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Messages posted since 07/26/2014

Topic: Movie Master to Final Draft

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/19/06 03:00 AM

I'm sending out an S-O-S.

This is going way back, but I have a DOS version of Movie Master, as if there were a Windows version.

Anyway, I need to find out a way to get my scripts on Final Draft6.

I've tried to cut and paste. I've tried to print and just retype, but I also added a new printer, which didn't recognize DOS. I even purchased an old printer, but I'm not having any luck.

I have very limited tech skills/knowledge, so I'm just going to bite the bullet and take my computer to Fryes. I just need to give them instructions on what to do. I know some people on this board know exactly how to do/say what I need for them to know and do.

Please, anyone with a heart.

Topic: Movie Master to Final Draft

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/26/06 03:29 AM

Okay, thanks for the help. I'll try. It'll help to know how to save to "Rich Text".

Topic: Movie Master to Final Draft

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/26/06 03:32 AM

Oh, to answer the first poster's question, no I cannot print my script from Movie Master, because I bought a new printer, which doesn't recognize DOS. Donated the old one. Then I bought an old used one that I hoped was compatible, but I'm so techno delayed, it's pathetic.

Topic: Movie Master to Final Draft

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/26/06 03:32 AM

Oh, to answer the first poster's question, no I cannot print my script from Movie Master, because I bought a new printer, which doesn't recognize DOS. Donated the old one. Then I bought an old used one that I hoped was compatible, but I'm so techno delayed, it's pathetic.

Topic: Pitch Sessions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/24/08 03:09 AM

I used to go to a good pitch sessions that were held by Eva Peel. I wonder what happened to her pitch sessions. Anyone know of any good pitch festivals or Eva's pitch sessions. I know of one that is a bit too much around $400 bucks, which includes a pitching lessons. That's not where I want to spend my money.

Topic: Pitch Sessions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/25/08 04:05 AM

Thanks, guys!

Topic: Today's Serious Writers Have. . .

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 05/29/08 01:50 AM

I'm getting back to screenwriting after placing well in the past. After a five year hiatus, I am wondering what is to be expected of today's serious writers.

Do I need a website w/wo my scripts for download?

Plus, there was one competition that had the option of sending scripts via a PDF file. Yes, I do know what a PDF file is, but I have no clue on how to create and email one.

That got me thinking, am I behind the trend?

Topic: Today's Serious Writers Have. . .

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 05/30/08 03:39 AM

Thanks, all. I have Final Draft, but not the latest version. I purposely did not purchase Final Draft 7, because it had bugs. Hopefully, I can do something with the versio I do have.

Topic: Today's Serious Writers Have. . .

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 05/31/08 03:59 AM

When I get a moment and some patience, I am going to practice sending my script via PDF.

Topic: Today's Serious Writers Have. . .

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/02/08 03:10 AM

Has anyone ever heard of Eva Peel's pitch sessions. I went about six years ago, and they were great and reasonable. I can't find any RECENT information about her or her pitch sessions. Now, I'm wondering what happened.

Topic: Today's Serious Writers Have. . .

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/03/08 04:53 AM

Gee, well, that's more recent than what I have.

Topic: Today's Serious Writers Have. . .

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/05/08 03:22 AM

Oh, that would be wonderful, Terri. Thanks in advance.

Topic: Today's Serious Writers Have. . .

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/09/08 03:44 AM

Thanks, [b] Terry.[/b]

Wow, Eva is no longer doing pitch sessions; that's unfortunate. Hopefully, she moved on to better and brighter.

Topic: Today's Serious Writers Have. . .

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/09/08 03:47 AM

Thanks, Terry.

Wow, Eva is no longer doing pitch sessions; that's unfortunate. Hopefully, she moved on to better and brighter.

Topic: Protagonist help desperately needed!!!!

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/13/08 05:02 AM


quite possibly have a change of heart and make your supporting character the protagonist.

In my opinion, if a character rings true to you, you might want to reconsider your protagonist.

I had a similar problem, in that, a suppporting character was taking the (romantic) lead. In my writing workshop, people were loving the supporting character, and his faults. Some people wanted to know more about him, because he was fascinating, even though he had no redeeming qualities. They wanted to know this guy's every step. (I guess everyone loves a bad guy, every now and then)

However, he simply could not be the romantic lead, but I made him a strong contender, by giving him a positive trait or two. Of course, I let the reader know that they should root for the real romantic lead, by making him the underdog, in the worst way, and introducing him into the story before the supporting lead.

In a nutshell, I did consider making the supporting character a lead, but I felt I had a stronger story with the lead. The only reason I think people were so attached to the supporting character was, because he was introduced earlier than the lead, and he had more (funny) lines/events in the first act.

Plus, I knew this supporting character more than the others. I knew how he spoke, walked, and looked. To counter that, I made the lead dynamic by making him unsure of how he should speak and look and writing in some funny events with him.

Hey, that's my ritual!

Topic: Pearson / Kessler Prods.

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/28/08 04:14 AM

I think the concerns lie in the legitimacy of the prod. company. No one wants to waste their time with a company that is not established.

Topic: Anyone heard of Writer's Literary Agency?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/30/08 03:45 AM

Any angency that charges you money to represent your work is a sham, no matter how sly they do it. Eric, you need to go out and start looking for another agency. I'm sure it will take you some time, so please don't waste another minute with this company. October is only a few months away, hopefully, you will be well on your way to finding another agency.

If you get an offer for representation before October, well, a good agency will wait, and you need to tell me your secret. All the best luck!

Topic: The Movie Deal is no longer a Dream Leecher! :)

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/30/08 04:03 AM

I like that they have more than one screenplay category. However, I always have a question, when it comes to romantic comedies. Do they fall into the comedy category? My guesss is yes, but I always wonder about it.

Any thoughts?


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/02/08 04:17 AM

I'm wondering if someone were to win a fellowsip with Disney, what will be the schedule? I work full-time, and I'm wondering whether I should even bother.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/04/08 02:21 AM

Ben (and I guess others) are you actually winning these contests or at least making money from them?


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/05/08 03:20 AM

Everyone, the links were great, and this is coming from someone who is not a newbie, just someone who was out of the game for far too long.

I went from placing in 90% of contest to 0%, and that was because of depression.

Now, I'm back in stride.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/19/08 03:49 AM

I just wanted to say that today, I attended a funeral of a black WWII soldier.

