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Messages posted since 08/30/2014

Topic: Los Angeles based writers' group

Author: Brigitte Hales Posted: 04/24/02 07:33 PM

Greetings everyone! I'm looking to join (or establish if need be) a Los Angeles based writers' group for the purpose of script critique and general discussion. Any info. and/or interest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Author: Kim Townsel Posted: 04/26/02 07:19 PM

I know of several. Tell me a little bit about yourself or leave a contact method.

Author: Brigitte Hales Posted: 04/27/02 03:30 PM

Thanks so much for responding! I can be reached at the following email address: I'd love to talk more!

Author: johnny young Posted: 05/13/02 06:33 PM


I am interested in the screenwriter's groups in L.A. as well.

I live in the San Fernando Valley. I have three unfinished scripts. A coming of age action thriller, a psychological crime thriller and a coming of age drama.

I have worked as a professional actor for over 20 years, but writing has always been my passion. Have some contacts, have taken a few classes, been envolved in groups in the past, and a lot of experience working in the biz, but still feel like a beginner as writer.

My e-mail is

Thanks for any suggestions.


Author: Rod Spence Posted: 05/14/02 05:04 PM

I get a newsletter that lists the following groups:

Mondays - an ongoing screenwriter's workshop at the Java Jive Cafe in Studio City at 7:30.

Wednesdays - another ongoing group that meets 7:00 to 10:00 pm at the Aroma Cafe in Studio City.

If anybody has gone to these, please give a report.

Author: johnny young Posted: 05/17/02 11:12 AM

Hey, Rod.

Those are two great locations for me. I'd be very interested if someone has more information on either of them.

I saw a post on from a writer just in L.A. from Austin, Texas looking to start a group over in the Hollywood, Los Feliz area. Too much travel for my blood. He writes comedies and thrillers. It's a fairly new post if anyone is interested.

Thanks for the two valley tips.


Author: Kim Townsel Posted: 05/25/02 06:24 PM

Johnny, you should receive info on a writers' group. Hope to see you.

Author: johnny young Posted: 05/27/02 07:54 PM


Got the info. Thanks very much.

Realized after seeing some of the group's posts, that "Ben" is an old fellow Disney employee I used to work with and became friends with. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Hope to meet you also on Saturday. Thanks again.


Author: Faith England Posted: 06/18/02 03:32 PM

I'm interested too! I live in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area. If you know of any groups, e-mail me at:



Author: D. Livver Posted: 06/23/02 07:27 PM

I've found this site as a good place to network.

Author: P. Williams Posted: 06/24/02 05:31 PM

Anyone know of any groups in the Century City/Westwood area?

I was initially interested in joining one of the groups in Studio City, but one of the charges $175 for 6 weeks. I'm looking for one that's free and closer to my part of town.

You can email me at

Author: Kim Townsel Posted: 06/26/02 11:07 AM

OK, Faith and P., I sent a request to the President of the group. Feel free to e-me as well.