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ScreenCraft $30,000 Film Fund

ScreenCraft Film Fund


Whether you have a simple screenplay or a film that’s already in production, we want to consider it for our grant program. We consider a range of projects, from standalone screenplays, to fully packaged projects seeking finishing funds.

If your aspirations are solely to become a produced screenwriter, you can rely on ScreenCraft and BondIt to package the winning script with a talented director and in-house production resources with up to $30,000 in cash financing, judged on a case-by-case basis, depending on each project’s budget and needs as determined by our internal jury of industry professionals.

In partnership with BondIt Media Capital, a film & media fund based in Beverly Hills, ScreenCraft is offering two production grants per year to talented filmmakers for narrative features, short films and TV pilot series scripts and documentaries that display originality, vision & exceptional potential. Show More

Deadline/Entry Fees

Expired. Previous Deadline: 12/31/2023


Please see website for rules.


Please see website for awards.

ScreenCraft Film Fund

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ScreenCraft $30,000 Film Fund

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names FilmFund Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the Fall, 2017 ScreenCraft Film Competition. Fund recipients will announced on February 28th.

5150, by Cydney Griffin
#OpenLetterInteractive, by Eliza Capai
24/7, by Mitch Smith
A Week With My Father, by Giacomo Knox
A-Day, by Thomas Heban
All the Flowers That Cut Through the Earth, by Ward Crockett
All the Little Pieces, by Chelese Belmont
All the Way Down, by Mark Netter
Aloha, by Brandi Nicole Payne
America, Subverted, by Hugh Brownstone
Art Camp, by Alysse Campbell
Artesia, by Emily Tomson
Bautizo, by Alex Z. Avila
Beards, by Becca Grumet
Belonging: Rohingya Refugee Camp, by Ashique Mostafa
Blood Brothers, by Peter Hunziker & Cynthia Riddle
Bouba & Kiki, by Jack Goessens
Branson, by Michael Doshier
Brave, by Joffre Silva
Bronte Time, by Stacy Milbourn
Buffalo Girls, by Aaron Gordon
Castro’s Spies, by Ollie Aslin
Cephalopod, by Dani Parker
Chrome: A Dark Turn, by Souvid Datta
City Creatures, by Michael Johnston
Close Enough To Perfect, by Dan Williams
Conversion, by Tiffany Wu, Johnny Ngo
Conviction, by Anju Andre-Bergmann
Cool Air, by Edward Case
Costa Brava Lebanon, by Mounia Akl
Cul An Ti (The Back Of The House), by Emma Pyne
Cut Throat City, by P.G. Cuscheri
Dancing Joy, by Kate Tsubata
De Colores, by Luz Zamora
Death By Misadventure, by Pippa Hinchley
Death Metal Grandma, by Elizabeth Pauker
Decompression, by Kobi Mizrahi
Detour, by Zelong Peng
Diana de Santa Fe, by Carmen Oquendo
Digging for Weldon Irvine, by Victorious De Costa
Divinity, by Nelson Downend
Doll Parts, by Richard Harrington
Dorpie, by Julia Jaki
Dwelling in Niagara Falls, by Nick Butler
El Norte, by Will Souders
Everything is Beautiful, by Paulina Casey
Fanwei, by Kira Simon-Kennedy
Fetch, by Sam Gill
Fin, by John Galli
Forever Flowers, by Erin Granat
Francie, by Victoria Lucia
From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock, by Kevin Mckiernan
Gentle Warriors, by Giedre Zickyte
Germophobia, by Anastasiia Vorotniuk
Give Me All Your Sunsets, by Andrew Gayman
Godly, by Anna Salinas
Golem, by Austin Kase
Hard Dead Nazi Dick, by William Luke Schreiber
Headshots, by Chris O’Neill
Hello Goodnight, by Khaled Ridgeway
Hexagon, by Grant Harvey
Honey Boy, by Shia Labeouf, Otis Lort
Hum, by Stefano Nurra
Hurria, by Amelia Solomon
I Am Erica, by Amanda Parham
Immigrant Outpost, by John Hay