Plus, the first American soldier was black Crispus Attucks, who was the first matyr of the American Revolution during the Boston Massacre.

In regards to Janet, I think she brought up some concerns, which were valid, but I think a twin, no matter what era, would look for the suspect of his twin's death.

However, when I read the logline, I assumed the jazz singer was black, since it was an original black art form.

Personally, I'm concentrating on getting more bang for my buck. That means pitching and entering highly regarded contests, which appears to be about three.

I'm coming off a very long hiatus, so if anyone knows of any good pitch festivals that I should keep a look out for, it'll be greatly appreciated.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/19/08 04:02 AM

By the way, where can I read the script, as if I have the free time?

Topic: Final Draft Pitch Sessions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/21/08 03:35 AM

Final Draft is offering pitching and is charging by the session, which is unusual. I prefer a flat fee oppose to being charged 90 bucks for each session.

I'm more suprised that I didn't hear anything from this board about the event.

Any thoughts?

Topic: Final Draft Pitch Sessions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/21/08 10:03 PM


Perhaps, I should have been clearer.

I'm talking about $90 per pitch to each agents and or production companies. Essentially, you get one 15 minute visit per $90, two visits with agents/manager/ per $180, and so forth.

I have gone to pitch sessions, and they usually are a flat fee. You get to sign up with as many people as you can. That helps if you have more than one genre, and you would like to pitch more than one script.

The way Final Draft has it, it is very (finacially) limiting. One plus, is that it does offer classes and seminars on how to pitch and other screenwriting related subjects. I love that, however I wanted to see if people were pursuing this avenue. If they did or were considering it, what was their take on it.

Topic: Entertaiment Lawyer

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/24/08 07:51 PM


I like to think that I value a dollar probably more than anyone on this board. However, there comes a time, in which you have to consider more than a hourly fee. Ever hear of the addage, you get what you pay for? Yes, $300 to $500 can be saved, but if you have an inexperience lawyer, who doesn't know the ins and out, go over contracts, you might be spending or losing more than a few hundred bucks.

Of course, you can say the new attorney may be top of his or her class, but he or she may not be aware of all of the perks that can make a big difference, such as royalties, producing credit, sequels, video game royalties, merchandising, and whatever that can be dreamed up on a contract, since things change all the time.

Topic: Final Draft Pitch Sessions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/25/08 04:53 AM

Okay, today, I went ahead and forked over the cash to pitch, and I will be living up at the event the whole weekend to get my money's worth.

I did so, because I am notorious for not marketing. I have told myself that I am looking at this screenwriting as a job, in which I must do something proactive on both sides of the coin, marketing and writing. I got the latter, so I guess I'm half-way there.

Topic: Outline help

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/26/08 02:16 AM

Are you talking about a treatment?

Topic: Help!! Formatting Question

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/30/08 03:52 AM


So you don't use "Back to Scene"?

Does anyone use "Insert"?

Topic: Formatting Dream Sequences/Other Realities

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/31/08 02:53 AM

Although the suggestive script isn't a dream filled script, I suggest you read or watch the Sixth Sense.

It plays it straight, and there is no confusion.

At the end, it reveals that the Willis' character is dead, but there was no fuss over reality or the afterworld stuff. For all anyone knew, they were watching reality from the psychologist and the child's point-of-view.

That's what I mean by playing it straight. If your character is delusional, but he or she is not aware of it. I think you should play the character straight. Only to reveal at a key point, usually the end, that the person was in a dream-like state.

However, I should caution you, in that you don't want your screenplay to read like a soap. Since dreams are key elements used in soaps.

For example, I think one way to avoid that is if you have your script showing the dream, and you close with your character in a wheelchair or bedridden, unable to do the things in the dream.

Topic: ADAM the script consultant

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 09/16/08 02:54 AM

Why would anyone bother with a script consultant?

Would any exec care if they like your script?

I think an exec would only care if they liked it, or if your script was referred from someone they know or respect, not a script consultant for hire.

Topic: Derivative Fluff? Sure-fire hit?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 09/18/08 04:02 AM

A little Dexter-ish, which is a Showtime show about a serial killer, who kills murderers and serial muderers, but he does it for his deep seeded need to kill, not for notoriety.

Topic: Write a screenplay, spend money

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 09/26/08 05:17 AM


Take a tip from me. Do not enter all of these contests, most of them are bogus, especially the ones outside of California, with the exception of Austin. At the most, there are about seven that are legit.

Second tip:

Do not pay for coverage. The people you are paying to read your script have no say so over whether your script gets read. The only one you should care about reading your script is the person who might buy your script. Once more, never pay someone to read your script.

If you must have someone read your script and you should, please have a select group read aloud your script, and you can have that done with a writer's group.

Third tip: You should join a good writer's workshop and be open to criticism. The more criticism you can take and use, the better writer you will be. This writer's workshop should not break the bank. Look at junior colleges and see if they offer workshops.

Plus, being in a workshop, tends to spark your creative juices and gets you more motivated to network and market. Plus, there is always someone from the group, who gets a gig in the industry, and they will visit the group to toss a bone.

Tip four: Do go to pitch sessions. None of that online stuff and don't post your script on the internet.

Tip five: Do get the Hollywood Script Directory and pitch. Pitch until you bleed.

Tip five: Oh, and you should buy a good book or two. Ken Rotcop has a good book on the business side of selling your script.

The most important tip: Keep yourself in shape. Look youthful and trim. Dress current and fresh. Too many times I see people at pitch sessions looking like they spend too much time eating, or they dress in beige and black.

Now, beige and black are nice, if they are ironed and are not something that could have been worn ten years ago. In essence, if you go to a meeting with something that has been in your closet a decade ago, do not think to wear it to a session with a producer.

Remember, Hollywood is about image. Age is a factor, so if you tend to look haggard, I suggest you invest in a good makeover.

This is what I learned.

Topic: Fade In's Hollywood Power Pitch Festival

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 09/26/08 05:22 AM

How much is the pitch festival?

Topic: Fade In's Hollywood Power Pitch Festival

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 10/13/08 05:07 AM

Thanks, Jenna.

I finally got the ad for it. I have to think about going.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/05/08 03:20 AM

I'm with Roy on this one, although he may have used some choice words.

I think screenwriters need to be more selective to whom, they send their money.

Anyone can give you an opinion of your script, and it does not have to have a fee attached to it.

The only person you really should want to read your script is a person in position to get it sold.

