel Anna Megan Becker
Deep Denise Agnew
Demon of Restoration Mark Bryson
Desperate Times Kimberly Britt
Devil’s Delights Nickolas Shepherd &Â Â Toni Shepherd
Devotion Brian Thompson
Distant Enemies Anders Nelson
Dog Bite Sean Kenealy
Don’t Be Stupid Cameron Jones
Dormant Mark  Arament
Dorothy, Darling Adam White
Down Came The Rain Min Tran
Druid Hills B. O’Hara
Eblis Tom Omokaro
End Rain Noel Vinson
Extranjero Supremo Theo Sariklis
Face The Day J. Franklin Evans
Far End Of The Black James Barker
Feathers and Ashes Brandon Sandberg
Feral Spencer Wright & Jake West
Fins Gene Helfman
Five Fears Austin Cashell
Flagpole Ryan Curtin
Flesh and Blood Jordan Light
Forget-Me-Nots John Dummer
Freaky Friday… the 13th! Derek Steiner
Ghosts of Whitechapel Raymond Just
Glaslyn S.J. Davis
Good Luck, Nightingale Shannon Wells
Grimm’s Ridge Tina Prud’homme
H is for Hellwood Lilia Doytchinova
Happy Hunting Ground Tom John Ross
Harmony House Staci Truskosky
Harper’s House Johnnie Alward
Harvest Ted Horning
Havenwood Jai Brandon
Hell & Back Alan Loubeau & Mike Meyerson
Hell Is An Open Door Jim Lopezzo
Hell on Earth Paul Allen
Hellburgers Ned Miller
Hemorrhage Kathryne Easton
Hers Elizabeth Ozemebhoya & Nicole Muller
High School Bites Peter Iannazzo
Hot Southern Mess Justin Farmer
How to Save Your Own Life Michael Long
Hubris Pierre Kakos
Hum Nick VanderPyl
Hurricane Party Ned Farr
I Would Kill For That Matthew Hoch
i,Phine’d Jeff Bassetti
In The Blood Samuel Minier
In the Dead of Winter Sean Smith-Wilson
Into the Dark Dennis Clarke
Intrusion Matthew Corry
It Came To Us By Sea Justine Beed
It Drinks You Jeff Debing
Justice Marc Morgenstern
Kabul Nights Christian Kaps
Kill Mama Jason Horton
Kill Your Darlings Daniel Whidden
Landlord Ben Grover
Last Period Dylan Kim
Last Show At The Bijou John Pachl
Lawn of the Dead Rick Mele
Lead Clark Sayre
Lean Tal Rayman
Left Of The Devil Stephen Anderson
Legacy Marc Johnson
Little Miracle DiMario Bell
LIVe Christopher O’Bryant
Living in Harmony Robert Dorian
Luke Fuller is the Devil Brandon Pickering
Mad Molly J.R. Halterlein
Maniac Lake Sean Jourdan & Jeff Carey
Media Overkills Christopher Van Ochten
Meet Mister Madness Christopher Condon
Method Louis Paxton
Mincemeat Manor Shira Zimbeck
Mindfuck Michael Cahill
Minotaur Michel Plaxton
Miss Violet Christopher Schrack
Monsters of Men Scott Dale
Montrous Jose Ernand
Moonshine Devin Lucas
Mother’s Milk Kay Denmark
Mysterium Sheldon Woodbury
Nature’s Revenge DiMario Bell
Necropolis Dennis James Clarke
Nelson Falls Vince Grittani
Never Fear Tom Farrell
Night of Tricks Corey Warejko
Nite Stalkers James Morgan
Not Like the Others Jason Wilkinson & Jeremiah Scott
Nothing is Written Shelagh Rowan-Legg
Ocean Child Marco Arizpe
Ocean Effect Heather Farlinger
Omega Down Eric Taylor
Origin Alex Carroll
Outcall Sonya Srinidhi
Partricks Road Terry Crist
Penumbra Ky Rogers
Personal Demons Erik Harshman
Pile Morgan von Ancken
Polly Tariq R. Williams
Puppy Chow Raeanne Roy
Purebred Celine Henke
Raven Dock Sara Caldwell
Recreational Kill Adam Hodge
Red Rites Simon Taylor & Henry Boffin
Remember the Fire David Snee
Requiem Daniel Abatan & Thomas R. Burke
