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Whether you’re writing a contained science fiction drama or an epic fantasy saga, we want to read your TV, feature film or short scripts. The jury is out of this world — with judges who love sci-fi and fantasy — from top companies including MGM TELEVISION, CIRCLE OF CONFUSION, APA and 21 LAPS! Don’t miss the industry’s #1 sci-fi & fantasy screenwriting competition.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Expired. Previous Deadline: 05/31/2021

Notification: July 15th, 2020


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ScreenCraft SciFi

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ScreenCraft SciFi Screenplay Contest

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names Sci-Fi Contest Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced from among nearly 800 submissions to the ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest:

#throwbackthursday, by Tyrel Lougheed
2.24.z, by Freddy Deane
A Bomb Called Benjamin, by Gary Irons
A Dark Tale, by Jamie Lewis
A Player Born, by Kirby Ward
A.R.: Armored Resistance, by Paul Zeidman & Chris Anthony
Abby, by Gilbert Cuevas
Aegis, by Bryan Kelsey
Aisa, by Sarah Fischer
Akasha: The Record Keeper, by Laura Bialobos
AKLA-RA: The Quest for the Capra Crystal, by R. Brad Wozny
All of Us, by Anthony Povah
Amaris, by Ian White
American Myths of Black & White, by Aaron Yarber
Anima, by David Bullard
Arabian Knights, by Richard Sweeney
Artasium, by Amanda Palasciano
Artemis 1, by Nicole Cohen
As it Rains on the City, by Satoshi Katada
Ascension, by Jessica Brice
Atlantica, by Donald Smith
Atom, by Mitchell LeBlanc
Beyond, by Dan Rivais
Big Red, by Aaron McCann & Dominic Pearce
Biomass, by Rob Tymchyshyn
Black Hole, by Greg Hall
Blackwell, by Tracey Bradley
Bloodrite, by Erich Ebner
Bre’gan’s Fist, by Tom Emerick
Broken Highway, by Michael Raymond
Buccaneers of the Asteroid Belt, by Jeff Racho
Buggout, by Dan Martinez
Bunny, by Laddie Ervin
Burt Dirk And The Gliesezoids, by Andrew Harris
Catching Carter, by Megan Megahee
Catspiracy!, by Kate Sheffield
Charlene, by Dan Schneidkraut
Christian of this Galaxy, by Pablo Aguila
Composition, by Kevin Carothers
Copy, by Mir Noorata
Cumulus, by Matt Silverman
CyberPlay, by Ed Beverly
Cylor’s Revenge, by Christopher Sax
Daffodil, by Nikai Johnson
Darryn the Bold and the Sword of Boldness, by Justin Best
Dawn of World, by Cedrick May
Death of a Fool, by Ismael Gomez & Joe Leone
Disclosure, by Glenn Breuninger
Distant Journeys, by Gary Robinson
Doran, by Peter Gazdag
Dragon Flowers, by Brandon Osterman
Dragons Fly, by Haris Leventi
Draya, by Christian Klevstad Caspersen
Dying to Retire, by Jonathan Solinsky
Ears, by Ryan Costello
Echoes, Whispers, and Lies, by Michelle Levigne
Eden, by Jean Barker
Enchanter : It could be you, by Barry Gaines
Endangered Species, by Mark Flood
Enyo Part I: Relentless, by Ande Case
Erotomania, by Joe Hurst
Escape to Planet B346, by Thomas Thorpe
Esper, by Joan Albright
Exodus To Earth, by Jim Evry
Expanse of Us, by Brea Grant
Extraction, by Sam Ingraffia
Falling Up, by Steve Tornello
Far Down Below…, by Christopher Condon
Fated, by Sara O’Reilly & Jeremy Foley
Figmentality, by Brian Howrey
Forget-Me-Nots, by John Dummer
Galápagos, by Lukas Hassel
Game of Kings, by Andres Rivera
Girl Out of Time, by Jay J. Falconer
Goldilocks Zone, by Harry Kleinman
Gracie Popoff, by Tommy Simpson
Gridiron, by Cedric Gillis
Grudge, by Robert Santiago
Hawk Moon, by Cal Athan
Haywire, by Kenneth Smith
Helena’s Hope, by Erik Wecks
Hellbound, by Roberto Saieh
Hi-Jinx, by Megan Megahee
Him & She, by Brian Kowalchuk
Hole in the Sky, by John Cooney
I Want To Live a Dream, by Guilherme Viegas
Ilah Hahn, by Alex Setzer
In our Image, by David Steiner
In the Holy City, by Gilbert Cuevas
Inscape, by Michael Levine
Intraverse, by Philip Huber
Isol Trilogy Part 2, by Noel O’ Sullivan
Isol Trilogy Part 3, by Noel O’ Sullivan
Joe August: Paranormal Detective, by Jim Harkins
Kameleon, by Miles Joyner
Kargo City Blues, by Peter Bartels
Kindred, by Phil Parker
Kingdoms of Men, by Michael Hahn
Kore, by Christopher Morrison
Last Days of Last, by João Figueiredo
Legal Alien, by Jeff Delaney
Legend of the Phoenix: Rise of Crescent, by Gabriel Gonzalez
Love Nation, by Katherine Carter
Luana, by Danielle Erlich
Luna Ferry One, by Alec Garcia
Machine, by Scott Jones
Mad Planet, by Kurt Peterson
Make Time, by Jonathan Medici
Mama, by Caleigh Bacchus
Mantis, by Laura Bialobos
Mara, by Maggie Calton
Marasmus, by Mark Rose
Matriculation, by Mark Rose
Mavelynn Strivener & The Elemental Bracelets, by Desmond Hew
Max Bringer, by Min-Young (Auggie) Chung
Maya, by Rohit Gill
Molly, by Justin Kwon
Mom, This is Paleon, by Jaquille Jones
Monster Hunters, by Sandino Moya-Smith
New Eden, by Chris Leonard
New World Holiday, by Chase Bradburn
Nicholas, by Thomas Gatus
Nine Days Gone, by Sean Mogridge
Ninja Mom, by Ren Hanami
Ocean Effect, by Heather Farlinger
Once More for the Cheap Seats, by Spencer Slovic
Orbit, by Satish More
Orpheus: The Muse Warrior, by Richard Giarraffa
Other Doors, by G. Lloyd Helm
Out There, by Mark Gaebler
P. Leasure, by Marina Bendocchi Alves
Parents Weekend, by Aaron Chung
Patchwork, by Amanda Keener
Pig, by Georgina Love
Pillars of Glass, by Michael Polaski
Prime Life, by William Levesque
Promise, by John T. Frederick
Quantum Driver, by Rebeca Melara
Quest for the Tiger’s Eye, by Dylan Morgan
Ravagers, by Matthew Dixon
Realeyes, by Andrew Elling
Red Rock, by Scott Hamilton & PJ Hamilton
Retirement, by Mitchell Lazar
Revolt 2145, by Genevi Engle
Riley and the Invisibles, by Jordan Jeffries
Robot Zero, by Geoffrey Uhl
Runaway Ship, by Theodore Carl Soderberg
Salting Cure, by Catherine Murdoch
Save the Princess, by Eric Jeske
Savior, by Bo Sanders
Savior, by Eugene Mont
Sentinels of Tzurac: Zarkwin’s Revenge, by James Raven
Shadow Blade, by Justin Hughes
Shore, by Reno Nordkamp
Shreever Inc., by Dennis Donovan
Shrimp, by Nicole Jones
Siege Perilous, by Brian Kazmarck
Singularity By Lyssa, by Zac Loy
Skin, by Audrey Rosenberg
Sky Blade, by Steve Lainer
Slayer, by Alan Loubeau
Sleepless, by Daniel Holland
Smoke, by Carlos Perez
Sons of Light, by Michael Savisky
Space/Time, by Danny Baram
Spacey and Strange, by Michael Angelella
Spirit of Truth, by Tarus Stills
Splashdown, by Don Stroud
Starlight, by Carl Rogers
Stormcatchers, by Mike J. Donald
Supacabra, by David Willis
Synapse, by Briar Greenhalgh
Sync, by Jeff Murzynski
Tallok, by David Luz
Tarzan Reborn, by Kevin Bauer
The Advance Team, by Paul Carson
The Alternate, by Dennis Luu
The Astral Grid, by Eduardo Soto-Falcon
The Book of Evolution, by Justin Murphy
The Boy Who Destroyed The World, by Jordan Jeffries
The Caregiver, by Joelle Luman
The Catalyst, by Daniel Sheiman
The Commune, by Clayton Bennett
The Corpse Illusion, by Steven Farrell
The Crossing, by Paul Sheridan
The Dawn of “Eve”, by James Bingham
The Dinosaur Four, by Greg Rhem
The Family Trade, by Erin Hays
The Farmer, by Clive Howard
The Flight of Man, by D.C. Lozar
The Forever Man, by Paul Watson
The Garden, by David Chang
The Goblin Spy, by Rafael Gamboa
The Greatest Escape, by Jason Baum
The Hiding Place, by Stephen Martin
The Keeper, by Daniel Judson
The Last Bookstore, by Brooke Purdy
The Last Caretaker, by Shannon Litt
The Last Prison, by Richard Geiwitz
The Lighthouse, by Neal Dhand
The Lost Prince, by Brev Tanner
The Memory Bank, by Daniel Cooper & Adam Cooper
The Music Ghost, by Jim Evry
The New Road, by Michael Raymond
The Oak of Dendriata, by Clayton Samuels
The Power of X, by Paul B Allen III
The Procedure, by Joshua Deepan
The Santa Job, by Robert Husted
The Screening, by Katherine Press
The Spark, by Paul Dupree
The Sum of Us, by Nye Green
The Thingee, by Casimir Nozkowski
The Time Rippers, by Phil Moore
The Undiscovered Country, by Lovell Holder
Time Mail, by Evan Kimball
Time-Traveling Idea Bandits, by Harrison Demchick
Tranquility, by Nicholas Leitzke
Tranquility, by Harry Kleinman
Transience, by R.J. Patteson
Tree People, by Guy Polin
Tsera’s Gift, by Connie Hodges
Two, by Joey Lanai
Two Miles Below, by David van den Berg
Type 0, by Craig Efros
Under Gobi, by Willard Whitson
Verse, by Steven Cooney
VerticalVille, by stephen neely
Virginia Rose and the Lost City of Gold, by Bryan Kelsey
Western Dragons, by John T. Frederick
Will to Power, by Michael Mul
Zarkwin’s Revenge, by James Raven
Zero Child, by Justin Marr
Zoe and the Aegis, by AJ Wedding

Updated: 05/04/2018

ScreenCraft SciFi Screenplay Contest

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