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Our jury is looking for short stories (not scripts) with special cinematic potential. Whether you’re writing flash fiction or a novella, we want to read your story! The grand prize winner will receive $1,000 and personal introductions to literary agents, managers, producers and publishers. The top 5 finalists will be shared with our network of over 60 literary and entertainment industry professionals. All rights and ownership to stories submitted to this contest remain with the author, until and unless other agreements are made.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Expired. Previous Deadline: 11/30/2021

Notification: March 24th, 2021


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ScreenCraft Cinematic Story

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ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names Short Story Quarterfinalists

ScreenCraft has named quarterfinalists from among the 1,400 submissions to their 2017 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest. Semifinalists will be announced February 14th.

2027, by Elaine Gallant
'Ware the Power, by Jack Mulcahy
15 W. Gibson, by Aubree Lane
A Bell For Valor, by Holly Barbo
A Bicycle for Madeline, by Chad Broughman
A Cane Thriller, by Albert Kerns
A Case of Sympathetic Arthritis, by Ron Charach
A Christmas Wish, by Charlie Wetzel
A Day in the City, by Allen Shadow
A Good Marriage, by Pauline Kaldas
A Kind of Curse, by Morgan Watchorn
A Leaky Roof in London, by Nina Joshi Ramsey
A Light Across the Void I: Rocket Summer, by Travis Darkow
A Matter of Gel, by Albert Kerns
A Perfect Microcosm, by Wesley Harden
A Product of Romance, by Robert McBrearty
A seat at The Window, by Herb Jordan
A Single Person is Missing, by Janine Mikosza
A Specter Called Meera, by Mahendra Waghela
A Twentieth-Century Death, by Joshua Ingle
Absalom, by Elaine Slater
Action and Reaction, by Joel Doty
Adam Frankenstein U.S. Marshal, by Sheila English
Addison's Fallen, by RC Woods
Adult Superstore, by Scott Butterfield
Aftermath, by Robert Horton
Akishita, by Thomas O'Rourke
Albert's Lark (A Concerto for Black Holes), by Gary Bolick
Alejandra's Children, by Douglas Iverson
All He Has, by Laura Bullock
Amused, by Jonah Jones
An Odd Missive, by Leo Jenicek
Anastasia, by Valerie Getsinger
And Then There Were Three: 67 Letters to Sasha, by Julie Fox
Angel of Death, by P James Norris
Antithesis, by Megan Smithurst
Asunder, by Nick Yeh
Attack From Within, by Larry Powalisz
Awilda, by Edward Medina
Bad Blood, by Lisa Franek
Bad Sleep, by Dennis Fallon
Bartholomew, by Cathy Wilson
Bassy's Basilica, by Jeffrey Arce
Beautiful Forms, by Jace Lacob
Before I'm Forgotten, by Leanna Wilson
Belle, by Yasmeen Mitchell
Big Dog and Georgia Girl, by Laura Cogdill
Billy Luck, by DC Diamondopolous
Biography, by Vinny Lopez
Black Orchids – A David Martin Adventure, by Antoine Devine
Black Phantom, by James Wolf
Blackest Crow, by Karen Wallisky
Blue Abyss, by Jason Lerner
Board & Lodging, by William Oosthuizen
Bolívars, by Suzanne Dottino
Bonestorming, by Mary Tlucak
Boots on the Ground, by Bear Kosik
Borders, by D Sohi
Breaking the Square, by Jeff Shearer
Brothers of Fey, by Sabrina Sung
Bubble, by John Nielsen
Butterscotch, by David Armstrong
C@k3 by the 0c3@n, by Sydney Freedberg
Captain Death, by Susan Lowell