In the meantime and before you give it to the person in position, you should join a screenwriter's group and hammer out your script there. You will learn what works, as you read enough turkey scripts in your group, and you will learn when you read gems.

Topic: Final Draft Pitch Sessions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/05/08 03:45 AM

Yes, the Expo charges a heck of a lot more.

Pitch sessions are getting expensive, but I do not think Final Draft was bogus. I do think they had some whack people, who were not necessarily open to new writers.

One agent flat out said he was not interested in taking in new clients or reading new material, before I even pitched ($89 wasted). I talked to other attendees, and they had pretty much the same story on the guy.

I had one major producer who asked to read my sci-fi, when I was trying to pitch a rom-com, a genre that is her forte.

After I sent my script, she read it, liked the idea, but she said she was not looking for sci-fi. She was looking for rom-com.

I knew this, when I pitched her my two rom-com. When she asked me if I had anything else, that was when I told her I only had this one sci-fi, that did well in a contest or two.

I specifically told her it was a sci-fi. She even asked me about the budget and etc, so it was not a figment of my imagination.

With all that said, I did appreciate that she wanted to read my material, and that she responded in a timely fashion. I can tell that she read the whole script, and I genuinely appreciate that.

I did have another positive experience that could have turned negative. I signed up for a big prod. company, but they canceled. A sub was sent in, and he represented a publishing company (manuscirpts).

He said one of my rom-comedy would make a good novel, and he gave his email to me to submit the material, if I can write 300 pages. He offered no guarantees, but I did check his company, and they are major.

What I did like about FD pitch was that it offered 15 minutes of pitching, which to my surprised offered opportunities for me to chat up these people. I had only enough dough to get 3 pitches (luckily, I got a 2 for 1 offer); only three pitches, was scary enough. On top of that, you had to pitch for 15 minutes. I thought those 15 minutes, oppose to the standard 5, would be enough of a noose to hang myself. Surprisingly, I was able to use the extra time to make something happen for me.

The only negative was that, if there was a sub, like in my case with the publisher, they need to find a comparable sub, since not everyone is down to write a novel. Another bonus were the classes that were offered, most were free of charge.

Topic: Final Draft Pitch Sessions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/07/08 05:00 AM

Well, $25 does not seem like too much. They must have lowered their prices, since I suspect they were too high. All I know was that I got frustrated trying to navigate their site to find out how much the pitch sessions cost.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/07/08 05:29 AM

"Okay I have to throw my two cents in since I know Colin."

Perhaps, you know him so well, because you are Collin. For argument's sake, I will call you Colin's friend.

Colin's friend, do you know you are posting under Colin's name? I just thought you might want to check out that small detail, since you are in he business of consulting others on what they write.

Personally, if you wnat to make money selling your services that is fine, but I will say what I think others should know that they do not necessarily need to pay people to read their scripts.

My opinion of script consultants, is that I am sure there are some good ones out there, but they just give opinions. If you are a decent writer, that really will not help you. If you are a bad writer, the critique will help you somewhat or discourage you.

However, none of that critiquing will act as a magic ghost writer, that will guarantee success.

Nope, I feel once you pay, get your critique, you are on you own. As a writer, you need to know and be exposed to the craft. Reading what someone tells you what is wrong or right about your script works on a minimum level. You can blindly go in the wrong direction if you are not guided by experience, such as working in workshops, classes, and etc.

In a nutshell, writing is an exercise, much like basketball. Someone can tell you that you are a good or a bad outside shooter, but it does not tell you how to master it or give you a plan on how to win the game of basketball.

The critique


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/07/08 05:31 AM

Sorry about the typos. Too bad this site does not have a edit button.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/10/08 12:06 AM

Sorry, Collin C. My bad.

Topic: ELA Advertising

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 02/01/09 03:17 AM

Any thoughts on ELA Advertising?

The advertising cause me to pause, but I was wondering whether anyone had any experience with them.

Topic: ELA Advertising

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 02/12/09 04:12 AM

Very true. I was just trying to figure out what is the deal with Moviebyte's emailing this odd duck.

It got me wondering whether someone actually had any experience with these emailed companies.

(Sorry so late to respond.)

Topic: How do I send a pdf a script to a contest?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 04/03/09 05:59 AM

Okay, I'm a technically slow. Can someone explain in basic terms how to email a pdf. script to Scriptalooza contest?

I click on their browse button, but a pdf choice is not there.

Help. Please.

Topic: How do I send a pdf a script to a contest?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 04/04/09 03:01 AM

Thanks you guys, for your help.

Terry, I have Final Draft, so your words were very practical and easy to put to use. Most importanly, it worked.

Topic: The Dreaded TV Popups

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/06/09 05:07 AM

They have invented something to stop TIVO users from passing through commercials. I just hope they do not do that to my DVR.

Topic: Nay or Yea on Logline

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/11/09 04:53 AM

I will have to say nay. It needs to be tighter.

You say his "late" wife, then you describe he gets a job to knock off his father-in-law. By law, he isn't his FIL anymore, just a technicality.

But. . .

I do not see why you have to say late wife; it just seems unnecessary. Leave it for the script.

My suggestions:

If your script were a comedy, I would say to write something like this: What happens when a hit man's last hit is to knock off his father-in-law? For some, they would call it murder but not before hilarity pursues.

If your script is a dram, I would write something like this:

John goes about his job as a hit man with minimum waste, but he finds the ultimate challenge, when his mark is his father-in-law.

If you need to mention the "late" wife.... here's one:

Knocking off your dead wife's family, for some, it would be unconscionable, but for Joe the Hit man, it would be what he would call life.

Topic: Top ten screenwriting contests?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/18/09 04:11 AM

I heard Sundance, as well, was a who-you-know kind of deal, so I never bothered with it.

Now, that I'm getting back into the contest game, I just figured I would only put my money on a competition that offered significance and money.

If you objectively look at the contests there are not that many that offer much. I think you would be hard press to really find ten legit contests.

Perhaps, five and I'm being quite liberal.

In the past, there were not that many competitions, hence less scams to enter and fall prey to in my opinion.

The formula of demanding a contest offer a significant cash prize and major significance appears to work for me and my wallet. Back in the day, I won an internship in another field of writing and was offered a permanent job. I had even less money to mess around with then, so it does not take a multitude of contest to increase your chances of getting through the door.

This year, I only entered two competitions which are Nichols and Scriptapalooza. The latter I only entered because of positive talk on this board and their website.

