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ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenwriting Competition

Screencraft Action Thriller


The action genre is the one genre that producers and literary managers have recently requested the most, and which we have the least. So this could be one of our most successful competitions! Our jury is looking for emerging voices in the action movie genre. Whether you have a big-budget, tentpole family adventure movie, or a taut, low-budget action film, we want to read your script. Professional feedback from studio-trained readers is available on all entries.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Expired. Previous Deadline: 06/30/2024

Notification: Aug 2nd, Quarterfinalists. Sep 6th, Semifinalists. Sep 27th, Finalists. Oct 18th, Winners.


Please see website for rules.


Please see website for awards.

Screencraft Action Thriller

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ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenwriting Competition

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names Action/Thriller Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced from among more than 700 submissions to the 2018 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay Competition. This year’s jury is comprised of producers and executives at Appelles Entertainment, Bad Robot, Columbia Pictures, the Donners’ Company, a manager at Elevate Entertainment, and the screenwriter of Die Hard and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

22, by Kevin Moon
A Fair Fight, by Peter Gazdag
A Gang of Orphans, by Sam Cooke
Accidental Patriot, by JD Deane
Across The Aisle, by Josh Covitt
Adrenaline Heart, by M. K. Ching
Af*ckinstan, by Jim Maceda
Agency, by August Xiayi Palmer
Alpha, by Joseph Helak
Amneziya, by Alexandria Burnham
An East Wind in The West, by Ben Imperato
An End to the Means, by Martha Dunne
Anti-Heroes, by Daren Wagar
Artificial, by Jonathan Dillon
Beast of the Bastille, by Kate Murdoch
Beyond Logic, by Bridget Bell McMahon
Big Following, by Daniel Mercaldi
Birchwood, by Bryan Kelsey
Birth of a Supervillain, by Alec Gibbons
Black Friday, by Jonathan Dillon & Stephen Colletti
Black Goose, by Janet Hetherington
Black Ice Below, by Peter Fraser
Blood Count, by Anthony Crossen
Blood On Black Leather, by Thomas Banuelos
Blood Suckers, by Ken Lingo
Bodies by Grace, by Pat Spivey
Brights, by Edward Klau
Bring The Children, by Michael Wormald
Burrow, by Ashley Burns & Noah Martin
Canaan, by Ben Johnson
Children of the Storm, by Michael Hahn
Choke Canyon, by Duane Graves & Justin Meeks
Chopper Cowboys, by Jeff Peters
Concrete Jungle, by Alexis Sharp
Cumulus, by Matthew Silverman
Date, by Christian Canterbury
Dead Man’s Switch, by Brian Kazmarck
Deadalive, by Christian J. Hearn
Direct Engagement, by Stephen MacNeil
Distant Replay, by P.K. Silverson
Distortion, by Travis Opgenorth
DNA, by Heather Farlinger
Donor Psych, by Dylan Ben-Israel
Driftwood, by Joe Greer
Dynaforce Down, by Aaron Pinchback
Earth on Fire, by Bonnie Orr
Ebenezer, by Duncan Ralston
Edison’s Ghosts, by Kevin Bachar
Enemy of The Enemy, by Anniken Gjelstad
Exchange, by Vivian Kerr
Exo: Fallen Sky, by Leigh McKenzie
Extranjero Supremo, by Theo Sariklis
Ferocity, by Kevin Bachar
Forgotten, by Alex Sosin & Rob Knoll
Forty Winks, by Andrew Stein
Frigid, by Andrew Mescher
From The Depths, by Tim Westland & Rod Thompson
Gare du Nard, by Takeo Hori
Girl Gone Missing, by Jayson Hawley
Godless Skies, by Joshua David Harris
Going Psycho, by john Tsilimparis
Grid, by Joshua Tywater
Gridiron, by Cedric Gillis
GT, by Travis Cox & Robert Williams
Half-Life, by Debra Hershkowitz
Hells Heaven, by Chars Bonin & Ira Livingston IV
Hemorrhage, by Justin Fox
Holding Hope’s Hand, by James Rucker
Honeybird, by Daniel Corrieri
Hot for Teacher, by Andrew Mescher
Hypefeast, by Sid Grey
I.O.U., by Charles Leipart
I’m Not the One You’re Looking For, by Jim Jackson
In The Mirror, by Jella Erhard
Indigenous, by Cru Ennis
Ivory, by Benjamin Simon
Jessica’s Gift, by Jim Garrison
Kidding and Killing, by Peter Gazdag