Casanova, by Edward Medina
Castles of Steel, by Nick Wray
Charlotte Rose: Giving Up the Ghost, by Christi Harris
Chef, by Nina Smith
Children of God, by Costi Gurgu
Church of the Homeless, by Eldon Kellogg
Close Your Ears, Mother Goose, by Leslie Lewinter-Suskind
Compton's Cafeteria, by William Polf
Conduit Road, by Brian Howlett
Cool Gray City, by Paula Zaby
Corrections, by Susan Kaye Quinn
Creature from the Public Domain, by Eileen Mitchell
Creatures, by Michael Whisenant
Crepuscular, by Bret McCormick
Crescent Moon, by Joseph Stowitschek
Crimestoppers, by Joseph Mujwit
Crossing Over, by Steven Cahill
Curse of the Ottawa, by Frank Daley
Dead Edit Redo, by Elaine Stirling
Dead Soul, by Max Diksztejn
Dear, Never Pickup Hitchhikers, by Mal King
Death Be Damned, by MK Bagwell
Deep in the Heart of Texas, by Mathieu Cailler
Deja Vu, by Peter Cawdron
Descent, by Vincent Stoia
Desert's Dwellers, by Monica Kuhlmann
Desolate Sea, by SJ Bryson
Desperado, by Sean Fleming
Diorama, by Joe Vallese
Dirty Jesus, by Michael Dundrea
Discovery, by Katherine Cox
Distressed Damsel, by Susan Scarlett Montgomery
Don Emilio, by Allison Douglas-Tourner
Don't Turn Around, by Samuel Frandino
Drill, by Cady Vishniac
E113N, by Jeremy Engelbrecht
Early Sunday Morning, by Mary Smith
Earth, Water, and Fire, by Martin Eisenberg
Earthman Asylum, by Keith Bandelin
Echo, by Cameron Frank
Eleven Days, by Michael Crump
Elizabethan Arms, by Robert Baldwin
Enter the Apocalypse: When Time Stands Still, by Sara Noë
Etta Mae's Little Theory, by Lori White
Everyone's On the Take, by Leonard Dawson
Exiles, by Barbara de la Cuesta
Fairy City, by Kerry Pack
Fall to Grace, by Mark Wooden
Family Matters, by Sonya Watson
Farewell Old Neighborhood, by Gerald Shovlin
Feelin' All Right, by Edward Fasano
Fembryo, by John Wright
Fig Tree, by D. Femme
Fight of his life, by Jennifer Kent
Finding Phyllis, by Jack Halliday
First Boats, by William Cullen
First Wife, by Linda Shippey
Floored, by Mark Lingane
For Sale/Blood Room, by Brad Conover
French for Weakling, by David Armstrong
Friendly Varmint, by MK Bagwell
From Up on a Pedestal, by Catherine Hotaling-Donnelly
Frosthammer, by Bryan Todd
Ghost Writer, by Gary Braver
Ghosts of Whiting, by Franklin Hunting
Gifted (Chronicles of the Imagination Series), by Annette Zoheret, D.Z. Adams
Girl at the End of the World, by JP Sebastian
Girls Girls Girls, by Cady Vishniac
Gladiolus, by Bridget Lopatinsky
Globaphobia (Fear of Balloons), by Jennifer Egan
Glouston, by Phillip Jones
Go Home, by Sohrab Homi Fracis
God-Machine, by Joshua Bartolome
Golem, by Emi Cohen
Guy Fawkes Night, by Dianne Bubb
Haight, by David Nelson
Hanger, by Kelli McNeil
Happy Birthday to Me, by Neina Gordon
Headlines, by Omri Bezalel
Heaven, Hell and the Narrow Space Between, by Kyle Born
Heisenberg, by Will Pei
Helena's Hope, by Erik Wecks
Her Highland Laird, by Debbie Mumford
Herald of Chernobog, by D.C. Lozar
Highway 111, by Mathieu Cailler
Holiday in Provence, by Robert Daseler
Hollywood, by Zachary Ferrara
Home for the Holidays, by Randee Dawn Kestenbaum
Honey and Cloves, by Terrence Bennett
Honeymooner, by Cally Fiedorek
Hot Cockles, by Rachel O'Hara
I Didn't Send My Regrets, by Tia Levings
I Don't Cry, by Deborah Vines
I Don't Cry Easy, by Ava Van Pelt
I Wanted Ten, by Alle C. Hall
I'm Having a Band With a Married Man, by Mary Birdsong
In My Mother's Voice, by Martha Boose