I have my fingers crossed, look for Tracy N.

Topic: Opinions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/18/09 04:26 AM

Personally, I was told not to virtual pitch.

If you think of it, you never meet these individuals, and you have to ask yourself what producer would want to cruise the net for pitches.

How is that so much different than querries?

The only difference is that you send a querry (sp?) to addresses that were given to you over the phone from legit companies.

If you pitch in person, you see a live person, who took the time to see you, even if it is to dismiss you.

Topic: Oh learned Ones, which screenplay format?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/20/09 06:24 AM

I don't have the latest and the greatest FD, so needless to say I do not have to be bothered with that problem.

If I had to guess I would say use the one that says screenplay.fdt.

Topic: Top ten screenwriting contests?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/20/09 06:30 AM

Very expertly stated, Michael.

Topic: In-the-vein-of suggestions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/21/09 04:48 AM

Why do you need to list any movies?

Topic: Top ten screenwriting contests?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/23/09 04:26 AM

'Nuf said!

I guess we can conclude that there are no top TEN contests.

There are probably only three, with one being far superior and the others being a distant second and third runner up.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/08/09 05:18 AM

I'm late to the game, but I wonder whether your character's voice is used for narration.

If it is not, I would not use VO.

Plus, I would not use OS, because he is not off screen.

This is how I would write it.

JOHN, camps out under the sheets, his tanned hand is the only part of him that is exposed.

JOHN (under the sheets) Write dialogue.

In the scene in which we do see John, I would say the following:

John, no longer hiding under the sheets, is quite tall and tan. . .

Topic: Log line help

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/09/09 03:28 AM

Deceit, backstabbing, and man stealing always kept Betty and Sue feuding 24-7. Who says women can't get along from 9 to 5, when they have an enemy in common, their boss?

Gee, I was hoping to reap the benefits of a bad economy and see less scripts entered.

Oh, well, it just goes to show you can't count on lack of entries. Your script has to be strong no matter what, since that will be its saving grace.

Topic: query response time

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/09/09 03:38 AM

I would give him or her another week, since I think a month is a good wait time. Then, I would shoot them an email.

Topic: My PAGE Feedback Rant ...

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/11/09 03:31 AM

Gosh, with some many people placing well in this competition, I wonder does anything materialize from the contest, besides coverage?

That's a good conclusion.

Topic: query response time

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/14/09 03:13 AM

You have to clarify your question.

Are you saying you got a request to read your script out of the blue?

Topic: My PAGE Feedback Rant ...

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/14/09 03:20 AM

Re: My non-use of my real name

I have been posting on this board for well over ten years, minus five or so.. . with my real name.

With a new email account and a hasty registration, I posted what you see to this day.

I have posted my real name in one of my post, so that has to count for something.

Topic: film independent screenwriters lab

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/20/09 04:15 AM

Hey, a crazy thought just entered my head.

What if Irin is the creator of all those contests he wins?

Nope, okay.. but I got a big imagination, so I just dream up shite, but it would be crazy if it were true.

Needless to say, it's late, and I'm just playing on the computer.

Anyway, congrats, Irin.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/24/09 04:00 AM

First off, I would change the name of the script, but it is a good premise, though it reminds me a bit of the Early Bird.

This needs a bit of tweaking. . .

What does a player do, when he is chased by thugs? Go deep undercover as a resident in a nursing home.

Topic: FYI ~~ Nicholl Fellowships

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/31/09 03:36 AM

I'm out. I didn't write Oscar caliber work, just what I thought was a grown-up rom-com.

Congrats to, John and the folks who made the quarter finals.

Topic: BlueCat Winner Announced

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/03/09 03:36 AM

Me too!

The title very unnecessary, but it is attention grabbing.

It actually made me click on this thread.

As I read the logline, it does not entice me.

Now, if it's a comedy, it might get my butt in a seat at a theatre.

Topic: One Script, How Many Contests?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/03/09 03:39 AM

Didn't Stephen place in Nichol's?

If so, I might change me mind about this coverage business.

If, he gives up the info.

Topic: AAA Screenplay Contest

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/05/09 04:33 AM

Funny, I got two email from this contest announcing finalists and winners -- three times.

I got to thinking, dang, did I enter a contest via my sleep walking disorder.

I'm surprised people who actually did enter were not notified in a timely fashion.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/07/09 04:52 AM

First, I do not think you should list the man's age, especially if he is darn near a senior citizen. Remember, it's all about youth. Let them read your script and fall in love with it, before you give them reason not to read it.


A man spent years following the rules, until the rules meant stepping down from his position. With no more rules to abide to, a life of crime becomes his new code to follow.

Topic: Formatting questions on  HOLOGRAMS

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/17/09 04:33 AM

Jan hits a button on a small device.

A free floating

hologram appears of a 3-D Victorian house,

rotating in circles above the table.

The newlyweds gaze at the hologram, this is their dream house.

Topic: Formatting questions on  HOLOGRAMS

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/17/09 04:39 AM

To add to my post, I do not think you need to put the Holograms as a scene heading, insertion, or a POV, so there is no need for caps.

Just add it in the action, but make it stand out.

Plus, there is no need to add: Dream House

Either say it's a hologram of a typical home in the hood, a Bev. Hills mansion, or etc.

Topic: WGA, what to do, what to do?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/18/09 05:07 AM

Once I copyright, I never bother to submit revisions, because there are too damn many of them.

I figured if I keep my revisions under 33% than I'm okay.

Who cares if I add a major character or a scene?

If 2/3 of the story is there, I figure I'm safe.

I picked up this little rule by reading up on plagiarism suits, in which the WGA pretty much said siginificant contributions were roughly at the 33% mark.

Topic: Remaking Dirty Dancing?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/24/09 05:00 AM


Why don't you approach someone who is doing off Broadway productions to use your script?

I believe Tyler Perry started in the off Broadway with his plays.

Anyway, it builds up a following, and it might be easier to bring your script to life.

Topic: I'm fed up with contests extending deadlines!!

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/25/09 05:54 AM

Nothing is fair with a lot of these contests, because most of them are rigged to pad the pockets of the contest creator.

Few are on the up and up.

With that said, personally, I do not care if a contest moved the deadline. I come to expect it, because as said earlier, they need to make their money.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 09/15/09 05:12 AM

I'm digging it, man.

It could be like, Talk to Me, and Don Cornelius could be portrayed in the vein of Peety Green.