Last Mag, by Chris Howlett
Lethal Injection, by James Manion
Level Up, by Hymnson Chan
Lost Children, by Kristoffer Tabori
Luna Ferry One, by Alec Garcia
Lying Eyes, by Dane McCauley
Magnitude, by Douglas MacLeod
Marathon, by Alex Hacker & Fraiser Kansteiner
Meltdown, by Roger Stone
Mind Cops, by Po Lin
Miss Nobody, by Adam Hodge
Monster(s), by Aidan Largey
Motel, by Jerry J Sampson
Mother Inside, by Jesmond Francis
My Little Monster, by Bérangère Tosello – alias Berry Vesper
Nature of the Beast, by Aaron Kozak
Neon City, by Nathan Cox
Nephilim, by David Downes
Night of Game, by Alex Beattie
Nine, by Les Zig
Ninety Proof, by Nick Lentz
No Harm Done, by Zachary Schmitt
No Worse Enemy, by Skye Lynch
Ocean Effect, by Heather Farlinger
Once Upon a Crime: Motor City, by Angelo Dania
Once Upon A Fist, by Karl Lentini
One of Three, by Michael Doucette
Operation Flesh, by Elsabe Pentz
Operation Stormy Weather, by Martin Bernard Foley
Orchid’s Dawn, by Eric Jeske & Collin Watts
Organelle, by Edward James Anderson
Origin, by Alex Carroll
Outside the Wire, by Valerie Brotski
Outside the Wire, by Reinhard Cate
Perimortem, by Yuval Bymel
Pete Re-Pete, by Dan Martinez
Phantom in Time, by Douglas MacLeod
Pickett’s Pride, by Tess Card
Pig, by Paul Holbrook
Poachers, by Adam Etheridge
Possessions, by Stephen Polakiewicz
Purgatorium, by Jaymes Carnathan
Record Highs!, by Carl MacLaren
Red Rock, by Scott Hamilton
Retrograde, by Andrew Marshall & Alexander Julian
River, by Terry Crist
Roman & Jeanette, by Curtis Alcutt
Safeguard, by Fiona Hunnisett
Sensors, by George Wilson
She Hard, by J Jabbour
Skinkolobwe, by Rishabh Bhavnani
Sinjar, by Ben Browne
Sinkhole, by Jorge Mano
Sinkholes, by Lila McLaughlin
Skye Lake, by Jane Paulson & Marcy Kelly
Skyfoxes, by Marisa Forrest
Slaughter Grove, by Colby Kelly
Small Town, by Gemma Addy
state of men, by Salim Salajee
Steelborne, by Darien Harte
Stop Jack!, by Paul B. Allen III
Stuck, by Rich Van Tine
Stunt Guys, by Rich Figel
Supercharger, by Patrick Hatten
Supermodels!, by Colin Costello
Supression, by CJ Knapp
Surviving Seoul, by Donald Grail
Taking Tomorrow, by Toni Shepherd & Nickolas Shepherd
Telegenic, by Brooke Solich
Terminous, by Margaret Gendreau
The Contractor, by Casey Costello
The Crossing, by Paul Sheridan
The Devil, a Rebel, a Fool, by Clayton Fusco
The Ebb, by Guy Smith
The Extractor, by Mark Krupa
The Federal Hotel, by Karl Mather
The Fighting General, by Benjamin Davis
The Fighting Girlfriend, by Alexander Vargas
The Forever Man, by Paul Watson
The Freshman, by Steve Duncan
The Future, by David John Wheeler
The Garden, by David Chang
The Harvestmen, by Nathan Cox
The Hunted, by Mark Flood
The Innocent and the Vicious, by Dominique Genest & Nick Kreiss
The Interview, by Tomm Voss
The Iron Bridge, by Peter Gazdag
The Iron Horseman, by James Grayford
The Last Mile, by Christian J. Hearn
The Legend of the Forty Thieves, by Scott Hamilton
The Lost Khan, by Jon Rosen
The Memory Bank, by Daniel Cooper & Adam Cooper
The Mountain, by Jonathan Miller
The Mushroom King, by Steve Trebilcock
The Night Witches, by Steven Prowse
The Operator, by Huey Q. Pham & Jessica Petrucci
The Outlier, by Keyvon Pierre
The Pool, by Kevin Bachar
The Power of Three, by Chantelle de Carvalho
The Rat, by Donald Smith
The Rescue, by Aaron Kennedy
The Righteous Man, by Andrew Mescher
The Rose, by Tavyn Gentry
The Same Blood, by Petr Zavacký
The Treasure Kings, by Kevin Bachar
The Trial, by Ashley Hudson
Turnabout, by Bill Hanan
Under a Broken Moon, by James Nguyen
United We Fall, by Matthew Dixon
Unwelcome, by Federico Casal
Vertical, by Eric Christopherson
Voight Family Vacation, by Dan Cerruti
Wasters, by David Rattray
What Did You Do, Sweet Mary Lou?, by Dave Paterson
What Remains, by A. Lawrence Haskins
Wildfire!, by Dwight Adair
Wolves of Beirut, by Kat Sparks
Wrath of an Eagle, by Bruno Borello
Yeti, by Cam Patterson
You Are Not My Trigger, by Paul Ashton
Your Blood is Ours, by Sebastien Blanchard

Updated: 11/26/2018

ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenwriting Competition

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