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Messages posted since 08/02/2014

Topic: Any Winners of Houston Int Film Fest (World Fest)

Author: Allen Cody Posted: 03/16/02 07:57 PM

Just got the phone call tonight - my screenplay Under The Mango Tree is one of the winners! Ya hoo!

They wouldn't give any more details. Will announce the winners at the Festival.

Anyone else get the phone call?


Author: Steven Karels Posted: 03/16/02 08:01 PM


The screenplay I entered (helped co-write) failed to make the finals in sci-fi/fantasy. What category did you place in?


Author: Allen Cody Posted: 03/16/02 10:48 PM

Each catagory has winners, mine was for Action/Adventure.

Author: Allen Cody Posted: 03/16/02 10:49 PM

This makes the 4th contest my screenplays have won this year.

Author: Iam Yossarian Posted: 03/16/02 11:29 PM

Allen--I've seen "Under the Mango Tree" in (I think) several contest results. Nice going.

Author: Allen Cody Posted: 03/17/02 01:19 AM

Yup, a winner in Telluride Independent Film Festival too.

Author: Steven Karels Posted: 03/18/02 09:17 PM

Anybody else out there who's a finalist or got the "axe" from Worldfest?

Author: Allen Cody Posted: 03/18/02 10:38 PM


"Under The Mango Tree" is also a finalist in ongoing Practical Paradox and second cut in CineStory.

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 03/19/02 09:12 PM

Hi all,

I received the message left on the machine while I was out burning my tongue at the Napa Valley Mustard Festival. Damn.

"Mitts" was named a winner in family category.

Author: Doug Solter Posted: 03/19/02 09:38 PM

Congratulations guys.

Author: Marcel Fayant Posted: 03/19/02 11:25 PM

hmm...put that money away for a low-budget film and produce it on your own.

Author: Barbara Marshall Posted: 03/20/02 12:52 AM

Congrats people! Have fun in Houston!


Author: Allen Cody Posted: 03/20/02 12:39 PM

re:hmm...put that money away for a low-budget film and produce it on your own.


If you can tell me how i can make my low-budget film for 30 bucks, go ahead, otherwise I'll take my chances entering contests where if my screenplay is good enough to win, I might have a chance of attracting the attention of a producer who might be able to raise more than $30 million to make my movie happen.

You go ahead and do it your way and I'll do it mine -- we'll see what happens.

If you don't play the lotto, you'll never win...

Allen Cody

Author: Iam Yossarian Posted: 03/20/02 04:05 PM

Allen--Cinestory announced their second cut?

Author: Allen Cody Posted: 03/20/02 07:10 PM

Not yet.

Author: Ron Toufar Posted: 03/22/02 01:49 PM

Hi, I'm heading down too. I'm not exactly sure if my screenplay won or if its just nominated. They're too busy getting it all together I guess to get back to me. Cheers to us both.

Author: Ron Toufar Posted: 03/22/02 02:01 PM

Oh...its called "TWILIGHT CLAIRE" in family catagory.

Author: Rick Blaine Posted: 03/31/02 06:28 PM

Is it safe to assume if you never heard from them you lost? I entered the short category with a script that won elsewhere, but they've been incognito. Except the newsletters they keep sending me about attending the festival, etc.

Author: Steven Karels Posted: 03/31/02 06:48 PM


I always give them a call to find out for sure. They've been known to "forget" winners before.

The way Worldfest works is the finalists in all categories are notified, hopefully, and invited to attend the awards dinner. They start with the Bronze awards (4th place), then work through the Silver (3rd place), then the Gold (2nd place and finally the Platinum winners (1st place) in each category - both films and screenplays. Lastly, the Overall winner for the best screenplay is announced. It's a great celebration.


Author: Ron Toufar Posted: 03/31/02 11:12 PM

Thanks for the info Steve. It sounds like you've been there before...was it useful to your career?


Author: Steven Karels Posted: 04/01/02 05:47 AM


I've been a finalist twice (and a non-finalist many more times). I got lots of contacts at the festival seminars. But as far as a career goes, I'm not quite there yet as a screenwriter. Getting better, but still working at it. Unless you are the grand winner, I don't think it's a homerun for your career. But networking is important. Mostly, have fun, meet people, listen and ask questions.


Author: Barbara Marshall Posted: 04/01/02 03:48 PM

Dear Rick, I just got my call from Worldfest today (I'm still a bit suspicious considering it is April Fools and all). Anyway, I was told that they are still notifying winners in the screenwriting division. They'll be calling people all week. So don't give up yet!

All the best, Babs

PS. I was in the Student Division.

Author: Ron Toufar Posted: 04/01/02 11:41 PM

Thanks Steve...tell this Gala a formal affair? Did you bring along hard copies? Were the seminars worthwhile? Thanks for taking the time to answer me. Any chance of screenplay groupies screaming for me and wanting to touch me?


Barbara...I sure hope it was for real. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Author: Steven Karels Posted: 04/02/02 05:27 AM


The banquet dinner has been attended by people of every dress code. Tuxs to jeans. Most dress nicely, suits, dresses, are the norm.

I assume hard copies of my script. Yes, but only one copy, just in case. I brought business cards so I could pass them to anyone I wanted to network with. Most producers, directors don't have a ton of room to receive and carry back scripts. I think it's better to formally submit a script to their firm anyway. More professional.

Some of the seminars were good, some just okay. I depends on the presentor and topic. Go and attend if you have the time and $. A great way to network before and after the seminar. It was through a Worldfest seminar that I indirectly made contact with the no-budget indie movie I'm currently working with.

Groupie's? I can only speak from personal experience and I have never in my life had a problem, nor opportunity, of women throwing themselves at me. So why would Worldfest be any different?


Author: Rick Blaine Posted: 04/04/02 03:41 PM

Thanks Steve and Babs. Even if I don't win, it's not the only contest in the world, obviously. Good reading these notes from the festival. Interesting.

Author: Mylo Carbia Posted: 04/05/02 08:52 PM

Fantastic news, everyone! Keep the great news coming...