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Messages posted since 08/23/2014

Topic: A scene from my film

Author: Linda Weiss Posted: 03/28/07 02:58 AM

Hey guys,

I was surfing Youtube tonight and while putting in the name of one of the actresses from my film Behaving Badly, a clip of the film came up. I have no idea who the guy is who put it there or how he got the clip, but there it is if you want to check it out.

I'm finally on IMDB too. yeah! Been waiting for that for a while. To find the clip on youtube, put in the actresses name, Natalie Miston and it should come up saying, a scene from behaving badly.

I'm really excited because I have been waiting for the producer to send me some clips from the film, but it's still in editing, so watching this was really the first edited piece with music of my movie that I have been able to watch. Now it all seems real, I got a movie made.

Author: Laqueta Lewis Posted: 03/28/07 07:02 PM

That's great, Linda, congratulations.

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 03/28/07 08:33 PM

Way to go, Linda! I just watched the BEHAVING BADLY clip on YouTube and I can see what you mean about it all becoming real. Finally, fixed images and sounds, actors' faces on the characters and their voices speaking the words. I would imagine that what you visualized in your mind will now be erased or replaced by the film. Let us know if that's what happens.


Author: Linda Weiss Posted: 03/29/07 01:10 AM

Thanks guys,

And yes Terry, it's funny you brought that up, because I was just looking at all the pictures I have from the shoot and trying to visualize what my characters looked like when I first wrote the script.

The producer did a great job in casting, most of the actors were very close to how I wrote them to look, and then once they got into character, they were even more accurate. The funny thing is that I close my eyes and I can only remember maybe what one or two of the characters looked like in my head as I wrote the script, and even then, they are kind of blurry faces.

Natalie Miston, who plays Diane, totally blew me away, she brought this character to life so much more than I ever could have written.

I talked to the producer tonight, they are still doing sound editing, so the clip on youtube, was given to the actress for her reel and wasn't even fully edited yet, but still I was happy with how it looked.

It's all coming together, I've heard the theme song they are working on, sounds really cool. And all the other music is falling into place.

I'm really pleased, no matter what, everyone worked so hard on this project and I am so proud of the entire cast and crew and now the editors. And the producer, even though we almost killed each other one day LOL, he is great, he built amazing sets and went back to shoot additional scenes to make the film stronger. I feel lucky.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 03/29/07 11:16 AM


Congratulations. I'll never forget auditioning a fabulous actress for my short film who had really worked hard on her scene. My words - coming out of the mouth of an amazing actress, who looked better than I had imagined! I actually cried. Not a very professional way to run an audition, but I was so moved. Of course, she got the part!

Best of luck with the movie. It looks wonderful!