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Messages posted since 08/26/2014

Topic: Xtreme Screenwriting Barb Doyon

Author: james martin Posted: 04/01/07 04:52 PM

Has anyone had any dealings with this company. Reportedly a script consultancy who charges $75 to provide a written review of your script.

Has anyone had any reports provided on their script?

Is the company to be trusted or are they cons?

Any information would be great.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 04/01/07 05:31 PM

Hi James -

Barb has read several of my scripts and she provides fast, detailed, extremely helpful and concise feedback that is easy to understand and pinpoints specifics (not general "this doesn't work" without back-up suggestions on how to make it work) I value and trust her opinion so much that nobody (not even family) sees my work until Barb has reviewed them! Barb is also not only a writer herself, but works in the biz.

Barb runs a yearly contest as well...check out the contest feedback on her Moviebytes report card. You can also read up on clients' testimonials on her website

Good luck and best wishes! :)

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 04/01/07 06:19 PM

I enthusiastically echo Jean's endorsement. No one's better than Barb.

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 04/01/07 06:44 PM

Barb is excellent. She has an incredible talent for explaining things in a way that adds a new level to your understanding. Be sure to subscribe to and read her monthly newsletter (it's free).

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 04/01/07 06:47 PM spades. Barb has done two reviews of two of my scripts and will be hired again for more work on behalf of my production company. She is outstanding.

Randy Roberts Positive Impact Films

Author: Mike Murphy Posted: 04/04/07 02:49 PM

Barb's notes are a bargain for the price.

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 04/04/07 07:24 PM

Excellent notes, excellent service. One of the most professional persons I have encountered in the screenwriting world. She has reviewed several scripts of mine and always zeros in on elements that could use some rewrite.

And her screenwriting contest, Extreme Screenwriting Contest that she runs is one of the best for timely performance, professional attention/administration, courtesy and with excellent notes and scoring matrix.

Author: bill pryor Posted: 04/06/07 04:12 PM

I wrote a script about a 12-year-old kid and a horse. Feedback from Gordy Hoffman of the Monterey County Film Commission was nothing but high praise. The Coalition for Quality Children's Media was extatic over it. It was compared to My Friend, Flick, National Velvet, Seabiscuit and Black Stallion. Four renowned agents requested copies.

Barb Doyon suggested I burn it.

Author: Barb Doyon Posted: 04/06/07 05:24 PM

Dear Extreme Clients,

Thanks for the support and I’m glad Extreme Screenwriting has been able to provide you with a valuable service. I’m very proud of the many clients who’ve gone from being great screenwriters, to being great “commercial” screenwriters. You’ve really learned how to compete against the A-list in this town!

As you know, Extreme Screenwriting’s goal is to help clients develop a screenplay with commercial potential, regardless of genre, so the material can compete in a fiercely competitive marketplace. All reviews are professionally prepared; words like ‘burn it’ have never appeared, even in reviews of scripts that lack commercial potential.

Please feel free to email me directly at if you should have a question that isn’t covered on the website.

Happy Easter to everyone.

Sincerely, Barb Doyon Owner/Founder Extreme Screenwriting

Author: Larry Postel Posted: 04/09/07 09:23 AM

I've also used Barb several times and have nothing but the highest praise for her. And I have never heard her use a phrase like "burn it" -- even when she has serious problems with a screenplay. She always offers constructive feedback. The writer that mentioned two other parties making incredibly positive comments as opposed to Barb's better get used to it. There is no such thing as consensus when it comes to screenplays. Barb is one of the best in the industry and I would recommend her without reservation.

Author: santa sierra Posted: 04/09/07 02:17 PM

Barb has also helped me with my screenplay. I think her reviews are good for the price. I'll say, she's good.

Author: james martin Posted: 04/09/07 05:57 PM

Thanks for the feedback.

But I am more confused than originally.

What should I do?

I sent my script and payment to Barb for a review in February this year. I have emailed her at least four times asking for an acknowledgment of my payment, my script and or my review.

So far there has been no response to any email.

Does her office accept telephone enquiries and does any have that number?

Any advice would be greatly received.

thanks Jim

Author: Barb Doyon Posted: 04/09/07 07:25 PM

Hi Jim,

I've checked Extreme Screenwriting's records and I have several clients pending scripts to be sent to us.

One is listed under the name Martin out of Australia, but it's not Jim Martin.

Please email me at with your information.

Barb Doyon

Author: Barb Doyon Posted: 05/04/07 01:04 PM

After many attempts to contact Jim Martin, Extreme Screenwriting has received an email response from him today demanding a refund. It is the FIRST email ever received from him.

We regret that there may have been difficulties with email deliveries and have indicated a refund will be made once Jim confirms the correct email address used to make his claimed paypal payment for screenplay coverage service.

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 05/04/07 02:21 PM

Hey Jim,

Easy solution - track your paypal pmt. and forward to Barb, or check your bank statements, underscore the date and paypal pmt details and send that off to Barb via snail mail to her address. Internet transactions have problems, and I've heard of plenty of paypal pmt. problems (have had them myself). They sometimes do get sent to the wrong person or misdirected. This can be frustrating to both parties involved. Barb is a fair and scrupulously honest person.

Get the pmt. info to her and your concerns will be taken care of.