Resurrection Girl and the Curse of the Wendigo Nathan Ludwig
Rise of the Gulon Matt Wildash
Roadkill Jeff Lathery
Roanoke Joshua Tywater
Scare Peter Szemmelveisz
Scarred Johanna Goldstein, Tom Connolly & Eden Saldaña
Scion Christopher Acker
Screams You Hear James Morris
Settlement Jason Sheedy
She’s Next Timothy Mendonca & Lizz Dorovitsine
Shimmerverse Eric Humble
Sinful Autonomy Miles Robinson
Siren Song Nicholas Schwab
Skins of the Father Paul Fulton
Someplace Nice Don Swaynos
Soul Doll Mya B
Spine Danny  Glasgow
Summer of Love Jamie Pietras
Taotao Mo’na Justin Kohlas & Michael Arter
Terror/13 Darren Callahan
The 405 Patrick Byrne
The Abscess Patrick Tierney
The Babysitter Leah Welch
The Bewailing Jennifer Trudrung
The Big Five Kate Sheffield
The Black Cube Tim Snook
The Caregiver Jason Goldberg
The Cleansing John Kennedy
The Crossing Joshua Bartolome
The Culling David Livingston
The Dark Place Jim Hunsaker
The Deep Woods Eric Endres
The Demon Factory Bradley King &Â Â Zeb Wells
The Desolation of Stoneheir, Alaska Sean Buckley
The Devil’s Bitch Alexander Smith
The Devil’s Crown Jessica Valentine & Richard Valentine
The Devil’s Whore Robert DeDona & Adrian Carr
The Drifter Jake Hansen
The Endling Devin Fearn
The Fat Pact Alison Parker
The Festival Dene Stark
The Field Nathaniel Mason
The Flately Faeries Robert Milner
The Gentry Andrew Wankier
The Ghosts of Far Lake Thorsten Kalteiss
The Graveyard Shift Tom Radovich
the Grey Ladies Chris LaMartina
The Hoarder David Scullion
The Hoaxing Sam Roseme & Justin Gallaher
The Hollywood Fly Roberta Degnore
The Honeymoon Game Gentile Daniel
The Keeper Daniel Judson
The Kensington Market Mob Killings Firdaus Bilimoria
The King in Yellow Kein Carroll
The Last Good Man Reshma Crawford
The Magnificent William Johnson
The Man with a Glove Suzanne Lutas
The Maze Michael Gary
The Monster Inside Kristine Clarke
The Murdering Mind Tom Bragg
The Night Before the Exhibition Kirston Fortune
The Night Walk Nikhail Asnani
The Ones That Got Away Bobby Gorman & Marc Adams
The Rat King Nicholas Brown
The Report with Bob Hirschel Josh Kaukl
The Retreat Alyson Richards
The Rules That Keep Us Safe Gemma Hurley & Markus Meedt
The Savior Philip Cotter
The Scolding Luke Jackson
The Shelter Braden Yandle
The Sin Eater Samantha Talbot
The Third Secret Robert Dorian
The Unkind Neth Knowles
The Vicious Comes in Silence Anton Gsell
The Visitors Jim Jackson
The Vultures Eric Dickson
The Wolf of Bedburg Jennifer Grand
There’s Nothing Wrong With Us Nathan Crooker
They Keep Me Around Nikhail Asnani
They Whisper David Bush
Tight Lips Martin Wathen
Trapped Billy Reid
Two Penny Eyes John Hamilton
Undertow Kevin Bauer & Erin Whittemore
Unleashed Ryan McFadden
Usher Christine Autrand Mitchell
Violet Lori Bowen
Void Walker Skylier Jones
Water Wolves Mary Asaro
When Horror Met Sally Ervin V. Anderson
When the Dark Presses BJ Santiago
Whitetails Sean Bode
Wicho Luis Gonzalo Soto Flores & Alejandro Benitez Morales
Wolves Brian Lynch
Wolves Don’t Cry Scott Fleishman

Updated: 08/03/2018

ScreenCraft Horror Screenwriting Competition

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