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Messages posted since 08/29/2014


Author: Miriam Queensen Posted: 12/08/02 06:55 PM

Just finished the second rewrite of my script (that is under option) after weeks of struggling through it. May still tweak in the next couple of days, but very happy to see it reach the end!

It's all about persistence, folks! First rule of writing: "Adhere ass to chair."


Author: Marcel Fayant Posted: 12/08/02 09:12 PM

and then buy butt master from susan summers.


Author: Gil Christner Posted: 12/09/02 08:52 PM


keep us posted!

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 12/09/02 09:25 PM

Congratulations. Every hurdle jumped over gets you closer to the goal.

Author: johnny young Posted: 12/10/02 02:35 AM

Way to go, Miriam. Keep us posted with your journey.

Living vicariously through you,


Author: Miriam Queensen Posted: 12/10/02 11:28 AM

Johnny, what a thought! While you're living vicariously through me, would you mind popping in another load of laundry and cleaning out the cat litter? And don't forget to pick up the kids at 4:00. Ah, the glamorous life of the screenwriter . . .


Author: johnny young Posted: 12/12/02 01:27 PM

A smack of reality sometimes is just that... a SMACK.

Even more cudos to you, Miriam, for finding the time to write. So many times "life" can get in our way. Keep us from writing.

Despite the kids, laundry, feeding the dog, paying the mortgage, etc... you have figured out how to juggle it all and write as well.

So what is the secret?

I used to own a business and I eventually figured out that if I had a special project which needed getting done quickly, all I had to do was give it to the busiest person on my staff.


Because they were really good with time management. Busy people manage their time well. Busy people are DOERS.

Writers are generally THINKERS, but to be successful, we must also be DOERS.

So, when does that euphoria and relief come that you allude to?

When the work is DONE.

Author: Miriam Queensen Posted: 12/12/02 11:41 PM


Damn! Now I've got a DOG, too? I'm always the last to know . . .

Actually the euphoria and relief come from exactly what you said -- learning that despite being busy and having so many demands on my time, I can still get writing done when I set my mind to it.

That feeling gets me going, and you know what? It's gotten me right into finishing up my next young adult novel that I was halfway in the middle of when I had to start rewriting the screenplay. Now that I know I can write on demand for someone else, I am demanding that I write for myself this time. It's a decision that gets made in your mind, like deciding to exercise or whatever else you think is important in your life.


Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 12/13/02 12:46 AM

I've got a dog and he chews the furniture. :.)

Author: johnny young Posted: 12/13/02 01:39 AM


I know some actors who "chew the furniture."

Mary Kay, give Miriam her dog back.

Author: Miriam Queensen Posted: 12/13/02 10:54 AM

Mary Kay,

You can keep the dog. The cats don't like him anyhow.


Author: johnny young Posted: 12/13/02 06:29 PM

It really hurts when you're a dog and nobody wants ya... WULFF...WULFF.