In the Night I Remember Your Name, by Vicki Speegle
In-Justice, by Sam French
Isle, by Lyndsay Sarah Doyle
It’s the AZN, by Philip Liao
Jeronimo: The Untold Tales of Koreans in Cuba, by Joseph Juhn
Jizo, by Sonia Kim
Jolene, by Sabrina Besla
Karachi’s Unknown Dead, by Owen Kean
La Motochorra, by Clarice Bales
Larger Than Life, by Tiffany Bartok
Last Meals, by Eric Salmon
Like an Artist, by Caitlin Ouano
Lollipop, by Hanaa Saleh Alfassi
Lucy In The Sky, by Jennifer Rudin
Magdali, by Varun Chopra
Maintenance In Space, by Mate Boegi
Manhood, by Rodney Stringfellow
Manila is Full of Men Named Boy, by Stephen Lee
Manufactured Dissent, by Brooks Roscoe
Mayor Mohamed, by Jeffrey Togman
Mercy, by Tiffany Frances
Model Minority, by Sam Mohney
Money Man, by Raoul Dyssell
My City of Ruins, by Joseph Fahim
My Father’s Daughter, by Lea Podhradska
My Florida Home, by Matthew Herbertz
Nascent State, by Beanie Barnes
Nasty, by Molleshree Karna
No Fault, by Myna Joseph
Nocturne in Black, by Jimmy Keyrouz
NYLA, by Sabrina Naqvi
Out Cold, by Tracy Scarlato
Outmoder, by Azhur Saleem
Pariah Dog, by Jesse Alk
Perception, by Ilana Rein
PG 30, by Vidhya Iyer
Pinebox, by D. R. Tibbits
Pit, by Benjamin Howard
Playing With Beethoven, by Christopher Edgar
Prisoners of X, by Gren Wells
PULP: Puppets Under Life’s Pressures, by Raphael Loucadellis
Really Weeley, by Toby Roberts
Red Light, by Dempsey Tillman
Refusing to Ghost, by Sara Ross-Samko
Rosie and the Bear, by Fernando Macedo
Rubber Baby, by Parker Briscoe
Run, by Alex Lanipekun
Sidecar, by Christopher Lovick
Salvator Mundi, by Joel Vazquez Cardenas
Samland, by Juan Reyes
Saving the Rabbits of Ravensbrück, by Stacey Fitzgerald
Saviors, by Christopher Greenslate
Sebastian, by Eric Swinderman
Sexpectations, by Jenna St. John
Shanda, by Jillian Lauren
She Dreams of Neon, by Michael Graham
Shepherds, by Erica Bardin
Silencio, by Russell Sharman
Silvermaster, by David McCracken
Six Letter Word, by Lisanne Sartor
Slander, by Ilo Orleans
Solstice, by Florencia Manovil
Sothea, by Kate-Marie Engberg
SPIC, by Johnny Sanchez
Stan’s Killing Himself, by Aanchal Khaneja
Standing Woman, by Tony Hipwell
Straw, by Curtis Adair
Stunt Life, by Noah Lang
Suburban Turban, by Arun Vir
Switchman, by Henry Leeker
Sylvie, by John Say
The Boy On The Bus, by Matia Anne Karrell
The Contestant, by James Hibbard
The Devil Will Drive You Mad, by Michael Pitts
The Disembodied, by Dianna Ippolito
The Gospel According to Charlie, by Kamal Iskander
The Hellion of Aplomb, by George Spyros
The Illegal, by Danish Renzu
The Interview, by Ande Case
The Last Song, by Ian Masters
The Map to Paradise, by Danielle Ryan
The New Normal/El Nuevo Normal, by Erick Probeck
The Pollinators, by Peter Nelson
The Rose Lady, by Nick Cammilleri
The Shame Game, by Susan Sassi
The Sound Of Darkness, by Melody Cooper
The Sound of Memory, by Helen Truong
The Sugar Hill Express, by Christopher Grant
The Tenant, by Sushrut Jain
The Undiscovered Country, by Lovell Holder
The Viking of 6th Avenue, by Holly Elson
Toots, by Susan Sassi
Transitions, by Steven Dean
Twisted, by LeRon Lee
Undocumented Moments, by Steve Parrillo
Viral, by Guy Noland
Voices from the Unconscious, by Jamie Facenda
Waste, by Justine Raczkiewicz
Watch Room, by Noah Wagner
Water, by Jennifer Houlton
We Are King, by Benjamin Altarescu
We Are Not Princesses, by Hal Scardino
Westinghouse, by Dorian Keyes
Where Does it Go?, by Mark Morris
Where We Lay, by Andie Morgenlander
Woodchopper, by Peter Force
Young Aleister Crowley, by Greg Wayne
Zip, by William Castonzo

Updated: 02/05/2018

ScreenCraft $30,000 Film Fund

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