In that just like the audience watched Peety jump start his dj career, the same came be done watching Cornelius bring life to Soul Train.

Topic: Mistakes

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 09/27/09 05:02 AM

Never will I say joining a writer's group is a bad idea. It helps, because it keeps you on your toes.

The criticism I love, because that is what you need to hear not sweet nothings. Plus, there are always the gems of suggestions that you would have never thought of, until someone in your group suggested it.

The mistake I see is sending material out too early. Now, that's a mistake and letting your friend read to early.

Topic: Contests that have gotten you requests...?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 12/23/09 04:13 AM

Hey, what happened to Trackingb and Think It? I don't see them on the contest list.

Topic: Question Oh Learned Ones?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 12/25/09 03:44 AM

I don't see why you cannot enter scripts of that nature into the same contest, as long as the story stands alone and not dependent on the other.

In short, if Story B has a beginning, middle, and end, then why not?

However, if the beginning of Story B is relied heavily on Story A, then maybe you should reconsider.

In regards to the technical question, you should continue to write the character's name and not the pronoun.

Topic: What's the difference?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/02/10 04:14 AM

I wonder whether Movie Magic was once called Movie Master.

Does anyone know the history of this product, because I suspect that it had a name change?

Topic: What's the difference?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/04/10 06:50 AM

Thanks. I always wondered about it.

Topic: PAGE Awards just lost all credibility IMO.

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 05/03/10 04:41 AM

Gosh, darn near 70 bucks is expensive, especially since they do not have a romantic comedy category, in which my scripts fall.

Yes, they have comedy, they have every category, but not specifically romantic comedy.

Topic: Peer Review Websites: Great Place to Start

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 05/19/10 03:54 AM

I use to be a pare of a writer's group; I would love the reading and the critiques.

Now, I guess I should explore this. It sounds interesting, thanks for the tip.

Topic: Peer Review Websites: Great Place to Start

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 05/19/10 03:57 AM

Geez, I can't even edit my post, and I am considering offering a written critique.

I meant to say I was PART of a writer's group.

Topic: 2010 Contests to Enter & Why

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/07/10 05:41 AM

I need some clarification.

The Slamdance has separate categories for its screenplay competition, but I wondering if you entered one category does it eliminate you from the other (what looks like main) category.

For example, I am considering entering, but I discovered they have a category called Script Accessible - (Screenplay highlighting characters with disabilities and/or stories and themes pertinent to disabled people.) Well, I have a script that features a handicap supporting character, but the prize is just a measly grand, while the other category offers a larger prize.

Anyway, I'm a bit confused. Why would anyone want to enter the contest and eliminate themselves from the grand prize, which is only offered in the main category?

Any thoughts to help me clear up this manner?


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/10/10 04:41 AM


I read Up to Date. Very good. I listed as The Soul. I have uploaded as of yet. I still want to get a feel of the site.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/10/10 05:14 AM

Oh, I read Courtship, nice title.

Anyway, I couldn't find Wedding Knight.

Topic: % of viable entries

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/12/10 05:17 AM

That's not entirely true.

I had a couple of scripts that placed high -- up to the finals, but time did not serve them well.

Flash forward, and I'm trying to get my groove.

I think writing is fickle. If it reads old or the theme is played out, then it will get passed up for something fresher.

Topic: Romantic Comedies

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/27/10 03:00 AM

Is anyone out there writing rom-com, besides me?

I wondered which contest are open to them, in that they actually have highly placed rom-com screenplays.

It does not appeared to be any at all, because the ones I've entered or considered, don't even have a category for the rom-com.

The closest I can get is simply, comedy, which is a very broad genre.

Topic: Romantic Comedies

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/28/10 04:59 AM

I will explore some of the suggestions.

In the meantime, I will have to save my money, have someone read them, and do the pitching route, the odds are better for me.

Topic: Scriptapalooza?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/29/10 04:35 AM

Wow, those are a lot of quaterfinalists, too bad I'm not one of them.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/02/10 05:47 AM

With all the scripts they report to read, it's amazing they have time to write articles on the toil and labor of reading scripts.

Shouldn't they be recuperating from the sheer exhaustion that comes with the job to ever think of recounting the labor intensive event of the past?


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/02/10 05:50 AM

I wanted to add that personally, I don't care what they write. For the most part, contests are overrated, but it does give some validation to the writers who place and or win.

With that sad, it still won't sell your script, and that is really all I care about as a writer.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/03/10 04:24 AM


On the website, Terri states she is a Director of Development for Rob Gallagher prod.

On another website, he has a bad rep.

I wonder whether she tried to push Gallagher your way. Anyway, if she creates a thorough script coverage and keeps it above board, I don't really care, but. . .


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/04/10 03:24 AM

Same here.

I just want a solid critique, which shows me the short-comings of the script.

I just got a little concerned reading posts about her business partner.

Thanks for the insight on Terri.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/18/10 05:14 AM

Wow, Stephen!

Teri does a great job. She gave me a "consider", but I was more impressed with the details on what I have to do to send this one out of the ballpark.

I will have to print out and go over it, bit by bit, because there are MANY of them. It was funny. She spent a good two pages talking about what she loved about the story, and then BAM!

I was hit with the bulletin points of what needs to be shored up in the story.

Hopefully, I will be up to speed, because I am forgoing any contest, other than the three heavy hitters, and that is after Terri gets a look at it.

Beyond that, I want to get the material ready for when I pitch it and get requests.

Thanks for the recommendation.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/25/10 03:14 AM

It's cute, but I guess you must fork over some bucks for the decent sounding voices, otherwise, you'll get that computer generated generic sounding thing that's on Final Draft.


Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/26/10 04:10 AM

It makes a distinction, because I clicked on a button. Wouldn't you know it, there were two choices.

However, if you see it as being a tool you would need I don't want to discourage you.

Topic: How fast?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 10/19/10 04:01 AM

The fastest script I wrote took two weeks, and it did well in competition without any revisions. However, it was freaky, because I actually saw the villain staring at me through my front door.

That was some crazy -- but I was waking up from a nap on the sofa.

Anyway... that was way back in the day.

I'll have to cosign to this: "Usually, it's closer to 5 months. I spend most of the time 1) preparing, 2) writing the first 10 pages (hard to start), and 3) rewriting (some of the time in the shower and commuting)."

Topic: Be Careful Sharing Screenplays!

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/28/10 03:53 AM

What is Fox's purpose for suing?

Really, is there money for studying produced scripts?

