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Messages posted since 08/24/2014

Topic: Pretty Egg Productions

Author: Deb Havener Posted: 10/24/05 08:03 PM

Hey everyone,

Maybe a few of you old-timers that are still around from the inception of moviebytes might remember me from a handful of sporadic posts here and there. We finally (and officially) launched our independent, in-house company, Pretty Egg Productions. If you guys want to check us out, we're at I value your input as this is our first website attempt. The design and our news link will change over time.

Also, if anyone still has dial-up, some of the graphics on the pages will load slowly. Sorry about that.

Enjoy -- and be inspired! (And if we suck -- it will inspire you to leave us in a trail of indie dust:)

As always,


PS: If anyone plans to attend the OIFF, come say hi. We have a Thursday, Nov. 10th screening. Would love to see y'all there.

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 10/24/05 08:42 PM

Hey, Deb;

Great to hear from you. Not too many of the old group around, but a pretty good group anyways (with the exception of the new "posers" (thanks, John)

By the way; what is the OIFF?

My short film, "The Visit" will screen at the Deep Ellum Film festival next month.


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 10/24/05 08:44 PM

that may have come out wrong. John is not a "poser". He taught me to call them that.

Author: John Pusztay Posted: 10/24/05 10:09 PM

YW, Randy. I knew what you meant even if noone else did.

OIFF is the Ohio Independent Film Fest, I believe. It's held in Cleveland November 7-13th, I believe.

Hey, Deb!! If you have a second on November 9th, you should pop over to a networking party on W.78 and Lake (just a few blocks from the film fest). It's hosted by Go to the site and sign up. See you at the party or at the fest. For more info on the party go to the website.

Author: Deb Havener Posted: 10/24/05 10:12 PM

Hi Randy,

Congratulations on the Deep Ellum Fest. Very exciting! Which one of your projects got in? The one w/ the 1940's flashback? Did it screen already? How did it go?

The OIFF is the Ohio Independent Film Festival. The link is for the schedule. It's held in Cleveland every year. We already had an Ohio premiere, so this one will be the world premiere. Yeah. In Cleveland. Just our style. But as Drew Carey says, Cleveland Rocks!

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 10/24/05 10:18 PM

Cleveland rocks, is right.

Yep, "The Visit" has the 1945 flashbacks and I shot them as per your suggestions, and they look great. I got 7 different dresses from my Mom that were from the era and they fit my lead actress perfectly! We had a 16 piece high school band play the big band and I even dressed up like Glen Miller for my cameo. It was a hoot.

Break a leg on the festival. Hope it gets honors and lots of press!!


Author: Andy Mr.Wood Posted: 10/25/05 02:08 AM

Hey thats pretty cool you included a high school band in your film, you can find a lot of good talent without spending a lot(or people who "donate" their time). Just wanted to get off subject real quick, I live around the Phoenix area, just moved here in fact. I was wondering how I can find out about film festivals that go on locally, is there a good site for this? Thanks for your help guys and good luck to all you indie film guys(and gals).

Author: Frederick Mensch Posted: 10/25/05 08:48 AM

The Phoenix Film festival is in March, I think, and you just missed the the International Horror and Sci-Fi fest, which is sponsored by the same organization. See:

Both of these festivals have screenwriting contests associated with them.

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 10/25/05 09:17 AM


Phoenix also has the "Festival of the West" which includes a small film festival specifically geared towards western films. It's in March and is a lot of fun.

Good luck.

Author: Deb Havener Posted: 10/25/05 11:03 AM

To Andy and gang: Check out this site for festival listings:

To John, thanks for the invite. I sent you a longer e-mail re: this. Hope we can meet up in the next few weeks.

To Randy: You know I love those scenes w/ the lanterns -- and anything from the swing-era. Some day I'll be lucky enough to catch a screening of it somewhere. Until then , best of luck. It sounds like a real gem!

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 10/25/05 02:36 PM


I bought a 1,000 dvd's (cheaper by the dozen). Send me the mailing address and I'll mail you a copy.


Author: Andy Mr.Wood Posted: 10/25/05 03:58 PM

Awesome, thanks for all the info!!! I will definitly try to hit the phoenix film festival this coming year. Thanks everyone!