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Whether you have a romantic comedy or an action-comedy blockbuster, we want to read your script. Big or small, our jury is looking for smart scripts with strong command of the craft, lots of heart and unique comedic voices. All entries are eligible for optional feedback from a studio-trained professional reader.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Deadline Date
Days till:
Entry Fee
Early February 29, 2024
Regular March 31, 2024
Final April 30, 2024

Notification: May 29th: Quarterfinalists; Jun 26th: Semifinalists; Jul 24th: Finalists; Aug 14th: Winners.


Please see website for rules.


Please see website for awards.

ScreenCraft Comedy

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ScreenCraft Comedy Screenwriting Competition

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names Comedy Quarterfinalists

Screencraft has named the quarterfinalists for their 2018 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest.

8 Days a Week, by Ian Southwood
A Future Romance, by John Martins III
A Mad Day In Midland, by Luke Domet
A.B. is an E.T., by Aaron Yarber
Adam and Eve, by Kate Kelsen
Agent M.I.L.F., by Rebecca Ann Dowty
Aliens & Earthlings, by Ryan Smith
Allie Summons A Vampire, by Josh Montoya
Altar Ego, by Alexandra Keister
Apocapolis, by Mark Hertzler
Attachment, by Megan Binnie & Celia Blundo
Backstage Pass, by Andrew Shaffer
Basement Barry, by Jaquie Brown
Battle of the Exes, by Matthew Hoch
Before I Embalm You, by Charles Dovbish
Bernice, by Denise Hamilton
Best in the World, by Carrie Morrison
Big Red, by Aaron McCann & Dominic Pearce
Birthday Magic, by George Spicer
Bite Me, by Sophia Lopez
Blue Moon Massacre, by Ryan Anglin
Boneheads, by kelly karam
Bougainvilleaville or Love? Again?, by Alva Moore
Broski, by Brett Tietjen
Burt Dirk And The Gliesezoids, by Andrew Harris
Cancer Girl, by Hannah Doty
Catch 4:20, by Bruce Butler
Cheap Heat, by Aaron Sutch & Ben Greene
Cinnabon Phil, by David Klein
Cleared To Play, by John Moore
Close 2 Strangers, by Sarah Miller
Clowntdown to Doomsday, by Nicholas Dant & Blake Kirtley
Cockblock, by Justin Boyd
Complicated in Love, by Eric Yoder
Crazy Cat Lady, by Carrie McCray
Cruel Pecans, by Jonny Flores
Cut the Cord, by Jodi Asadourian
Darryn the Bold and The Sword of Boldness, by Justin Best
Dead Weight, by Cale Curlett
Digger, by Dave Wade
DNA, by Heather Farlinger
Don’t Blow Your Top, by Phil Burdette
Don’t Kill Me I’m Happy, by Tobias Hussey
Don’t Look Back In Anger, by Adam Pliskin
Donkey Hotey Saving America, by Michael Lederer
Down On The Street, by Charles Dovbish
Dying for Likes, by John OBrien
Eat Dead Bird, by Molly Miller
Encounters, by Gary King
Escort Boot Camp, by Gary Sharp
Exterminating Willie, by Jane Rogerson
Fake A Wish, by Michael Nelson & Zack Kahn
Farb, by Patrick Hackeling
FEAR SUM, by James Mayson
Fear There and Everywhere, by Craig Horwitz
Figure Me Out, by James Barnes
Flip It Or Die Tryin’, by Justin Strommer
French Rabbit, by Shannon Davies
Freshman 15, by Jerry Cavallaro
From Olympus to Nashville, by Jeffrey Chase
Frozen Ice, by Walker Hare
Fuck New Rome, by Erik Sternberger
Funeral of a Lifetime, by Sarah Newton
Game Set Scratch, by Billie Bates
Gangster Of Love, by Michael Hoff
Generation, by George Rubino
Get Right, by Stacie Shellner
Giant, by Andrew Thompson
Glorious Mack, by Vern Lien
Gold Medal Domination, by Karolyn Carnie
Golden Oldies, by Harrison Pierce
Gone Astray, by Kyle D’Odorico
Good Taste, by Jacob Bann
Green Wedding, by Sebastiano Pestoni
Grim Gets a Life, by Peter Fraser
Half-Cocked, by Chris Chymiy
Hellraiser, by Luke Wronski
Hemingway’s Brooklyn, by Steve Einhorn
Henchman, by Andrew Wood
Hey!, by Christopher O’Bryant
Holy Name, by Daniel Pike
Homeward, Brother!, by Alec Garcia
Hostage from Hell, by Melissa Emery
Houseboat From Hell, by Bill Keenan
I Am Human, by Anastasia Blackwell
I Have No Friends!, by Julian Barnett
I Killed Morgan Freeman, by Donald Upton & Paul G. Newton
I love IT, by Ryan Smith
In the Catbird Seat, by Kay Denmark
Invisible Boxes, by Bil Gaines
It’s all in the kiss, by Marguerite Faure
JACKPOT!, by Lou Parees
Jeff is a Superhero, by Adam Bowers
Jesus Christ, by Brandon Tamburri
Judy’s Search for God, by Dave Wade
Jump, by Andrew Stussie
Key to the Highway, by Peter Gazdag
