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Messages posted since 08/22/2014

Topic: Moviebytes 2003 reunion

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/07/03 10:43 PM

Say, what do you all say to a Moviebytes 2003 reunion where we get to all meet each other in Austin? I say, we all go to the Austin Hearts of Film Fest this year in October.

My hubby said he'd sit at the hotel bar and entrain spouses and significant others, in fact, he'll be the non-writing spouse social coordinator, cause he's just a really cool guy plus he wants me to meet everyone.

I know we're mostly 30-40 something with mortgages and kids and in my case, a dog who acts like a kid, but I think it's really important we commit to this because I feel this year is going to be success for all of us and we'll need to celebrate.

Can we do this, Byters?

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/07/03 10:46 PM

I meant my hubby would entertain, not entrain... yikes, I wish they had spellcheck on this site. :.)

Still, what do ya'll say?

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 01/08/03 08:29 AM

I've been going since the very first one. Where have y'all been? I've got kids and a mortgage, too (and a second mortgage to pay for the damn conferences). : )

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/08/03 09:00 AM

I went to one of them, but I haven't made it back in a few years.

Author: Tom Robinson Posted: 01/08/03 09:09 AM

This is a great idea. Unfortunately, or fortunately, my wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary (and our second mortgage) in Italy.

An idea such as this, however, is perfect for Byters, since this is the most mature and earnest site for screenwriters that I have found. It only makes sense that we eventually get together to inspire and entertain each other.


Author: Bryan Walsh Posted: 01/08/03 09:28 AM

Sounds like a good idea. For those of you who have gone, can you give me an idea of how much you've spent in the past so I can start selling blood, organs, etc. Or I could just start saving. Let me know.

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/08/03 11:42 AM

If I remember correctly, if was a couple hundred dollars for the conference and you can get deals on hotels in the area.

My anniversary is in October, too!


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 01/08/03 11:51 AM

Mary Kay,

Since I will be well entrenched in Texas by that time, count me in. Austin is only a 3 hour drive (at least that's what I claim in case the TX DPS is lurking).

Author: Bryan Walsh Posted: 01/08/03 06:25 PM

So including conference fees, motels, meals, airfare, etc. are we talking $500, $1000, or what?

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 01/08/03 07:09 PM


If you register early you can get a discount on the fees. Hotel rooms can be shared (you can get cheaper hotels but you spend a lot of time on transportation).

Roughly: Conference fees $250 - $700 depending (check site) hotel - $139 per night (share with 2 or more the room rate is still the same but split by the people (eg. split in 2 it would be $70) Arrive on Wednesday and leave on Sunday. airfare - depends on where you live and when you fly - $120 up. Food and other stuff - that's up to you.

Author: Bryan Walsh Posted: 01/08/03 07:11 PM

Thanks Paula, that gives me an idea of how much money we're talking about.

Author: STEVEN CALDERWOOD Posted: 01/08/03 09:26 PM

Austin in October- Sounds like a Party

I'm bringing the Caribou Jerky and yes I will bring Canadian Beer eh!


Author: Miriam Queensen Posted: 01/08/03 10:07 PM

I would love to if it's possible, but there's no way I can plan that far ahead~! I'll let you know if I can make it around, say, September?

How about the Santa Fe conference in May; that's a really nice one, and great location.


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 01/09/03 11:55 AM


PLEASE bring Canadian beer! I do love my native state, but two things they can't do is brew beer and make wine. Sorry, my dear Texas, but "Texas Pride" beer and any white or red wine from TX can't stand up to any CA wine or any Mexican or Canadian beer. Perhaps there have been some decent mico-breweries pop up in the last 10 years, but bring a couple of extra cases from Canada just in case.

Beer and Tex-Mex food.........heaven on a hot plate and cold mug.

Author: Jill Miller Posted: 01/09/03 04:43 PM

I'm down for a maybe. October is Balloon Fiesta time in Albuquerque and I almost always have guests or family come into town to see it. I would also consider the Santa Fe one too, since it is so close.


Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/09/03 11:06 PM

New Mexico would be nice, because I've been to most states but that one, but I normally do a family vacation in the spring. Why don't we all check back in maybe June and see who can go and if we can, we'll all plan a big Moviebytes night out. I have friends in the travel industry so maybe I can even act as coordinator and find out about hotels, etc. I would love us all to meet one night for drinks and dinner. Frederick, I hope you can attend, too! ;.)

Author: Marcel Fayant Posted: 01/10/03 12:28 AM

I might make that way if I get hired on with aibntv out of Oklahoma. I will need one those coloured cards, though to make across the border or get status like Charlie Smoke. A native that can't live in Canada or the United States.

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/10/03 09:43 AM


From Canada to Oklahoma. That will be a culture shock for sure. ;.)

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 01/11/03 12:02 AM

June or October? I'd love to come!!

Unfortunately I have a huge family reunion in Northern Saskatchewan smack dab in the middle, the August long weekend.

LOL That's likely to fry the old brain cells. I'd rather be firing them up at a convention, so I'll see what I can do.

Have a good one.


Author: johnny young Posted: 01/13/03 05:08 AM


I think we should all stay at Randy's place and commute. There is nothing better than "Texas Hospitality."

Course that may mean sleeping bags on the prarie and BarBQue for breakfast.

And what's this about inferior Texan beer. Randy, those Lone Star Beer people better not hear you talk like that. Texans are known to execute traitors for less than that in Texas.

Anyway, Steve can't take any of those Canadian brewskies accross the border. Major tax trouble. Even that Moose and Caribou jerky might be tough to smuggle out. Steve, you're back to bring in cow pucks. Believe it or not, they got a few of those in Texas.

I'M IN!!!

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/17/03 11:30 PM

Johnny, you better be there so I can live out my John Candy fantasy.


Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/17/03 11:31 PM

In the most plutonic of ways, of course.


A Happily married MK

Author: Mary Kay LaBrie Posted: 01/17/03 11:40 PM

I meant platonic, not plutonic. I sound like a geologist now. :.) Gosh, I need to go to sleep.


Author: Ellum McCurdy-Devins Posted: 01/18/03 09:21 PM

Most inexpensive way to make the trip would be to enter and win the Heart of Austin screenwriting competition, which would cover all expenses. Don't know about you young-uns of 30, 40 or 50ish, but we truly senior seniors at 60+ still might have a thing or two to say.

Author: RON MAIN Posted: 01/19/03 03:01 PM

Make the " Second Round " and they knock off about $100.00. Gotta be in the top 10% of entries.

I tend to go only when I make the " Second Round. " Which is dumb since it's all so subjective. Going this year regardless, but entering two script to try my luck. My first year super agent Marty Bowen sat down next to me at a roundtable before everyone else came and we talked just like a couple of guys for about ten minutes. Second year I had a few beers with Shane Black - an Austin fixture. Can't do this kind of thing anywhere else but Austin.

I'll look for a Moviebytes banner..