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Messages posted since 08/29/2014

Topic: Take the Short Story Challenge 2007

Author: Charlie Weisman Posted: 11/29/06 01:08 PM

Writers compete to see who can produce the best short story (2,500 words max.) on an assigned genre and subject in one week. Winners advance to compete for thousands in cash and prizes by writing a short story in just 24 hours.

The Short Story Challenge 2007 is open to anyone, anywhere. The Early Entry Deadline is December 14, 2006. Final Entry is January 10, 2007. Space is limited, so sign up soon! To Register / Learn More, visit

*DISCOUNT for MovieBytes – use discount code STORY2007 to receive $5 off the entry fee.

Author: Julie Stewart Posted: 12/07/06 10:50 AM

Hi Charlie - thank you for bringing this contest to my attention - I have signed up - and I hope to join the the screenwriting challenge 2007. What a great concept ...

I've also joind the NYC midnight forums - I'm alsmost as new to them as I am to MovieBytes (2 days here - 20 minutes there!)

BFN Julie :)

Author: Charlie Weisman Posted: 12/13/06 03:08 PM

Good luck Julie! Just a reminder that the Early Entry Deadline is tomorrow (12/14/06)

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 12/13/06 07:57 PM

The people who run this are first rate. I entered the screenwriters challenge and they were exceptionally organized. The prizes were great and arrived very quickly.

Love these people. Also, love the forums.