In the Matter of Inca Ingalls, by Craig Chapman
Introducing The Lame Detective, by Michael McLoon
Island 6-17, by Joan Scharf
It Happened In Wrigley, by Kevin Murray
It's How I'm Wired: The Confessions of a Nervous Child, by Robert Weinberger
It's Personal, by Kat Corbett
Ivory Miniature, by Robert Frink
Jack Werrett The Flood Man, by Rebecca Lloyd
Jesus Face, by John Hartman
Jim Lyons and the Shotgun, by Carolyn Plath
Jus in Bello, by Sean Brower
Just Heaven, by Sean McElhiney
Just the Janitor, by Ramona Scarborough
Kitsune, by Josh Bartolome
Kittygirl Vs. The Fiendish Brain Freezer!, by Dave M. Strom
Kizmet, by Mathieu Cailler
Knowledge 1975, by Margaret Ann Porter
La Sirène, by Lawrence King
Late Night Jitters, by Sharon Previti
Lefty, by John Doble
Legend of Lady Su, by B. Elliott Mason
Lenore, by Dwig Dixon
Leviathan_Tanpepper, by Saul Tanpepper
Life Like a Fair, by Sandra Cropsey
Like the Angels You Told Me About?, by Darlene Cah
Line in the Sand, by Mathieu Cailler
Litmus, by Lynn Sadler
Lizard's Kiss, by Jason Gelt
Look Both Ways, by Elizabeth Oness
Love, by Deryn Warren
Love is Louder, by Susan Hahn
Loveoid, by JL Morin
Lucky Man, by Bill Mesce
Machines for Singing, by Nick Wray
Maple, by Su Ching Teh
Marble Birds, by Timothy Hendricks
Marching Towards Golgotha, by Jordan Hill
McQueen for a Day, by Gina Cresse
Me and Bobby Snow, by Carla Deterding
Memories, by Valerie Drego
Mesquite and Hard Rain, by Matthew Wanniski
Minuteman Merlin, by Frederick Crook
Mirror Mirror, by Peter Cawdron
Missives from the Green Campaign, by David Armstrong
Mom, by Samuel Frandino
Mop Jockey, by Michael Ayoob
Mother's Day, by Mark Stevens
Mulligan Stew, by Charles Scott
Murder at the Playhouse, by Harold Emanuel
Muscled Clean Out the Dirt, by Ron Austin
Music City Two Step, by James Moore
My Happy Years, by Jann Else, Evlampia Demianeuk
My Lady Bright, by Stephen Evans
Nachman's Recipe, by Yvonne Fein
Nameless, Faceless, by Shawn Scuefield
New York Giants, by John W. Ashbrook
Night of the Rat, by Jason Gelt
No Bark, All Bite, by Timothy Hobbs
Nobody Will Ever Love You, by Anthony Howcroft
Nuevo Laredo, by Edward Varga
Oceans and Islands, by Jeannette Carlisle
Offsides: The College Football Revolution, by Ron Turner
On the Grave of Eddie Doolin, by John Harney
On Top of the World, by Katherine Rooks
One of Those Faces, by William Polf
One Star, by Timothy O'Leary
One Winter's Day in June, by Stephen Willis
Only Love Can Break Your Heart, by Fred Bubbers
Oregon Grinder, by Harold Bernard
Our Red Fish, by Chris Amato
Out Like a Lion, by Jason Gelt
Out of the Box, by Alison Juste
Pamela Jenkins, by Michael Kramer
Pandora's Box, by Nancy Christie
Panic Terror, by Zoe Copeman
Papier mache monster, by Robin Bower
Parabnormal Sisters, by DC Sayre
Park-and-Shop Karma, by Sheila Martin
Petey Immigrates North, Then Moves West, by Larry Menlove
Phoenix Squadron: The Last of the Few, by PJ Stephenson
Planet of Stones, by David Beshears
Polish Day, Kennywood Park, June 6, 1969, by Don Narkevic
Pont de la Mouri, by David Keffer
Powers Squared, by David Hankins
Prism, by John Gregory Hancock
Provisions, by Kira Lerner
Psycho Babbles, by Alison Reeger Cook
Questions I Don't Ask Bubby, by Cady Vishniac
Quick Study, by Vance Cariaga
Rain of Terror, by Valentina Reiken
Reap, by Anne Sweazy-Kulju
Redemption, by Sara Noë
Reflections, by Barry Brennessel
