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Topic: "No money upfront" on

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 08/12/02 09:58 PM

I know a lot of you probably visit hollywoodlitsales. Do any of you actually query the producers who post as "no money up front?"

I read their second and third posts and it seems like they say "We are swamped with scripts." Is there a reason everyone is sending queries to these companies that I might not be aware of? Seems like a waste to me to submit to a company that's telling you that they don't have any money to spend on even an option.

Am I missing something here?

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 08/12/02 10:34 PM

By the way, there are some good leads on there, too.

Author: STEVEN CALDERWOOD Posted: 08/12/02 11:18 PM

I have had a couple of good leads from Hollywoodlitsales but I also have seen some really iffy companies.

No money upfront is scarey. If you can meet with the people to see how legit they are wouldn't be bad but to out and out give over a script, I don't know.

They have a couple of these "make a movie for no money down" guys over there.

It's funny, Not Mr. Funny, but they don't care if they get a release form that all legit companies look for and you can never get a hold of them once you actually submit a script.

I won't do it again. Last time I did it wound up in the hands of a porno scank who also charges by the hour for coverage...I'm not talking notes on a script, if you know what I mean.

My new rule is that if I can't find them on one of my databases, or google, they ain't getting some of my words.

Word Up!


Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 08/13/02 10:18 AM


In the hands of a porno scank? Geeze! Why would these guys even request a non porno script? What, is he trying to broaden his horizons or something?


Author: STEVEN CALDERWOOD Posted: 08/13/02 06:20 PM

Actually the skank is a woman and oddly it was this skank that Mitch and I started e-mailing back and forward.

We both got screwed in a non-physical sense.


Author: D.G. Balazs Posted: 08/14/02 02:07 AM


How about using a fake moniker in an assumed account here and naming names?

That way, any neophyte, newbie or never-will-be taht happens upon this thread can shake a stick at it and just make it go away?

Or, at least, save their virginity, in more ways than one?


Author: johnny young Posted: 08/14/02 05:36 AM

Mary Kay,

Here's my prospective.

Any company that wants to get a "free option" will be taking the writer to the cleaners. Almost guaranteed you will never see a dime. Many of them will try to get you to sign away the house, just to get "produced." If you do see any money, it will be way below market value, because you don't have the union to guarantee minimums for you.

Those that claim you will get your money on the back end (deferred.) PLEASE!!! Run as quick as you can.

I would be weary of anyone saying "no money up front." PAY TO PLAY should be the watchwords.

Boy, I get pissed easy.

Author: johnny young Posted: 08/14/02 05:39 AM

That should have been "my PERSPECTIVE."

I'm taking a cold shower now.

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 08/14/02 11:37 AM


I once had a producer/director here in Florida try to get me to write someone on spec for free. My writing partner and I kindly turned him down. Our mentor knew the guy and she told us to "Run, Forrest, run!"

Down here, they are also in the habit of offering dollar options. Needless to say, I don't query many Florida producers. (I guess with the dollar, they figure you can buy ya a pack of gum while you sit and wait for your ship to never come in).


Author: Thomas Ramsbottom Posted: 08/23/02 09:27 AM


It's all very well to say that if they don't offer money up front, don't take it. But as a struggling screenwriter, I'll take whatever experience I can get.

I'm currently writing for a production company who will pay once shooting commences. Yeah, it sounded dodgy, but I've talked with the guy on the phone and he seems legit.

If the movie doesn't get made, I've not lost any of my own money, I've written another script to put on my portfolio and made an industry contact.

Aiming to sell your first script for a million dollars would be nice but it just won't happen. We've all got to start somewhere.


Author: Miriam Queensen Posted: 08/23/02 09:54 AM

Do you at least have a contract with him that says when and how much you will be paid?