I remember back in the day, I paid some guy off the street for a copy of T2. It wasn't as if they had some established place to purchase scripts; there was the Writer's Guild, in which to read scripts.

Anyway, I can see if these scripts were in production, but if it's on the screen, I don't see a problem.

Topic: Amazon Studios

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/28/10 05:57 AM

Okay, I was in a quandry, so I went straight to YouTube to makes some sense of all of this.

Here is what Amazon says:

Here is the rebuttal:

Here it is the dummy's version:

Since I know nothing of RTF, other than it sounds like a pain, I will skip this contest.

Well, that's what I think at this very moment.

Topic: Amazon Studios

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/29/10 02:45 AM

I think I'll put my second-rate script out there to see how it does.

I do not have too much confidence to put my best work out there.

Topic: Amazon Studios

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/29/10 02:47 AM

Oh, what is RTF and how do I turn my FD into it.

Topic: Amazon Studios

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/30/10 02:44 AM

I was thinking of putting out a B-level script, because I did not want to chance holding up a superior script.

I'm afraid of the unknown and the truly weird.

Am I to believe others can take credit for something I slave over for well over a year?

Plus, if I put a B-level script out there, that needs some fixing, I would not mind giving someone credit, but a superior script that is pretty much ready to go?

To me, a B-level I can fix with suggestions from the readers, but I still do not know how all that works.

Do I have to take their suggestions or can I ignore them?

Anyway, if one or two of them come up with a solution to my script that works, I would not mind giving them a slice of the pie.

I can be happy with that.

Topic: Amazon Studios

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/30/10 02:47 AM

Oh, thanks, Robert for the RTF tutorial.

I knew that, but I suffer from CRS . . .

Can't remember shite.

Topic: Movie made is close to my screenplay. Any rights?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 12/31/10 06:04 AM

There are ideas, and then there is a flesh and bone story.

Matt, the idea you mentioned robots duking it out is quite like a gladiator theme, so there will be similar ideas to that.

However, we all have our secret recipe to making our special sauces.

Now, if you see 1/3 of your dialogue up on the big screen. . . it would be enough by WGA guidelines to consider a copyright infringement.

With that said, as a once newbie myself, I often would see something and think the very same thing. That was until I saw how crappy and not as great as mine. : )

Topic: the stupidest question... one space or two?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 02/02/11 04:30 AM

Add me to the list who wants to know the stupid contests that penalizes for one space and fictitious places.

Topic: Formatting question

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/24/11 03:54 AM

First, you would have to ask yourself why would you want to hide a reporter?

If it is not a significant character, I would not try to go this route, because it is rare not to see a reporter, who is reporting.

That is unless, someone turns off the TV before the reporter ends his or her story.

With that noted. . .

I say use OS.

It's not a voice over as if it is narration. It's not the TV talking, so I would not assign it that way.

No, it is an unseen character talking, albeit hidden in the small screen.

I would set it up like this.

Reporter, unseen on the television, pipes in at a rapid pace.

Reporter (OS) Blah, blah, blah...

Topic: Irin optioned a script!

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/24/11 04:21 AM

Congrats, Irin.

It's good to hear some positive news, and here's hoping you get the green light to production.

Topic: Best time to enter a competition!

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/24/11 04:27 AM

Hmmm... I only entered one contest this year, because I figure my rom-com is a long shot.

However, I never thought of entering a contest early thinking the judges pick the majority of scripts from the early batch.

Topic: Inktip Pitch Summit

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/08/11 03:57 AM

Has anyone ever attended one of these? Are they productive at all? Someone mentioned it to me, and I'm considering it. Could use a little advice, though... STAT!

The deadline is today.

Topic: Marketing and Keeping Tabs on things

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/16/11 05:11 AM

What's everyone strategy?

I totally suck at marketing, and I worked in advertising. Well, I was great with the writing and got paid for it, but for me to sell a script. . .

We all know it's a challenge, but I think if I put just as much effort into getting my script out there as I did to writing. . .

Well, that's where my weakness lie.

Plus, I know Moviebytes have a place to keep tabs on your script.

I do that. In addition, I have set up a hard copy system, which looks pretty anemic, since I only entered one script into one contest and nothing much else.

Just some thoughts . . .

Topic: Screenwriting University

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/17/11 05:05 AM

Does anyone have information on their Pro Series?

It appears like it's perfect, except for its $700 price tag.

Topic: Screenwriting University

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/21/11 03:01 AM

Okay, I think that settles it, since I can't find anything negative about it.

Topic: Marketing and Keeping Tabs on things

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/22/11 04:26 AM


I pretty much knew that, but at least I know it is still what is expected.

I've decided to sign up for the Proseries, which will force my butt into action.

There are other options than getting married, if a writer wants support, because marriage does not always equal writing support.

There are writing groups and the Pro-series, for those who want to be serious.

Topic: Are romance scripts dead?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 10/01/11 04:05 AM

To answer your question, I do not think rom-coms are dead, everything will have a resurgence. Do I think they stand a chance in the big contest? No. So, save your money.

I suggest you build up your inventory of not only rom-coms but another genre as well. Then, take lessons on writing and marketing your script. Good luck.

Topic: Is the feedback worth the cost?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 11/12/11 03:51 AM

Aflilmwriter is good and precise with my script. That's all I can vouch for, since I haven't used the others.

However, I like your idea, Script Dude, to have three critiques done at once.

I would like to add that before anyone use a company they should know what skill the reviewer has. Are they good in any specific genre, structure, character, dialogue, pacing, and etc.?

In one class I am, the class is told to tweet other screenwriter successes, so tweeting becomes equivalent to marketing.

I tried to watch, but those guys. . .

Evidently, all the spark they lack in "person" fell on the page, because they were talking like the living dead. One writer did say he didn't like to talk, but there was the guy with the thick accent who would not stop talking.

I got almost to the midway mark, but soon discovered that I would dream to have those problems.

Topic: Value of Film School?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/05/12 03:38 AM

ScreenwritingU is a valuable tool. It really elevated my writing, and I thought, in my own head, I was the shite.

Topic: 16th Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 07/13/12 01:02 AM

I have been to pitch festivals, and they all are different. I would like to know what is the process of signing up for the companies that might interest me.

I want the real low down.

Is it a first-come first-serve scenario? Is it run and dash to sign up for a company of interest? Do I have to stand in line for hours to get the chance to pitch to a top company?