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 05/04/07 02:46 PM

Jim -

The problem has to be on your side of the border. I've NEVER had one problem with Barb's services and neither has any of the many people I've recommended her to. In actual fact, no one has ever been easier for me to contact.

Author: D. Jay Williams Posted: 05/04/07 03:02 PM

I second what Jim says. I've e-mailed Barb a number of times and she's always responded, and always very quickly.

The problem is not on her end.

Author: D. Jay Williams Posted: 05/04/07 03:04 PM

Oops--I meant what Eric said!

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 05/04/07 05:13 PM

I should probably clarify. I too, have never had a problem with Barb's accounting records, nor a problem with communication. Nor have I ever heard of anyone else having a problem.

I can't agree with Eric and D.J. more - the problem may very well be on your side.

Make a thorough check of your records. My guess is that your payment was sent to another as was your script.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/04/07 09:47 PM

Barb is as honest and fair as the day is long...not to mention she will bend over backwards to help screenwriters. Her reputation and the mountain of respect she has earned speaks for itself.

Barb sabotage her own self-respect for the price of a review??!! As one of my more colorful characters would say, "no f'ing way!"

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/04/07 11:15 PM

After reading all the great reviews of Barb's service I decided I wanted to know more. I copied the address Barb typed herself from one of her posts and to my surprise there is no such website. Perhaps the problems have arisen from incorrectly typing in her information. If the owner of the site can misspell her own address, perhaps a client may have too.

Barb, would you type out your address again for us?

Thanks, Heather

Author: Barb Doyon Posted: 05/04/07 11:44 PM

Hi Heather,

The spelling is incorrect. Thanks for pointing it out. Forgive the error. I've been rushed lately as I have a film in production and I'm swamped. It's amazing I can spell my own name.

Here's the correct spelling:

Update: Jim Martin finally provided a receipt # and I was able to trace his payment via paypal and a full refund was made to him.

The matter seems to be nothing more than an email problem on a server somewhere. Most likely his, but he's decided instead that I'm a liar and scamming him. His false accusations and unprofessionalism have resulted in me notifying him that Extreme Screenwriting will not work with him at any point in the future.

Most unfortunate since my new production company hopes to soon be able to start acquiring material from clients to put into development.

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 05/05/07 09:17 AM

Jim's loss.

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 05/05/07 09:31 AM

I agree with Terry's comment. It is his loss, and one that could have been avoided if he had been a little more understanding of how that inaccuracy could have happened. The internet is, unfortunately, a "good" place to try communication, but without a face to face, or even a voice to voice communication, a lot of personal communication skills are lost without the verbal input, and sometimes body language, of a typical, non-internet relationship.

A lot of us have had great relationships with Extreme Screenwriting and Barb. She is true to her word and her script notes and letters are, at least, one of the most professional services available to us who are either rookies are just breaking into the business. As I stated before, Extreme Screenwriting will be a part of my consultant list.


Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 05/05/07 04:43 PM

Congrats, Jim.

Ya got your money back, burned the Hollywood bridge you were attempting to walk across and shot yourself in both feet. And all for the small price of your blowing up and accusatory behavior because of an unrelated third party screw up.

And quoting Julia to the Snooty Retail Sales Clerk. "Big mistake. Big. HUGE."

And if you still think you were scammed I suggest you read every one of Barb's postings on this board - not one is negative, all are positive, constructive and honest in the information provided to those of us who are still trying to pry the Hollywood door open.

Author: Barb Doyon Posted: 05/06/07 03:05 PM

Ironically, after all of Jim's hooting and hollering, his paypal refund still remains "unclaimed".

Author: Stephen O'Brien Posted: 05/06/07 04:27 PM

I've never posted on this board before - this is my first. When I read this thread, I had to reply.

I've been sending my scripts to Barb Doyon for the past four years. She's the best - prompt, insightful, totally professional. Her guidance has helped turn many a screenplay completely around.

I've learned so much from Barb - when I think of what little I knew, before connecting with her. She's always giving, always helping others - something that's very rare.

Author: jerry pinn Posted: 05/08/07 05:04 AM

I've had few email with Barb and it's very professional and humane. She is The true writer who believes in creativity and originality, God Bless her and May she be successful. Always...


Author: jerry pinn Posted: 05/08/07 05:04 AM

I've had few email interactions with Barb and it's very professional and humane. She is The true writer who believes in creativity and originality, God Bless her and May she be successful. Always...


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/08/07 11:50 AM

Dear Barb,

Thanks for the update on your address. Although this incident has been a drag it must be wonderful to read all the amazing support from happy customers.

Congratulations on your inadvertant, but well deserved, advertising!!!

Thanks again,


Author: Diane Stredicke Posted: 01/21/08 11:14 PM

Barb suggested I check this forum to see if anyone would be willing to share their coverage with me. I have gotten samples from other readers and would like to see what she provides.

Thank you in advance.

Please email to

Author: David Stauffer Posted: 02/03/08 03:32 AM

She's good. I'll try to remember to email you.

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 02/04/08 09:11 PM

She's not just good, she's great! I'll email you one of the coverages she did for me in the past. I've used her on seven different screenplays.

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 02/05/08 10:17 AM

I concur with Eric. I can send you several great project notes from her. Eric's right: she is great.


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 02/05/08 10:58 AM


The email I sent you bounced back. " Reason: Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable"