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Messages posted since 08/27/2014

Topic: Champion lists quarter finalists

Author: Julia Kubik Posted: 10/04/10 05:02 PM

Long list. I'm in with two. Anyone else see their name? Congrats to all.

Author: Marjory Kaptanoglu Posted: 10/04/10 05:18 PM

Congrats, Julia! And congrats to the many other MBers in the list.

I'm in with a feature and a short.

Author: Stephen Hoover Posted: 10/04/10 05:48 PM

I'm in!

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 10/04/10 06:09 PM

Congrats. Julia, Marjory and Stephen. Good luck on the next round.

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 10/04/10 06:33 PM

Still in it. Congratulations, everybody.

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 10/04/10 07:13 PM

Imagine my surprise when I checked the blog and saw my name right away! I didn't have to search through the list which was nice. Don't know if i'll make it past this round but this is definatly motivation to keep going. Congrats to all others who advanced!

Author: Cheryl Miller Posted: 10/04/10 07:17 PM

I'm in with a romantic comedy. Congrats Moviebyters!

Author: Michael Scott Posted: 10/04/10 07:34 PM

My e-mail's down, is there a link to the Q.F.'s? Thanks!

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 10/04/10 08:29 PM

Author: Michael Scott Posted: 10/04/10 08:32 PM

Thank you, Robert.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 10/04/10 08:33 PM

Just saw Irin's name. Any others?

Author: Gary Talarino Posted: 10/04/10 08:37 PM

I've got two in the quarterfinals. This has truly been a great week...

Author: Stephen Hoover Posted: 10/04/10 09:16 PM

I'm in the running! Wish I could update the script to my latest draft. :-)

Author: Cheryl Miller Posted: 10/04/10 09:56 PM

I hear that - and don't we all say it!

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 10/04/10 10:25 PM

I saw Irin's name too! Miss Christmas = great script ! : )

Author: Steve Hochman Posted: 10/04/10 10:43 PM

Both my entries advanced. One was a brand new, first draft...the other is much more mature! Good luck everyone.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 10/04/10 11:08 PM

Thanks! And congrats to everyone. A lot of MBers! I told you we rule.

Author: jim Mercurio Posted: 10/05/10 03:59 PM

Congrats, Everyone!

Also, if you want to sign up for a class now, QFs have three classes to choose from.

Moviebyters who didn't enter the contest can have the same discount as those who entered.

I would even open up a Moviebytes-only section if we got 8 people to commit...and would offer the QF discount to everone. December 13-15 would be a done deal. Oops, wrong board.

More soon...gotta read 100 scripts. ;-)

Peace, Jim