Religion, by Ellen Birkett Morris
Resurrection Of A Murder, by Tom Di Roma
Revenge of the Rabid, Killer Were-Possum, by Mark Keigley
Robin, by Robert Kornhiser
Rope, by Richard Willett
Rough Blocks, by Andy Bennett
Seaspan, by Sharon Powers
Secrets, by Deborah Greenberg
Seeds, by Daniel Davis-Williams
Seeking Forgiveness, by LaKesa Cox
Sex & Death, by Thomas Thonson
Shining Like Pink Stars, by Doug Peake
Shisha, by Marina Hatsopoulos
Shoot and Burn, by Elisabeth Annacone
Conch Without A Shell, by Lee Rohe
Sideways Down the Sky, by Barry Brennessel
Silent Invaders, by Shree
Slapstick Blues, by DC Diamondopolous
Slingin', by William Craig Pugh
Snapshots in Time, by Jenna Lapointe
Solipschism, by Robert G Ferrell
Son, Brother, Patriot, by Mark Sondrini
Sort Story Contest, by Dominique Bretin
Speaking to the Dead, by Amy Deterding
Special Delivery, by Jennifer Fromke
Special Heroes – Legend of the Super Eye Fly, by B. Elliott Mason
Spirit Dog, by Jack Dann
Stalking Mattice Bowman, by Amanda Lee
Stalled Symphony, by Liesl Wilke
Starfish – The Arbitrary Ocean, by Elizabeth Cooke
Step Up, Peter, by Thom Schwarz
Sunday in March, by Samsun Knight
Supply Run, by Josh Schwartz
Suspension, by Miriam Akhavan-Tafti
Suxy and Dave, by Bruce Graham
Syringe-Fed Ferrets, by Samuel Martin
Talent Show, by Jenny Ketrow
Tattoo, by James Carr
Tea for Two, by Bev Bachmann
Teacher's Pets, by Linda Rumney
Terminus, by Judith Dancoff
Testament, by Mark Havlik
Thanksgiving, by Jennifer S. Deayton
The Angel of Munitions, by Roy Smythe
The Apartment, by Anthony Strong
The Apple Fest Baking Queen of Marion County, by Heather Weisberger
The Ark, by Jenna Willett
The Awful Daring, by Ian Blake Newhem
The Biltmore Hotel, by Rodney Grantham
The Birches, by Amy Linner
The Black El Camino, by Minter Krotzer
The Black Pearl Necklace, by Ken Jones
The Bone Yard, by Fredrica Greene
The Burning Man, by Jack Halliday
The Caravan, by David Beshears
The Chat, by Brian d'Eon
The Cheek, by Kimberlee Koehn
The City Brigade, by Tim Murphy
The Corpse of Madeline Hill, by Edward Medina
The Crème de la Crème, by Chris Amato
The Cube, by Allison Ong
The D-Day Puzzle, by Carole Harrington
The Daemon Wedding, by Myron Pulier
The Darkness, by Justine Avery
The Desert Before Jerusalem, by John Mizelle
The Devil and Charlie Barrow, by Ronald Herron
The Downed, by Mi West
The Dragon's Tale, by Gregg Chamberlain
The Dybbuk, by Cady Vishniac
The EF76 Strain, by Howard Dunkley
The Escape, by Roshan Kalghatgi
The Ever Increasing Likelihood of Always, by Martin Kalanda
The Faith of Power, by Lee Patton
The Family Unit, by Laurence Klavan
The Fixer, by Clinton Cleveland
The Flat and Weightless Tang-Filled Future, by Lyn Hawks
The Followers of Bahá U'lláh, by Charles Leipart
The Former Things, by Drew MacDonald
The Fox, by Mark Brandi
The Game, by Fabian Acker
The Gifts We Didn't Receive, by Kenneth Dalrymple
The Girl Who Drowned a Goldfish, by Don Narkevic
The Girl Who Fished with a Worm, by Harry Groome
The Girl with the Autumn Hair, by Teodora Gaydarova
The Glass, by Raymond (R.A.) Chatelin
The Godfarmer, by yacine kouhen
The Golden Arowana, by Will Pei
The Good Food, by Michael Ezell
The History of Small West Texas Towns, by Brent Smith
The House on Shiloh Street, by Adam Meyer
The Kill Table, by Tracy DeBrincat
The Kite Maker, by Brenda Peynado
The Knotted Gun, by Mary Vettel