Anyway, I hope you get my drift.

Topic: some good scripts to read

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/26/12 01:28 AM


Topic: The New Black List

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 12/01/12 03:34 AM

Hmmm.. no update?

If you were to entered more than one script, this sounds a bit interesting and a bit expensive.

I want to take on a more aggressive marketing scheme for my work, so I wonder whether or not the jury is in, Marjory?

Topic: The New Black List

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 12/03/12 03:23 AM

Thanks for the update, Marjory.

The Blacklist seems promising, and a month is too soon to tell, but if things have dropped off. . .

have you ever considered a pitch festival? It seems you might have better luck.

I don't hear much on this board about them, but there are fabulous, if only I had my material ready to go.

Topic: Four Stories

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 12/05/12 03:14 AM

Did anyone enter this contest. I did, because it was free.

Anyway, I wondered has anyone on this site entered this contest and saw the winning films?

Topic: Four Stories

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 12/06/12 12:41 AM

I didn't win, but I would have liked to know where I placed in the competition. Next year, if they do this, I hope they consider that.

"I watched all four and I liked the one about internet romance in Doha and the one where the guy produces anything he types. I disliked the other 2. The one in the Maldives was particularly frustrating to watch as it had no narrative I could identify."

I'm on the same page with you on the films, but I have reservations with the typing what you want film. I truly liked only the Doha one. The one with the guy typing up whatever he wanted seemed very familiar, and I know I've seen it somewhere. For that reason alone, I can't endorse it. However, it was worlds apart from the other three.

The Maldives one was very pretty but I tuned out, and I didn't like that it didn't focus too much on the product, other than the lush hotel.

Copolla's film didn't highlight the hotel or the computer, so I was kind of ticked off about it.

The mean streak in me wanted to rant on their Facebook page to call them out on it, but I didn't want to burn any bridges. I noticed that there was only two people who did that, but they were both saying the same (correct) thing.

Overall, it was a great exercise, especially for someone who never wrote a short. Personally, I thought I did pretty good, mine was more in line with the teaser they used to promote the competition. I just wished to know whether I was close or far from the mark.

Your post is a bit confusing. How can you have indecipherable dialogue? You either have it or you say it's inaudible.

If it's indecipherable, that reads there is a mystery behind it that needs to be solved. As a writer, you would still write it as is.

Now, I will take a stab at what I think you're trying to say but somehow it got loss in translation.

"What terminology is used when there are multiple lines of dialogue that aren't wholly coherent."

I would write it this way:

Jim: The cat jumped over the . . . (inaudible). Couldn't put him back together.

"I have an audio flashback scene in my main character's mind in which several key phrases of dialogue come flooding back to him all at once. Thanks for your help. "

Hmmm.. an audio flashback...

That's hard to do. How would the viewer know whether it is a flashback or whether the character is hallucinating?

Here's how I would write an "AUDIO FLASHBACK".

INT. Kitchen

Jim stop and stares.

UNKNOWN VOICE IN HIS HEAD FROM THE PAST The cat jumped over the . . . (inaudible). Couldn't put him back together.

Yet screenwriting is a visual format, and this is how I would choose to write it.


EXT. Playground - Day (15 Years ago) The Punchers are unseen as Jim takes hit after hit from more than one of them. Jim's eyes are swollen shut. Total darkness.

Puncher #1 (OS) You big dummy!

Puncher #2 (OS) Lights out!

Hope this helps.

Topic: We've all done it...

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/17/13 01:30 AM

Athena, I would have a few people read it before I would invest the money into another contest.

Then, after that, I would consider their thoughts and rework the script.

There is no sense in doing the same thing (only your eyes on the script) without changing it up a bit. I think that's the only way to get a fresh perspective.

Topic: We've all done it...

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/18/13 01:44 AM

Robert, how much was the retreat?

Topic: We've all done it...

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/20/13 03:24 AM

Thanks, Robert for the information. I already had Cinestoy as one of the few contests I will enter. Moreover, it's good to have knowledge about their seminar.

Topic: The Black LIst

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/28/13 02:25 AM

Scroll down on this site. There was one poster, who used the service. It would be great to get an update.

Topic: The Black LIst

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/28/13 02:25 AM

Scroll down on this site. There was one poster, who used the service. It would be great to get an update.

Topic: The New Black List

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/28/13 02:32 AM

How's it going, Marjory?

Topic: The New Black List

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/30/13 03:08 AM

" It’s likely the majority of these people are male and attracted to the type of material they feel is easiest to sell: material that appeals to teenage males. Because of this, I think material that might appeal to other groups may not be able to rise to the top here."

That's it in a nutshell, and what I learned in my screenwriting class. In fact, we were encourage to choose high concept stories.

"Sorry for this long post"

Don't be. I like when a poster is giving information.

In regards to writing your novel, that's a good thing, but don't give up with screenwriting. I suggest you write a novel of your script, and maybe you'll see it up on the screen.

By the way, thanks for sharing your experience.

Topic: The New Black List

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/30/13 03:17 AM

"That's it in a nutshell, and what I learned in my screenwriting class. In fact, we were encouraged to choose high concept stories."

That's writing material that appeals to the masses for those that are not in the know.

It's totally a different way of looking at things. One thing we had to do in the class was to come up with ideas (high concept ones) and test them on people. After that, we wrote the script that had the highest score among the people.

I threw caution to the wind and allowed myself to go with the process. Moreover, I learn the business side of Hollywood, and it all has to do with mass appeal, meaning what can get investors, increase our odds of filling seats, and make a profit. Plus, what will attract A-list actors.

After I started thinking this way, I don't know if I'll ever write a script the old way I used to do things. I guess we'll have to write that novel if we want to have a bit more freedom with our expression.

Topic: The New Black List

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/31/13 02:08 AM

"The types of commercial films I like: say, Witness or Chocolat or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel or The King’s Speech… these are films that found a large audience though they’re not in the key demographic. (Not sayin’ my scripts are at this level, just giving an example of my taste.)"

Marg, Chocolat, Best Exotic, and King's Speech were indies that expanded out to the masses. If your scripts are more like the movies you listed, have you considered trying out Inktip?

I hear that's the place to be for indies. I'm not saying not to write a novel; I think that's a smart thing to do. However, since you wrote these scripts, maybe you should change your marketing strategy.

If you already considered Inktip, how was that experience? I'm asking because I'm seeking an avenue to market, since I fall short in this area. Personally, I might have only one or two scripts that might be suitable to Inktip, but they're not the best.