Kidnapping Inc., by Jasmuel Andri, Gilbert Mirambeau & Bruno Mourral
Killing Kelko, by Kieran Angelini
Knowing Valentine, by Chilli Kippen
Kragnok the World Saver, by Lamont Merritt
Learning to Breathe, by Michael Maitland
Let’s Be Happy, by Tim Bennett-Huxtable
Lies To Get Laid By, by Torkjell Stromme
Life in Transition, by Jeff Breuer
Lost Angels, by Jason Morgan
Lot Lizard, by Jojo Stocks
Love Blossoms, by Roy Stewart
Loves Me, Loves Me Not, by Lisa Penny
Lovestuck, by Bob Cousins
Loving Liberty, by Harvey Yazijian
Maggie, Full of Grace, by James Meerdter
Maid Of Dishonor, by Aadip Desai
Mall Stars, by Erica Fagan
Me & Jezebel, by Lucinda Spurling
Merry Fracking Christmas, by Jim Berg
Michael Wants To Marry, by Jen Bieser
Milton and Janis, by Richard Rosenzweird
Minyan, by Adam Ansell
Mom, by Jordan Champagne
Mother Christmas, by Donald Cameron
Mourning After, by Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich
Mr. Sabotage, by Ray Keller
My Friend with Asperger’s, by João Maria
NancyGirl, by David McMahon
Nebraskan Son, by Cala Adair
Necropolis, by Dennis James Clarke
Nina Karenina, by Gordon Phipps
One Hit Wondering, by Jordan Rockower
Operation: Goldblum, by Todd Norwood
Our Better Selves, by Lauren Devora
Out Of Toon, by Joel Foster
Parents, by Bruce Kalish
Peaches, by William Long
Peter Piper, by Jonathan Young
Picnic Season, by Glory Okeke
Pie Fight, by Richard McEwen
Pilots of Potential, by Matthew Wilson
Plaid, by Bridget Visser
PODS, by Ernest Koehler
Points for Trying, by Jason Paris
Powderpuff, by Kyle Little
Pushing Buttons, by Lou Wollin
Queens, by Max Sokoloff
Rack it Up!, by Thomas Yungerberg
Saint Gary, by Steven Dente
Santa’s Big Secret, by Maggie Farnks
Santa’s Suicide, by Bob Reynolds
Saul Revere, by William Braudis
Senior Moment, by Robert Mangrum
Seniors on the Run, by D.C. Lozar
Seven Dates in Seven Nights, by Josette Berardi
Snap Together, by Patrick McKenna
Sold!, by Adam Nadler
Spacey and Strange, by Michael Angelella
Stellar Chance, by Nadia Desyatnikova
Step-MILF, by Hamilton Mitchell
Strange Ways to Learn Spanish, by Elan Maier
STUCK, by Ian Southwood
Stupid American, by Robin Sitter
Stupid Cupid, by Dan Gunderman
Super Swipe, by Krista O’Connor
Ssweet Old Man, by Andrew Mescher
Take Out, by Jim Schweitzer & Ryan Myers
Test of Strength, by Danny Baram
The Advance Team, by Paul Carson
The Afterlife of Erotica Evans, by Harvey Yazijian
The Anti-Comic, by Steve Savitz
The Arrangement, by Charles Frankenberger
The Blackout, by Paula Roman
The Box Life, by Travis Crain
The Breakdown, by Michael Charron
The Buffer, by Stephanie Sourapas & Tom McCurrie
The Cleaners, by Matt Marx
The Deal Breaker, by Stacie Shellner
The Dutchman, by Robert Callahan
The Fool’s Errand, by John Murphy, Chris Bramante
The Great Pretenders, by Jillian Lauren
The Halloween Gang, by Frank Barker
The Heckler, by Steve Mitchell
The Heist Before Christmas, by Derik Wingo
The House That Hell Made, by Charles Dovbish
The Inept, by Tim Neavin
The Judge, The People Vs., by Poppy Cleere
The King of Barcelona, by Justin Grundfast
The Last Canadian Virgins, by Jon Rizik & Evan Rindler
The Last Good Cheat, by Jacob Hart
The Man WHo Knew Poe, by Steve McGrath
The Music Angel, by Jim Evry
The Not Ready for Prime Time Family, by Richard Willett
The Pity Party, by KD Amond & Lulu Marcil
The Romance Plan, by Rick Hays
The Rookie Card, by Justin Warren
The Scorpion Flies Solo, by Robert Janda
The Shepherd, by Matt Potter
The Taskforce, by Dennis Spain
The Thief, by Jenny Seidelman
The Third of July, by Rochelle E. Fisher
The Wreckers, by Kristy Leigh Lussier
There’s Something Wrong with Kate, by Mia Borders
To Travel, by Katharine McPhee
Together Again, by Owain Paciuszko
Transfat, by Matthew Kelly
Urban and Turban: Good Cop, Brown Cop, by Ronnie Khalil
Wanna Go To Mars?, by Peter Levedahl
Wasted, by Alec Gibbons
Wedding Season, by Shiwani Srivastava
What If?, by Alvaro Garcia Lecuona
What the Hell Happened to Franklin?, by Rachel Weatherly
When Harry took Hostages, by Gerald Lenton-Young
When the Joke Tells You, by Peter Gazdag
Whiskey, by Tom Wholey
Whole, by Cari Daly
Wicked Hot, by Pamela Harris
Wireless, by Nick Greenberg & Shawn Convery
Witches Be Crazy, by Jordan Harris & Andrew Schrader
Zombie Kush, by Kyle Little

Updated: 07/06/2018

ScreenCraft Comedy Screenwriting Competition

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