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Messages posted since 08/29/2014

Topic: Printer???

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 01/25/07 12:03 PM

I need a new printer and I want to know the perfect printer for a screenwriter. My printer can only print 60 pages without being refilled with paper and it is slow. Does any one have a printer that will print up to 127 (my longest script so far) pages and is fast?

Thanks so much for your suggestions!!!


Author: Paula Smith Posted: 01/25/07 12:38 PM

I bought a minolta page pro a couple years ago. I think the company sold to Konica. It is laser and prints 17wpm. It holds a lot of paper. It had issues when I went to windows XP but I finally found a driver. It does a descent job and the toner lasts a long time. It also holds enough paper for at least one script.

I had an HP before and I loved it.

You'll want a laser printer. You'll also want a good size toner cartridge. And one that works with the windows software on your computer. Check the sales. You can get good deals (I got my minolta for $150 and got a $50 coupon which I used on another toner).

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 01/25/07 01:58 PM

Anyone have an opinion on the monochrome laser printers by Brother?

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 01/25/07 02:02 PM


Thanks so much!


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 01/25/07 02:52 PM

I got a Canon iP300 two years ago. The cartridge last quite a while and only costs about $9.00 per. It prints at about 20 ppm, but it is an ink jet and not a laser. The cost of the printer was only $100.00 and it has now been replaced by a newer model, but I still recommend the Canon line. I was not happy with my HP or the cost of the HP cartridges.


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 01/25/07 03:33 PM

Thanks, Randy,

I've had lots of problems with my HP, so maybe it's time to try a Cannon.


Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 01/25/07 07:30 PM


About Brother printers:

Chekc to see if they are tow cartridge or one cartridge type. HP lower end has on one cartridge type.

Because of the two cartridges you have two separate sets of toner lives - can be a major pain in the ass when one runs out and the spair you thought you had was for the OTHER cartridge.

I'm looking for a laser now. My inkjets burn through the cartridges and I find the quality of the printing starting to fade.

BTW - anyone who doesn't know that 123 Inkjets is the best bargain for replacement cartridges should. Cheap, reliable - no shipping charges. Online and via telephone. Good Stuff.

Back to my search. I don't need color. Looks like lower (not the lowest) end HP makes sense. Toner replacements are reasonable and HP's been at it forever. I'm not a geek so if there are any screenwriter technogeeks lurking about. I'm all ears.

Author: John Pusztay Posted: 01/26/07 08:19 PM

Stay away from the following printers as I've had personal bad experiences with each.

Lexmark -- It just totally broke down right after the 1 year warranty period. This is a low end brand and if you just want to throw your money away every year, then by all means buy it.

Epson -- If you don't print that often (like every day or every other day) the nossels where the inks connect dry out over time and using the cleaning function does not clear them. Furthermore, the hoses that the nossels are connected to, are deep within the printer, so you cannot disassemble for cleaning (violates your warranty too).

Brother -- owned one for one day and returned it. Why? Because there was/is some sort of software conflict. Was on the phone for hours with a Brother tech that even said to get another brand. For some reason this happens very often. So the printer was useless because it couldn't communicate with my computer because the software couldn't somehow realize it was connected via USB port.

Your best bet is to go Laser instead of Inkjets (above). If you must still use an inkjet because of cost/more economical for you, then I suggest an HP ONLY because the nossels that tend to dry out are connected to the disposable cartridges and not built into the mechanism.

As far as Lasers go, I recommend an HP high end laser for about $500 or so B&W or $800 or so for color.

Hope my living hell with printers helps others.

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 01/26/07 09:44 PM

Thanks, John. Very helpful.

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 01/27/07 05:37 AM

Hmmm, that's strange John. I've got a little Lexmark E210, now that is a low line at about 80 bucks, and she's been churning out scripts now for about 3 years. The last Lexmark lasted for 4 years before the drum finally gave out and it was cheaper to get a new one than get the drum replaced.

I detested the HP, and so did my computer. So I won't go there.


Author: Paula Smith Posted: 01/27/07 09:56 AM

I used to subscribe to Consumer Reports. I haven't for a few years now because you have to have money to buy stuff. You may want to check it out. They do extensive tests on products and don't accept advertising. There's always going to be lemons in the bunch but if you get a group like them they give you the average findings and a summary of issues their researchers found. The library usually carries it and they have a yearly book, also.

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 01/27/07 02:42 PM

One problem I'm dealing with is that I'm a Mac user and not all printers work with Macs. The HP 1022 is Mac compatible and all the Brother machines. I'm shy of Brother, though, because my first electric typewriter was a Brother and it was a piece of useless junk. People either love or hate their HPs. I love my Epson inkjet printer for color, but it takes 25 seconds per page to print scripts. I want an affordable laser for faster printing and a crisper image. I can try the Consumer Reports route, if it ever quits snowing long enough for me to get to the library. Colorado has gotten confused this year and thinks it's Alaska.

Author: John Pusztay Posted: 01/27/07 08:52 PM


My first printer was Lexmark and broke down right at the day the warranty ran out. However, it started leaving streaks in my printed pages as well as fade so bad, it made the old dot matrix print look great. That was back in the late 90's, of course. They may have improved their products since, but I'm leary to try again.

Author: d santiago Posted: 01/28/07 11:52 PM

I have a Canon MP530 3 in 1 inkjet just because of the convienence. Works great and i'm very happy with it.

If you consider an HP inkjet, check what kind of cartridges it uses. When I was shopping, the big criticism was that if one tank ran out, you had to replace all three...not individually like Canon. That could get very expensive in the long run.


Author: STEVEN CALDERWOOD Posted: 02/02/07 11:25 AM

I have been using the Brother HL-1230 for years...a Lazer Printer and tons of scripts later, STILL TICKING!

I get the refills on E-bay for a quarter of the price...big savings!