Topic: The New Black List

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 02/03/13 03:14 AM

That's so true, Robert.

Frank, I might give Black List a spin, since my promise to myself is to market the heck out of my scripts.

I will check out the donedeal link too, thanks, Frank.

Topic: SOUNDS in action lines.

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 02/12/13 02:43 AM

All CAPS, as usual.

Topic: Big Bear Festival

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 02/16/13 03:57 AM

I have never attended, however, I know some good people who are involved with it.

Their contest is one of the few that I will enter.

Topic: The New Black List

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 02/24/13 01:49 AM

Wait, you have to get your script critique by them?

You can't just upload it and pay the cost for it.

Topic: Replacing my manager!!!

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/03/13 03:54 AM

"Maybe it's wrong of me to compare but I see a few other writers who got their first scripts optioned long after me, yet they already have agents, are out in LA taking generals, and doing assignment work, etc."

In terms of your script, that doesn't mean anything. It's all about how marketable your script is and if it's something they want to make. Plus, having a manager doesn't mean anything either; you have to do a lot of the leg work. It just helps to have someone on your team, when the deals come to the door.

"Despite my manager working hard on the script that I have optioned, I feel everything else is moving too slowly and I have a few managers elsewhere who I know are interested in managing me (and they are higher up the food chain so to speak).

The problem is the option. If I was going nowhere fast, I would easily walk away. But the fact that I am toward the end of an option on a script that my manager has, admittedly, worked hard on, makes my decision to leave feel unethical."

If the option runs out, which happens, then everyone invested in this project stands to lose. That is the nature of the game. If you have other managers interested in you, then tell your manager that, maybe that will set a fire in him, not to say that he is not working for you. At the very least, give him the curtsey of knowing that you are entertaining the thought of getting a new manager.

If you think your manager is good, offers good feedback, and direction, then you continue to build your inventory of scripts and tell him not to sugarcoat his critiques.

"I was thinking of leaving my manager, yet giving him somewhere between a 5-10% fee of the scripts purchase price(if the script is purchased that is). I feel he would at least deserve something from this one particular script. It would seem heartless of me to have him do all the hard work he has done, and then leave him at the last minute before he made any money of it himself, if you see what I mean."

Usually, an option is a year or two, that is one to two years your script is off the market to others. I don't think you owe your manager a thing, but I do think you should be nice to him. Since, you will never know who you might meet later down the road. However, nice does not mean giving him a cut of your script.

His job is mainly to sell or starve. He knows that.

Topic: Dramatica Pro

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 04/04/13 03:42 AM

I always wondered about it, but on a whim I decided to purchase Plot Control.

Topic: Nicholl Question that needs to be answered

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 05/01/13 12:54 AM

Okay, I haven't entered in two years, but as I logged in, I noticed that I had placed in the top 20%.

I was totally shocked, because I never received any kind of notice. It would have a great moral booster, let me tell you.

Anyway, I go run off and try to find my name on their list of semi/quarter finalists, but no such thing. It's just when I log in on their website that I see this notation.

Can someone explain, please?

Topic: Nicholl Question that needs to be answered

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 05/03/13 01:32 AM

Thanks, Greg for the information.

Evidently, I didn't read my reject letter to the bitter end, then, but it was good to know I made a dent of some sort.

Funny thing is I started reworking that story, got a production company asking for a rewrite during that time, did it, and put it on ice, thinking it was getting cold.

I guess the moral of the story is that you if you have bait, a hungry fish will come around eventually.

Topic: Thanks to Irin

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/23/13 05:20 AM

Curious, how much does this reader charges?

Topic: Thanks to Irin

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 06/27/13 04:48 AM

Thanks, Bill.

Topic: Is Amazon Studios worth a shot?

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/14/13 03:55 AM

How many scripts come out of Amazon, just one?

Topic: Too Damn Quiet! Sooooo...

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 08/14/13 04:36 AM

Paul, the Hollywood Pitch Festival doesn't pay their insiders, and it's the biggest Pitch fest.

Anyway, this August was the first time I attended it (HPF), and I did really well. I got a lot of requests, so I am now trying to polish the scripts, before I send them off to the people that requested them.

What I don't get is this whole thing with one-sheets. I mean what happens when you send them it? How long is the wait? I hear between 6 to 8 weeks. I rather have the script request than to wait for that to develop.

I mean it seems to be the thing that the Insiders were asking for, even though HPF said you don't need anything but your pitch.

Overall, I got three script requests and nine one-sheets requests. It wasn't easy selling your product, but I beat my record of only getting three requests and NEVER following through, except with one. (Chalk it off to being young/naive and more fascinated with the request that turned into a rewrite/possible option)

In summary, one should consider what the pitchfest offers before they plump down their money. To me, Inktip seems to offer Insiders who are looking to produce low budget films, and if you have that in your inventory, then you should by all means go.

However, if you have higher budget scripts, then you need to go to a festival that will bring the individuals that are in the market for those types of films.

Another thing I learned by going to the HPT and talking to the producers is that the "big budget" isn't so big anymore. They are really looking for something mid-range. I think 50-75 million tops, which means mid-range is the new big budget. As a result, I am going to write my next script keeping that in mind.

I guess if you go to Inktip, you will have more opportunities for producers to say yes to your pitch, because there is less of a financial risk.

Topic: Scams Postings

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 12/16/13 03:18 AM

I think there should be a thread about scams to alert all. Now, I will start with Fadeinonline, because I got charged twice for a hotel room, by the actual hotel and Fadeionline.

... so, did a lot of people, and both parties are pointing fingers at the other.

In the meantime, I got cheated out of $418!

Topic: copy writing career

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/04/14 04:22 AM

I worked as a copy writer, and I didn't need any of that at Saatchi & Saatchi, the top ad agency. It was years ago, though, I must add.

What you do need is a good portfolio of real or fake ads you've created. If it's strong, it's all you need, as long as you consistently produce at that level.

You can start out as an intern or work you way up the ladder at a smaller agency.

The one requirement that seems consistent is that you have a college degree and can write, good grammar, creative, and etc.

Topic: Scams Postings

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 01/04/14 04:28 AM

I'll have to clear Fadeinonline, after they contacted me, told me the whole story, and got on the phone with my credit card company in an attempt to correct this error.

So, I must now remove their name from the scam list.

Others feel free to consider Fadeinoline. I know I will.