The Last Hurrah, by Mark Stevens
The Last Wheel of Cheese, by Igor Reznitsky
The Legend of Frank Duggan, by Joseph Harrington
The Lightning Bug Wars, by Gary Shockley
The Loan, by Lesley Heiser
The Lost Lives App, by Chet Martin
The Madichon, by Ryan McMenamie
The Magic Circle, by Terence Waeland
The Man in the Corner, by ZJ Czupor
The Man with a House on His Back, by Elaine Dodge
The Master Race, by Alexander Blake
The Mother Earth Insurgency, by Joseph Follansbee
The Mushroom Hunter, by Lynne Williams
The Mysterious Murder of Marvin King, by RC Jerome
The Offer, by Aidan Traynor
The Painter, by Lara Tupper
The Purification, by Timothy OLeary
The Quantum War, by Nori Nettleton
The Quest, by Shehryar Khawar
The Queue, by L Michael Hager
The Rabbi's Story, by Joe Dowling
The Rainbow Collector, by Valerie Collins
The Rats, by Amanda Williams, Paislee House
The Resurrection Man, by Shawn Scuefield
The Rose and the Whip, by Jeanie Hodges
The Ruby, by Molly Adams
The Russian & Aunt Sophia, by Rita Moreau
The Russian Officeer, by Elaine Slater
The Salehs, by Farah Ahamed
The Sewer, The Son and The Sami, by Kaz Cai
The Shadow in the Wid, by Lazaros Zigomanis
The Shadow King, by D.C. Lozar
The Shiver Test, by Ruth Knafo Setton
The Silver Dollar, by Robert Boeder
The Silver Lair, by Albert Kerns
The Sixth Man, by Robert Lamb
The Square of Stars, by Laurence Klavan
The Stan; Father, Son, Findin Bombs, by Dan Talley
The Star Next Door, by David Hoenig
The Sylph's Tale or Ayekah the Damned, by Marta Weeks
The Tale of Brigita and Klement, by Myron Pulier
The Thirty Third, by Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus
The Three Books of Shama, by Benjamin Kwakye
The Tour Guide, by Yoav Katz
The Traveling Couch, by Jaclyn Salemme
The Truth about the Little Mermaid, by Makiko Hirata
The Ultimate Bet, by Frank Victoria
The Violin, by paul garrety
The Water Singers, by Iris Chinook
The Ways We Get By, by Joe Dornich
The Winding Staircase, by David Keffer
The Wrath, by Matt G. Perry
They Drove on Streets Paved with Kindness., by John Bauer
This Is Not My Life, by Susan Goldstein
Those Who Walk The Earth: The Dog Who Ate The World, by Mary Stevens
Time for Obsession, by Stephen Willis
Tommy Fitz' West Side Journal, by Tom Flynn
Tracking the Lions, by Marina Hatsopoulos
Treasure on Boxaurie Mountain, by Margaret Cook
Trip Wires, by Tom Glenn
Trojan, by Elliot Seidel
Trouble, by Townsend Walkr
Twilight Interlude, by Carl Rauscher
Two Scorpions, by Lexia Snowe
Untangled Lines, by Chase McFadden Up the River, by Wayne Page
Valor, by Lorna Hartman
Venerable, by Albert Kerns
Veritas, by Kylie Calwell
Walking with You, Racine, by Jeanne Watson
Watcher, by Gareth Mitton
Waves, by Christina Chiu
Wearing a Dead Man's Bones, by Bill DeArmond
Welcome to Work World!, by Nancy Nelson
What If?, by Martin Eisenberg
When Rudolph Was Kidnapped, by Christine DeSmet
Where The Lost Things Live, by Steven Kendall
Where to Send the Dogs, by Penn Javdan
Whisper In My Ear, Maxine, by Glenda Ganis
Wind Rider: A Legend Lost, by Michael Creed
Winning and Losing…Mostly Losing, by Larry Caringer
Winterworld, by Lyndsie Manusos
With Baby Wynona, by Cady Vishniac
Wolf Note, by Libby Jacobs
Women Bathing, by Judith Dancoff
World in Progress, by Lori White
Yackety-Yak (Don't Talk Back), by Chris Vincent

Updated: 01/25/2018

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