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Topic: Cinestory

Author: Brendon Macaraeg Posted: 03/03/02 06:12 PM

For those of you who entered, I just found out that one of my entries made the "first cut" or 38% of the ~780 entries.


Author: Allen Cody Posted: 03/03/02 08:51 PM

Nice going,Brendon - mine did too. Expect to see both our names on the winner's list.


Author: brandon Smith Posted: 03/03/02 08:56 PM

Nice going, guys. Brendon, did you like working for Bill Ziff? I know the guy, and he's a bit of a jerk.

Author: Marcel Fayant Posted: 03/03/02 09:44 PM

congrats to all


Author: Marcel Fayant Posted: 03/04/02 12:03 AM

Well, you know what, since I think there are only a few of us signed on here and there seems to be thousands of want to be screenwriters.

I think we all should start our own contests. Heck, I have experience in making film. I could go for short scripts and actually make one if I get enough entries.

I guess my previous comments are coming back as a good vision.

The one contest had almost 800 scripts. Wow. That's some pretty serious cash upfront. No wonder these contests are popping up right and left.

I'm thinking it over and so should you. I bet some previous members have started their own contests on here.


Author: Colleen De Maio Posted: 03/04/02 08:53 AM


Author: Colleen De Maio Posted: 03/04/02 08:56 AM

Congrats to Brendon and Allen, and good luck!

Author: Shelley Sorensen Posted: 03/04/02 09:32 AM

Ah vey.

Good work gentlemen! Keep us informed.

Author: Susan Bays Posted: 03/04/02 06:33 PM

Congrats you two! Cine Story is a good contest to even place in. When you get to the mentor level, those mentors can really help you along. The CineStory people put on a good workshop, too.

Author: Brendon Macaraeg Posted: 03/04/02 07:13 PM

Uh, actually both my entries made the cut...but as Susan points out, the retreat at Lake Arrowhead was the reason why I entered Cash is nice, but not as good as making contacts that will push your writing along and perhaps into the right hands. Seems like the Cinestory people follow through (unlike other contests that promise to put you in touch with industry folk but do not make good on those promises). See their site for more info.:

Author: Barbara Marshall Posted: 03/04/02 10:00 PM

Hey, I made the cut too. This is cool. Congrats to all!


Author: Shelley Sorensen Posted: 03/04/02 11:15 PM


Well, that doesn't surprise me.


Author: Paula Smith Posted: 03/05/02 08:17 AM

Congratulations! Hope you all make it into the next round.

Author: brandon Smith Posted: 03/05/02 08:27 AM

I hope you all lose!

Screw you all!

Only my screenplay deserves to go anywhere, you losers!

Screw you all to hell!

Nono, just joking. I really feel like I'm in good company here, and I hope that everybody's efforts pay off for them, one way or another.

I hope you guys win Cinestory, but remember, if you don't, it's because fools reviewed your work, not because it isn't brilliant.

Author: Lynn Lamousin Posted: 03/14/02 06:46 PM

Has anyone heard news about their short script category? How was notification for features done - email, postcard, phone call?

Author: Rick Blaine Posted: 04/04/02 03:50 PM

I love Brandon's answer about "if you lost, remember..."

Fans of Cinestory may want to check out Dona Cooper's book, Writing Great Screenplays for Film and TV. It's arguably my favorite book on screenwriting. Most people that post here have probably read enough screenwriting books, but this one isn't like the others. It's pretty unique. Dona was one of the founders of Cinestory.